Prepositions after "excellent"

"excellent for" or "excellent in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases excellent for is used

Excellent for several ailments.

Excellent for digestion- check.

The camera is excellent for a 3.

Don't think too much and go to bed early are also tips that work excellent for me.

Fashion Moncler Coats ound and are excellent for all those brisk winter months days.

Comment from Tripadvisor gardenia55, Australia 7 March 2012 Excellent for short stay.

The size and battery life of this computer makes it excellent for people that need a laptop that is very mobile.

You can still use the telephone with these and they are excellent for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

This movie is excellent for those who have the heart to teach kids, and for those whose desire is to help others.

They also are excellent for snacking since they are light and won't cause you to feel full before large servings.

In 23% of cases excellent in is used

Service: excellent in all areas.

Urmila was excellent in the film.

I did and its excellent in this area.

Some people may disagree with me, but I think the story is excellent in this novel.

The module updates automatically and looks excellent in any sidebar or widget area.

In fact, as good as the multifunction lens was (it was very good in its time ), it was not excellent in any mode.

He was excellent in the 10th, catching his man with several hard shots which, finally, seemed to shake Mohoumadi.

The veteran forward has been excellent in the Czech Republic this season with 13 goals and 29 points in 18 games.

Sean Penn plays Carlito's lawyer, Kleinfeld; A brash, naive un-streetwise councellor, he is excellent in this role.

In 14% of cases excellent at is used

Verts is excellent at the back.

Dave Naylor is excellent at it.

But excellent at spam filtering.

It isn't good to be just okay at many investments when you can be excellent at one.

You have been very professional, hard working, dedicated and excellent at your job.

That night was a classic crazy night that our friends are excellent at pulling off.

Every time someone is excellent at what they're created to do their gifts solves an issue in someone else's life.

He is excellent at keeping parents informed about what the kids are doing, which I have never experienced before.

Dan and Riley's technical expertise complement each other really well and they are both excellent at what they do.

You are excellent at keeping a critical eye, and always focusing on the learning and experiences of your students.

In 7% of cases excellent with is used

He will be excellent with? Madrid.

I did excellent with her interview.

Excellent with simple roast chicken.

The dining experience at the hotel was also excellent with a wide range of options.

The regular breakfasts were excellent with fresh cooked pancakes if you wanted them.

The service overall was excellent with special kudos to Cassie, Celeste, and Roberto.

Communication from the organisers is excellent with regular emails and updates providing loads of helpful info.

This kind of animal is excellent with companionship and with belonging easily to the family and their routines.

Graphical design and User interface must be excellent with these apps for more attraction and user friendlyness.

By September 30, only 25 percent of the crop was rated good to excellent with 50 percent rated poor or very poor.

In 5% of cases excellent on is used

But he was excellent on Sunday.

Kurt, excellent on point review.

Excellent on draught and bottled.

The Green Benches blog is excellent on this, and continuing privatisation of the NHS.

I welcome ths ipnut by LR who i though was excellent on the debate with SN, JL and JW.

Jan Peeters and Hermann Wundrum, the two minds behind the excellent On Familiar Things.

Regards, Marie-Therese &; Jason Glendalough Hotel Just want to say that the dj was excellent on our wedding night.

Conditions are excellent on all seven of Austria's glacier ski areas which have now all been open a month or more.

Don't overlook pesto: excellent on toast, in couscous (which is good because you only need to heat the kettle etc).

For an excellent on line article on the Biological roots of religious belief check the site http: **35;2862;TOOLONG.

In 3% of cases excellent as is used

My life was still excellent as a whole.

Jane Kaczmarek is excellent as the mother.

Accommodation was excellent as well as the food.

Western started out aggressive in the first quarter and worked excellent as a team.

If you're a hardcore racer, these would be excellent as a backup / training wheelset.

Although it does not scan your entire system, but it works excellent as a file scanner.

Reviewer: lostnyc - - November 6, 2006 Subject: Excellent As a sculptor myself I find this video simply splendid.

Excellent as well as exceptional seek out made for honest limiting wood entirely might be fairly it may be clear.

Review Michael York is excellent as the Time Traveler, this classic can truly be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.

Bramble jelly is excellent as a flavouring for jacket potato if you have nothing else or you are on a fat free diet.

In 3% of cases excellent of is used

This is very excellent of him by the way.

It is a minor sacrifice for the greater excellent of the mission.

Practicing to realize the Dhamma is the most excellent of things.

But, also the excellent of perform, as well as the cleanliness from the tattoo shop.

The fake handbags are practically very same for the excellent of your original ones.

Check the excellent of past styles in the designer's organization logo profile, and seek.

He had hair reaching to between his ears and his shoulders like the most excellent of such hair that you have seen.

No matter of no matter if they are new or they're used, they have the very good excellent of improving your apparel.

