Prepositions after "execute"

"execute by" or "execute in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases execute by is used

How this was brutally executed by Kh.

Tao Jing after being executed by shooting.

They can also be executed by Views Bulk Operation.

Palin's team believed the attack was executed by Anonymous during Operation Payback.

A rebel against the new Irish Free State, he was caught and executed by firing squad.

No modification to this agreement shall be effective unless it is executed by Formica.

The show, conceived and executed by Subhashree Thanikachalam's Maximum Media decided they would hold the Finale in Dubai.

Feng Cuiqiong, executed by shooting at the same time as Tao Jing, also from Yunnan, also 21-years-old, also for drug trafficking.

Phillip Constantine, 26, another refugee, said that one Tamil family had been executed by the Indians by having a tank run over them.

When the Korean War broke out in 1950, it seemed obvious to the West that this was a Moscow/Beijing based plan executed by North Korean communist.

In 21% of cases execute in is used

Muhammad was executed in Virginia in 2009.

The IFS program was executed in two phases.

Her co-defendant had been executed in August.

What we need is value for money and the programme being executed in an efficient way.

This is unlike the procedural model, where codes are executed in a sequential manner.

She was the youngest girl to be executed in America, at just 12 years and 9 months old.

Such projects would require transmission systems that are planned and executed in tandem with the generating plant.

When several orders are in the price gap they are queued up in order to be executed in ascending order of their tickers.

On occurrence of any particular trigger, every plugin routine type that is associated with events is executed in sequence.

Despite the additional operations executed in the backend (using the K2mart plugins ), your site will actually perform better.

In 9% of cases execute for is used

John Andr was executed for spying.

He Yuqiong, executed for trafficking women.

A butterfly was executed for outraging a rose.

With her on the gallows was Charles Barrett who was executed for a separate murder.

She was executed for the killing of her master, Jacob Bryan, whom she battered to death with a hoe.

It was the first time a white man had been executed for a crime against an African American since 1913.

Dinesh was later executed for his part in the Writer's Building raid in which IG of Bengal Prison was eliminated.

It is there-fore obvi-ous that the assas-sin-a-tion was executed for the spe-cific pur-pose of pre-vent-ing such a truce.

This is a country where High court order for discharge not executed for more than one year on a Tamil person called Nadaraja.

In 7% of cases execute on is used

Trailing Stop is executed only when the.

Her co-accused, Leon Viverett was also executed on this day.

Saro-Wiwa and his eight co-defendants were executed on November 10.

Priority? integer The priority of the QueueEntry when it was executed on the Device.

The transaction, executed on the floors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE ), saw 4.

Thomas Dreher was executed on the same gallows as soon as Ada ' s body had been removed.

It is believed the 19 additional police officers were killed on Sunday after the 11 who were executed on Saturday.

Bonifacio and his brother Procopio were arrested, tried and convicted of treason; they were executed on May 10, 1897.

It's okay to think different in how you execute on a project as long as you don't stray from the spirit of your community and self.

Within weeks all communist regimes between Poland and Bulgaria had collapsed with the Romanian dictator and his wife being executed on Christmas day 1989.

In 6% of cases execute at is used

A warrant of arrest may be executed at any place in Bangladesh.

This process will introduce a new event called transitionend, which will execute at the end of a CSS transition.

There is also a companion event called animationend, which will execute at the end of a CSS animation for more complex interactions.

While eval has many obvious downsides -- allowing arbitrary code to be executed at run-time has severe security implications -- when used carefully (e.

Trifunovi? also denies the validity of the verdict upon General Krsti?, and insists that fewer than one hundred men were actually executed at Srebrenica.

When order level is in the price gap under abnormal market conditions or on the market opening, order may be executed at the first obtainable after the gap quote.

When the accused is sentenced to whipping only, the sentence shall subject to the provisions of section 391 be executed at such place and time as the Court may direct.

This is true not only because of the revenue potential of the D-Segment, but also because of what an also-ran Malibu would say about GM's ability to execute at this time in its history.

December 30, 1768 - School teacher Ruth Blay was executed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, having been convicted of concealing the body of her stillborn child in the floor of her classroom.

The Dealer has the right to decline an instruction to modify or delete an order if while it is being processed the current quote reaches order level or/and an order is being executed at this moment.

In 5% of cases execute with is used

This was easily executed with devastating decisiveness.

