Prepositions after "exemplar"

exemplar of, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases exemplar of is used

Zizek is the best exemplar of this today.

Perhaps the best exemplar of this is Dianora.

An exemplar of a serious game is America's Army.

The Swans are a lesson in redemption, a first-rate exemplar of second chances taken.

Lafley, the former CEO of Procter &; Gamble, is an exemplar of effective management.

I mention you because you are the exemplar of wrongness on the 49ers ' QB situation.

The work was an extension and an exemplar of some of Thulin's theoretical arguments presented in an earlier paper.

Take a peak at this post by a Trinidadian commentator and you can see an exemplar of Trini opinion on the purchase.

Who is the current exemplar of a good clutch dosage brings creates luck with the fourth gear, sometimes in the city.

He was the perfect exemplar of a true believer's way of life; a perfect model for his followers and for all mankind.

In 11% of cases exemplar for is used

Muhammad (peace be on him) is an excellent exemplar for us all.

Kopassus 17 became the pioneer and exemplar for every kind of atrocity.

He was a paragon of virtue and is the best exemplar for the human race.

The OERu network is an exemplar for low cost, low risk, but high impact innovation.

In Chile, the exemplar for privatisation, the fees have been upwards from 15 per cent.

The Utah native is an exemplar for a new generation less concerned with gender boundaries.

Alfred was no longer a mirror for princes, but an exemplar for people at all levels of society and, above all, for children.

Thomas Aquinas, commenting on Psalm 27 said that the divine face had served as an exemplar for creating the soul as the image of God.

When I was writing an exemplar for a year 2 program I could just look at the specific standards, descriptors and elaborations for year 2.

This deft touch has created a house that is an exemplar for contemporary residential architecture, simultaneously functional and beautiful.

In 6% of cases exemplar in is used

Malaysia has been a prime exemplar in the Muslim world.

Cloke was his exemplar in how to throw his weight around.

The best exemplar in the last decade is Silvio Berlusconi.

Everyone is an exemplar in the promotion and practice of sustainability.

Butler was an exemplar in all three elements, most certainly in his prayer life.

Exhibiting schools are rightly proud that together they offer the world an exemplar in what is best in education.

Little wonder, firms like IBM, the $99 billion IT giant, are being viewed as an exemplar in these troubled times.

Post navigation One Response to MONEY: Why the BND is an important exemplar in the road back to liberty Listened to you on the radio.

The Prophet's Marriages The marriages of Muhammad have attracted a great deal of attention because he is held as an exemplar in Islam.

And for this reason number is the outstanding exemplar in the mind of the Maker, and in things it is the outstanding trace leading to wisdom.

In 2% of cases exemplar to is used

Ironically, this is the system the US vaunts as exemplar to the world.

If it had not plunged into a civil war, it could have been an exemplar to the region.

There are four variations, according to Francisco, in the image of Christ as an exemplar to humanity.

Dalian now has an opportunity to act as an exemplar to other Chinese cities -- emphasising how to move towards greater economic.

If this Ministry is willing to do that, it will succeed and become an exemplar to other ministries that do three-fifths of nothing except to stand accused for sleaze.

This act of deconstructing the text serves as an exemplar to the way that hidden meaning is extracted from public statements made by policy makers and opinion formers.

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