Prepositions after "excite"

excite about, by, for, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases excite about is used

But I really was excited about the kiss.

We're excited about this new organization.

It was very easy for us to get excited about.

Really excited about it -- -- -- has nt about it but the thing is I will room today.

I'd happy with how he has set it up and I'd really excited about the next few months.

I'll admit that it's one of the few programmes I get properly excited about watching.

I'd saying I don't like how he always says he's excited about WP8/W8 but then says something implying otherwise.

One player in particular who is excited about the call up is left back Nathan Smith of Chesterfield in League 1.

Youths, or adults for that matter, should always have a long-term view and not be excited about short-term gains.

We felt the Holy Spirit so close and to be honest we are buzzing and so excited about the present and the future.

In 13% of cases excite by is used

I was initially excited by the prospect.

I also was excited by the thought of it.

He is excited by that, delighted by that.

Ryan's menacingly younger boss, Craig (Jason Bateman ), is excited by Natalie's idea.

Because at the end of the day, beneficiaries are excited by progress, not processors.

This suggests that the inclinations have been excited by some agency yet to be identified.

Those who came halfway down the list were not particularly excited by the prospect of coming twelfth rather than fifteenth.

We are excited by a skilful pass, a clever evasion, and feel frustration as the move is brought to an end by a tackle or a mistake.

Though excited by the prospect of being in a different part of Ireland that evening, Lisdoonvarna seemed a bit sleepy when we arrived.

I was excited by this story the first time I saw it a few years back, bored out of my skin by it last year, and quite amused this time round.

In 9% of cases excite for is used

I went out and was excited for the boulder.

You'll be bloody excited for this announcement.

Bacary Sagna I'd always excited for the weekend.

I remember beating HGTTG on my Commodore 64 and being extremely excited for the sequel.

It felt really great when somebody found something - we would all get really excited for each other.

The location is terrific, and I was excited for them that they scored that former restaurant location.

To say I was excited for the opportunity to have these ladies share what God was telling them, is an understatement.

People are excited for this concert because we will be able to show the diversity and excellence of K-Pop in the North American region.

Rener, who had just celebrated his 10th birthday and was excited for the trip to Denver, was told at the last minute he wouldn't be going.

It seems like Apple might have to do a little more than pump up the screen resolution to get consumers excited for the next pint-sized iPad.

In 3% of cases excite at is used

I was so embarrassed, but so excited at the same time.

If dinner was anything to go by, I was extremely excited at what breakfast would bring.

It is also well published that Reina is fond of Rafa Benitez and was excited at the prospect of his return, that didn't happen.

It's easy to get excessively excited at this point, so the man must be careful and control to avoid causing pain or even injury to the lady.

In 3% of cases excite in is used

You can imagine church members getting sexually excited in the church.

I think we're excited in exploring that, so I don't really know what's going to happen next.

The number can be excited in the hand on educational chocolate, discarding every 15 factories.

It's not as boring and under-delivering as 2006's Comfort of Strangers (given that featured Jim O'Rourke) but it's also not going to excite in a way those first two albums did.

This may either mean that he would burn with indignation against those who had led them into sin, or be deeply excited in view of the disgrace which would be thus brought on the Christian cause.

In 1% of cases excite to is used

I am extremely excited to debut the platform.

I haven't meet him yet but now I'd really excited to.

I'd just really excited to back and get another chance.

In 1% of cases excite with is used

But the vineyard looks great, and we're excited with 2009.

Radio stations are excited with the songs and they play it religiously daily.

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