Prepositions after "examine"

"examine by" or "examine in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases examine by is used

Bill expected Mary to be examined by the doctor c.

Bill persuaded Mary to be examined by the doctor a.

In Denmark all newborn infants are examined by a midwife.

At this time, the cause of the fire is being examined by fire investigators and the police.

In addition, you must be examined by the physician designated by your employer, if so requested.

He was male (of course) and I braced myself as the fear of being examined by him washed over me.

The next issue examined by the author surrounds the influence of surveillance cameras and so-called amateur videos.

So this form of democracy needs to be examined by comparing it with what Sri Lankans are familiar: Sri Lankan democracy.

Unfortunately, the business failed due to inherent risk associated with the business not carefully examined by the investor.

Inspector Nadgouda, witness number 99 in the German Bakery blast case, was examined by the special public prosecutor Raja Thakare.

In 26% of cases examine in is used

His role is also being examined in the Jama Masjid attack case.

The challenges ahead should be examined in a wide, global perspective.

It's his method, and how you can use it, that we're going to examine in detail.

Maize roots were not examined in control fields, so the extent of rootworm feeding is unknown.

Similar dynamic programming formulations have been examined in other countries (Rathnam et al.

The early fieldwork of the Tinbergians is examined in more detail in the second half of the chapter.

Biology and behavior are only two aspects of the treatment-as-prevention strategy that were examined in the PLoS Medicine studies.

Royalty impacts for the options discussed in Section 6 along with those examined in Sections 4 and 5 are compared in Figures 3 to 6.

During 2009, the Agency will release further ' Data in Focus ' reports on specific minority groups and key issues examined in the survey.

Of the 17 variables examined in this study, only six variables were identified by the majority of Bahraini auditors as inherent risk factors.

In 7% of cases examine for is used

The latter was examined for **25;11769;TOOLONG (i.

Witnesses were examined for the defence, after which Mr.

Satellite data for 143 locations were examined for this purpose 17.

Make an agreement with oneself to examine for messages each and every two hours Air Max 90 or so.

The IRS data can also be examined for the highest 1 percent of income earners, and even the highest 0.

Perform a fast BBB (Far better Enterprise Bureau) verify of the website, at the same time examine for evaluations.

When archaeologists excavate a site, they regularly collect small bags of soil to examine for the presence of seeds.

Be as specific as possible when describing the problem, as all returned items are examined for defects / variations.

NATO F-16s had to go through a PACER SLIP program where all bulkheads had to be examined for cracks and repaired after only 3,000 flying hours.

In 6% of cases examine on is used

No witness was examined on behalf of the appellant.

I didn't see where she was cross examined on TV by a defense counsel.

The move needs to be examined on an everyday basis to ensure it stays effective.

The description of the weapon is disputed and the witnesses have been cross- examined on the said lines.

You can examine on the web to find out if any of your local power providers sell blowing wind, hydro, or solar power.

People who would be the most benefited include the ones who have sufficient time to do research and examine on funds.

According to Jenny,? a lot of delegates? support the idea that each Singapore issue should be examined on its own merits.

In 4% of cases examine with is used

By-catch reduction in less infamous fishing methods is also examined with chapters on recreational fishing and trapping.

Processes for the heat treatment of foodstuffs are therefore examined with respect to the effect they would have on the spores of C.

However the Judges requested the Registrar to fast track the hearing of the main Reference so the Applicant's fears are examined with expedition.

Why not ask them in for a quick meeting? It's a great way to swap ideas, and see if the approach holds water when examined with a more complete understanding of the design challenge.

In 3% of cases examine as is used

On being offloaded, each casualty was examined as to the need for emergency surgery, nationality and hospital assignment.

They also recommended that student grades and retention rates be examined as well as results of online learning outcomes, which have proven to be essential to evaluation.

In 3% of cases examine from is used

Age distribution data were examined from Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, and Mexico.

Let us examine from a point we can understand to identify concentration of a mind.

Examined from a distance, Buran looked strikingly similar at launch to the American shuttle.

The above lines may be examined from many viewpoints ranging from the Theological through the Biological to the Astronomical, or as some might have it, all three inclusively.

The notions of reality and possibility, the various ways of constructing their imagined otherness, possible worlds and mental spaces could be examined from semantic or pragmatic perspectives.

In 3% of cases examine under is used

It is only when a sample is examined under the microscope by a trained and experienced specialist in fungal and mould behaviour, that the type and extent of decay can be determined.

In 2% of cases examine at is used

The above is collected from many thousands of contemporary observations back to 1538 that I examined at the Met office Archives on the very day you paid a visit there.

In 2% of cases examine within is used

These inconsistencies are examined within the field of education.

Norton-Taylor allowed the fifth anniversary of this grossly unjust war to be examined within specific areas, such as ' legality ' and the issue surrounding ' military costs '.

In 1% of cases examine to is used

At Ye chain workplace, the thunder examined to ever since that time leave the work here progress.

In 1% of cases examine over is used

Obama officials said all options would be examined over the coming weeks.

In 1% of cases examine against is used

This means that when someone applies for a patent the validity of that patent is not examined against the patentability criteria described in the previous section.

In 1% of cases examine before is used

What this means is that mobile phone chargers, fans, heaters and other things earned from home, have to be examined before being used.

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