A total of 89,495 trades were executed with Tk 345 crore changing hands.

I'd drawn to dishes that express a variety of textures and tastes that are executed with balance.

Tragic! The attack on Stevens ' quarters in Benghazi is reported to be pre-planned and executed with horrific violence.

The Way Back is a robustly made picture, heartfelt, well executed with an exhilarating sense of reach and narrative ambition.

Maybe, when you execute with such clarity and purpose, the results are more powerful; and maybe that's a lesson for all who campaign.

This could explain why they are not too concerned about their targets being executed with precision, as enough damage is likely to have been inflicted, to prevent them being a threat.

This style of playing 18th-Century music is entirely foreign to my drumming background, but it was a common thread through the entire Deep River parade, and it was generally executed with perfection.

In 3% of cases execute after is used

The statements in the finally-block are then executed after that catch-block.

The coup failed, and 69 accused coup plotters were later executed after secret trials before military tribunals.

On November 5, 1606, Fawkes was executed after being convicted of attempting to blow up England's parliament building.

Liu Yiping, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport ticketing agent, executed after being convicted of embezzling 550,000, the illicit gains recovered.

If no exception occurs during the running of the try-block, all the catch-blocks are skipped, and finally-block will be executed after the try-block.

In 2% of cases execute without is used

Trust incapable of execution or executed without exhausting trust-property 83.

It also warned to cancel the lease of those stations if the directive is not executed without delay.

No messaging, no strategy, is executed without the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) vetting and approving it.

In 2% of cases execute under is used

The UNDAP will be nationally executed under the overall co-ordination of Joint Government and UN Steering Committee.

In 2% of cases execute to is used

Vehicles make an appearance though aren't executed to their fullest extent.

Alabama executes to perfection and limits penalties, giving very few opportunities for opponents to gain undo advantages in games.

In 2% of cases execute before is used

The bathe in the pond is holy and a short ceremony must be executed before entering the waters.

It is a very remarkable fact that the majority of these carvings must have been executed before the stones upon which they appear had been placed in their present positions.

In 2% of cases execute as is used

In cases such as these, Small Jobs can be collected in order to form a Big Job that can then be executed as a whole.

Some others whose names were called by the police officers did not stand up and they escaped being executed as a result.

Aiken's ability to anticipate, time and execute as an off-ball defensive rim protector gives the impression that he actually has three arms.

Once Nodes C and E are gathered beneath Node bigF, as described below, a Big Job can then be executed as a whole for the sake of efficiency.

In 1% of cases execute during is used

Incase the delivery is not executed during the attempt, due to wrong address/recipient not available/premises locked, the customer shall still be charged for the order.

Around 700,000 people were directly executed during Stalin's various purges, especially in the late 1930s; the bulk of these not high profile Soviets at all, but just ordinary workers.

In 1% of cases execute from is used

They are useful when you have common tasks that need to be executed from several different places.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of disabling or enabling Java Script from being executed from web pages.

If any power of attorney is executed from foreign land the same should be authenticated by the authorised officials of Bangladesh embassy/high commission in that country.

In 1% of cases execute due is used

This Amount is the amount to be produced by the Process that is executed due to the ResourcePull.

Bathing was not compulsory on them The Shaheed must not have died due to punishment (executed due to Islamic law) The Shaheed must have been killed by a weapon (sword, dagger, gun etc.

In 1% of cases execute between is used

In the UK, reviews by the Criminal Cases Review Commission have resulted in one pardon and three exonerations for people executed between 1950 and 1953 (see http: **34;3295;TOOLONG.

Or is it not? Recent years have witnessed the greatest economic and development partnership deals signed and executed between Kenya and China, spurring infrastructure development and economic growth.

In 1% of cases execute over is used

We are excited about continuing to execute over the next quarter and years.

In 1% of cases execute through is used

The intervention transactions are typically executed through the electronic broker market, or through direct deals with banks.

In 1% of cases execute upon is used

But great ideas that are not executed upon and converted into real results are a waste of time.

Making sure your goal steps are optimized for conversion will ensure all of the great SEO efforts you mentioned and executed upon are maximized.

In 1% of cases execute against is used

The fact is, in order to find success in a creative career or otherwise, learning what's most important and executing against it is critical.

In 1% of cases execute across is used

It does matter that you had a clearly articulated strategy, that you executed across a mix.

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