Prepositions after "exercise"

"exercise in" or "exercise by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases exercise in is used

Exercise in Memory Psychic -- Concentration.

Drink plenty of fluids and avoid exercising in hot, humid weather.

Keep exercising in week 29 but avoid any movements lying on your back.

If I exercise in the morning, I'll be able to pure some pears and feed them breakfast.

These skills might not the same as they exercise in their calling or their paid employment.

A FIELD OF ENERGY The Chinese like to exercise in the presence of trees, whose Chi is wonderful.

We exercise in an old gym that does not have much air conditioning, so we are doing whatever it takes to stay cool.

As to finding the centre of a say 10mm rod, that in istelf is an interesting (if frustrating) exercise in geometry.

I've actually read that one should never exercise in the first hour of waking because it's bad for the spine and joints.

However, the interesting thing is that when you exercise in the morning you will actually have more energy the NEXT day.

In 20% of cases exercise by is used

Provision for powers of Judges and Magistrates being exercised by their successors in office 559.

Shoes play an extremely significant role while exercising by providing the necessary control and grip.

The power to make delegated legislation must only be exercised by the person or body on whom it is conferred.

Abdus Sal? m, J T his application involves the type of discretion that is required to be exercised by the Hon.

With the arrival of the Aga Khan 1 in India, greater control was exercised by the Aga Khan in the affairs of the community.

Also there need be any doubt that the government does not want any devolution of power exercised by the people of the East or elsewhere.

We may compare the control God exercises over the entirety of existence with that exercised by the human soul over the body and its members.

The powers conferred by sections 401 and 402 upon the Government may, in the case of sentences of death, also be exercised by the President.

According to Mill, 2 liberty of an individual is the limits and nature of powers that can be legitimately exercised by the society over individuals.

In 8% of cases exercise for is used

Repeat this exercise for 3-4 sets.

Repeat the exercise for 20-25 counts.

Start by doing the standing exercises for five minutes a day.

The nurse thought that my mum had had quite enough exercise for one day and should rest.

If you do this exercise for the top graph, you get a very different result from the one shows.

Walking and running barefoot regularly ensures that our feet are exercised for improved performance.

She says the greatest benefits seem to accrue in those who have exercised for the largest percentage of their lives.

It is recommended that you do some type of warm-up exercises for 10 to 15 minutes before beginning your round of golf.

My favorite lines, It indeed is, I can not believe that I did a strict disciplined diet and exercise for 90 consecutive days.

They work hard day and night in terms of dieting and exercising for months at a time for people to enjoy significant results.

In 6% of cases exercise at is used

The key is to exercise at a level that feels comfortable.

So I run and do weights and bodyweight exercises at home.

Common-sense and caution must be exercised at all times everywhere.

Exercising at the Time of Pregnancy You can do some very light exercises at the time of pregnancy.

Exercising at the Time of Pregnancy You can do some very light exercises at the time of pregnancy.

If you exercised before you were pregnant, you will obviously not be able to exercise at the same intensity.

In the morning we were off again to Holderness School for the Commencement exercises at which the Governor was to speak.

Also you can do some breathing exercises at the time of pregnancy that will be highly beneficial for you at the time of delivery.

Refined sugar contains so much fuel that unless you are exercising at really high intensity straight away it will not be used up.

Parents, teachers and employers, use the videos and accompanied discussion topics, lesson plans and exercises at iKeepSafeAnywhere.

In 6% of cases exercise on is used

She also had to suspend exercising on a daily basis.

As well, exercise on Rolex timepiece imitation timepieces.

I also am used to eatting healthy foods and exercising on a regular basis.

Through the fall, I read a chapter each week while exercising on the elliptical machine at the YMCA.

By exercising on a regular basis your body will be healthier, which means fewer diseases and fewer injuries.

This quality would be accounted a high moral quality when it is exercised on its proper occasion justly and equitably.

Twice a week for 10 weeks the participants exercised on a stationary bike either listening to music or as part of an interactive video game.

After staring, I walked down to the fourth floor and it looked like people were exercising on a huge black rubber matt that took up the entire floor.

By exercising on a regular basis, this isn't only something that will help you relieve stress, but you'll also be in better shape physically and that will help your body cope with the stress better.

In 6% of cases exercise with is used

Exercise with the family or a friend for more fun.

The power to disbar must be exercised with great caution.

Im glad you are getting a lot of exercise with your Prodeco.

That said, it can also become the best bike to exercise with coz its much heavier.

Care should be exercised with the spelling of words and names inputted in the mail-logging system.

Serious discretion needs to be exercised with questions and deliverers sorted-out away from public scrutiny.