It is not sufficient therefore for us to study the most excellent things unless we do it in the most excellent of manners.

Ruger P90 For Sale The Ruger P90 is often a workhouse form of gun and it's excellent of all kinds of applications and needs.

In 3% of cases excellent to is used

Let us be excellent to each other.

David Johnson Be excellent to each other.

A school is excellent to the extent that.

It can be missing scenes, music, and quality can range from excellent to very poor.

Church schools have the whole range from excellent to dire, as to community schools.

Whilst we were staying the staff varied from giving excellent to indifferent service.

And the s3 is excellent to I think the only thing that wasn't what I thought, was the back the plastic back panel.

Jelutong Dyera costulata Sometimes called ' jelly ' in the trade, this pale yellow timber is excellent to veneer on.

The greater the flavor for your needs, the more likely it would preference excellent to the other folks sampling it.

The internal consistency was satisfactory, but the test-retest reliability varied between items from excellent to low.

In 2% of cases excellent from is used

Tipp were excellent from start to finish.

The view was excellent from the 15th floor.

Got to say the meat is excellent from Costco.

The service is excellent from every member of the staff and the spa is wonderful.

Their results with the Gerson therapy are excellent from a scientific perspective.

The shopping is excellent from your top end Fashion Show Mall to the factory outlets.

The performances are excellent from the entire cast, and the faces in all the minor roles are wonderfully cast.

While this sounds excellent from a non-paternalistic perspective, such a policy is still fraught with difficulty.

Friedel has begun this season in excellent from and has arguably been the best goalkeeper in the whole of the Premier League.

Most aquaria have much the same things to exhibit, and what separates the excellent from the average is how they achieve this.

In 1% of cases excellent about is used

Excellent about pages can cost you upwards of 80/ $140.

People are excellent about refunding money in this type of situation.

The late Richard Webster's website is excellent about this kind of thing.

If you are excellent about you, then you will instantly truly feel more gorgeous.

It was an excellent about turn from the cold and darkness of the wrong Heritage Hills.

It truly is normally far better if you truly feel excellent about carrying out a thing.

What's excellent about both of these apps is the developers ' use of multisensory phonological awareness activities.

Raspberries are sugary fresh fruits and what's so excellent about it is it is part in a slimming dietary supplement.

So don't take it lightly! Be serious and be excellent about it! Understand that a resume would not guarantee you a job.

Is Black Coffee Really So Good? The question asked here is wrong; it should have read ' what is not excellent about it? '.

In 1% of cases excellent against is used

He was excellent against the Rabbitohs on Sunday.

Acid is excellent against heavily armored enemies.

We played excellent against Fulham, but we were unlucky.

He was similarly excellent against Arsenal, supplying the.

They look excellent against our walls so I'd really pleased.

And knowing Sunny was excellent against the same opposition last year.

Cause most of the time his movement was excellent against Torres and Drogba.

I thought Andy Carroll was excellent against Sweden, but as a manager sometimes it's horses for courses.

He was similarly excellent against Arsenal, supplying the cross from which Van Persie gave United an early lead.

Raul and Mikel were excellent against Newcastle yet a week later he's sold! Did Roberto watch the Newcastle game.

In 1% of cases excellent by is used

The presentation was excellent by everyone.

The hotel where we stayed, excellent by the sea.

Marvin Hagler was excellent by staying at 160 lbs.

But their restaurant is known to be excellent by the locals, and pricing looked fine.

I followed your video (which is excellent by the way) but couldnt get it to work for me.

He provides a perfect complement to the style of play of Santi, who was excellent by the way.

The potential for finding new world class ore bodies is considered excellent by the international mining community.

But as I have only tested it on Dreamhost (who are excellent by the way ), I wanted to write about that specifically.

And I'd sure the writers of Hope &; Wire (who are both excellent by the way) will be using some real stories as inspiration.

Also those that are considered ideal and excellent by such individuals are also not in reality, excellent and honorable people.

In 1% of cases excellent throughout is used

We all sensed excellent throughout the day.

Diving is excellent throughout the year in the Fiji Islands.

Mickey Murphy was excellent throughout the game and finished with 0-7.

Availability and quality of food and drinks were excellent throughout our stay.

Frances and Frank asked me to mention Kathy was excellent throughout their journey.

The situation in both revolution and production is excellent throughout the country.

In second T20 WC Younus Khan was captain and we won the world cup and Afridi performance was excellent throughout the WC.

I felt the prices were very reasonable for the quality of the work and communication was excellent throughout the process.

Visibility: Running from good to excellent throughout Tanzania's Indian Ocean sites, visibility can reach 30 metres/100 feet.

Lens Performance - Detail is excellent throughout the images at both ends of the lens, with an excellent control over purple fringing.

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