It's not going to work the other way around because most men will not feel uncomfortable exercising with women.

I know you're supposed to work up from smaller but I can do basic baoding exercises with pool balls so what the hay.

But lots of women today no longer feel uncomfortable exercising with men and having a separate section may no longer be necessary.

The power to discontinue an investigation is exercised with great care, balancing the rights of the complainant and the rights of the respondent.

In 2% of cases exercise towards is used

I concede, indeed, that this is so, and that it is not therefore absolutely true that mercy can only be exercised towards actual sinners.

Beneficence is exercised towards the whole of humanity, mercy towards those who accept the Truth, and through requital are brought to perfection those who do not accept the Truth.

In 2% of cases exercise to is used

Exercising to the greatest extent possible control of the nuclear weapons, even of American allies, seemed in Washington an elementary precaution.

Serengeti Boys would be required to exercise to the full Rinus Michele's (Holland's father of Total Football) football tactics-all in attack and all in defence.

The vast majority of people who are training to lose fat will be doing one of the following; steady state cardio work, Zumba, step aerobics, exercise to music or some other dumb fad.

In 2% of cases exercise through is used

One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions.

This responsibility is exercised through various departments at its head office and through field offices at the provincial level.

Since control of the Scajap fleet was exercised through the Civilian Merchant Marine Committee, an agency of the Japanese Government, its administration was somewhat unwieldy.

In 2% of cases exercise such is used

However, avoid jerky or bouncy movements and high risk exercises such as step aerobics, horse riding and skating.

Symptoms may only appear at times when your heart needs more blood supply, such as when you're emotionally stressed, exercising such as climbing stairs.

High-impact footwear: Commonly used in high impact exercises such as Cardio, kickboxing or step classes, these shoes must be durable and supportive to the feet, ankle and knees.

In 2% of cases exercise over is used

We may compare the control God exercises over the entirety of existence with that exercised by the human soul over the body and its members.

There were certain well-defined indications both of his respect for discipline and of the strong self-discipline exercised over his thinking and habits.

The rights or nature of rights of the Philippines over Bajo de Masinloc are different from the rights it exercises over the larger body of water and continental shelf.

In 2% of cases exercise like is used

I exercise like four hours daily now.

Try compound exercises like deadlifts with heavier weights.

I love that they focus on bodyweight exercises like pull ups and dips.

Combine push-ups with cardio exercises like jumping jack or dancing to make your workout successful.

In 2% of cases exercise within is used

On this website you can find a variety of tools that can help you prepare English language exercises within minutes.

In 2% of cases exercise as is used

Exercising as a family is a win/win situation: you have a great family time and you take care of yourself.

In 2% of cases exercise along is used

You can also combine some forearm exercises along with biceps curls.

As a result then the best way to improve growth hormones remains sleep, assisted by a few exercise along with a hot shower.

As mentioned previously mentioned, the simplest way to lose weight is thru a mix of exercising along with a wholesome, good diet.

One of the TPs, Suzan at testing day! To burn off our rice babies, we have attempted to exercise along the dusty roads, completely destroying our trainers.

In 2% of cases exercise after is used

You must be committed to diet and exercise after surgery.

Exercising after your last evening meal uses up all your glucose and glycogen, forcing your body to burn fat overnight.

Before you exercise after a cataract or lens implant, or after laser treatment or other eye surgery, check with your physician.

I'd really struggling to fit in some of the snacks (eating as I type this) because I usually do my strength exercises after work.

The power New Zealand First exercised after our first MMP election in 1996 was because neither National nor Labour had a serious options that didn't include New Zealand First.

In 1% of cases exercise according is used

The discretion vested in the authority in terms of 39 (A) does not appear to have been exercised according to law and as guided by the applicable principles.

In 1% of cases exercise without is used

Because of shoes, we can walk safely, exercise without destroying our arches, gain a height advantage in tricky situations and choose whether we want to be sexy or ugly on any particular day.

In 1% of cases exercise upon is used

Unlike other therapies in which the skills of the therapist are to be exercised upon the client.

In 1% of cases exercise of is used

Don't get me wrong, the effective monitoring of those exercising of power does not demand full disclosure of everything all the time.

In 1% of cases exercise from is used

Marines will conduct training and exercises from facilities in northern Australia, providing ready access to the South China Sea.

In 1% of cases exercise during is used

You must exercise during the baby pregnancy in order to keep your body in the right shape.

Exercise regularly It is important that you still exercise during your pregnancy, but see one of your health care team (e.

The half-hour workout alternates between moderate cardio moves during the show and high-intensity cardio bursts and multimuscle strength exercises during commercials.

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