Prepositions after "evacuate"

"evacuate from", "evacuate to" or "evacuate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases evacuate from is used

Many people had to be evacuated from their homes.

Workers have also been evacuated from 41 rigs, or 53.

BSEE reported Monday personnel have been evacuated from 346 production platforms, or 58.

Denis, evacuated from the Stalag VIIIB work camp at Oderburg, would have had a similar experience.

The testis was delivered into the wound and about 200cc of clotted blood was evacuated from the left scrotal sac (Figure).

The New York Times reports that 370,000 people have been evacuated from ' Zone A, ' low-lying areas deemed most at threat.

Evacuation -- If the casualty can be evacuated from the field, a car can take them to the nearest hospital in Tawau in 2-3 hours.

Other informers were evacuated from Gaza after Israel withdrew in 2005, but Israel is believed to have maintained a network there.

After being evacuated from the London blitz she had married a Wiganer who would not entertain living anywhere else but his hometown.

Thousands of people were evacuated from the neighborhood around the army base, which sits close to Dar es Salaam's international airport.

In 14% of cases evacuate by is used

Most of the people had been evacuated by then with local support.

Most sof the people were not compelled to evacuate by the forces of water.

In due course of time, 800 out of these 1312 people were evacuated by the government.

Or did these villagers settled on the safer locations or points upto which they were evacuated By the Forces.

PlaceTotal People evacuatedTotal People evacuated by NDRF, Army and Paramilitary forces%age of people evacuated by **40;4584;TOOLONG.

The study will look into the relief provisions made by the government for those who were evacuated by their aid as well as those who could not be evacuated.

In 11% of cases evacuate to is used

They were being evacuated to their start gate.

He was evacuated to Luena, the provincial capital, for better medical care.

However, what saved the government from embarrassment was that 90% of the villagers had evacuated to the MVC embankment.

Around 30 American staffers along with Libyans had been evacuated to the safe house while a plane arrived from Tripoli with a joint U.

There was so much damage that the people were so disappointed and confused, such that they even refused to be evacuated to the camps we had opened.

Several such boats came quickly after his death and by the time government's help could come, 90% of villagers were already evacuated to safe place.

In Northern Israel, about 1 million people were affected by the war and around 300,000 Israeli citizens were temporarily evacuated to other areas within the territory.

Patients have been evacuated to various hospitals either outside the Manhattan area, or to the northern portion of the island which is at a substantially higher elevation.

In 8% of cases evacuate on is used

The British evacuated on June 18, 1778.

This suggests that 90% of the people got evacuated on their own or with the local assistance.

Mehdi Taamallah / AFP - Getty Images A resident and his dog are evacuated on Tuesday from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.

In 8% of cases evacuate in is used

Houses have been evacuated in some areas.

Most of them (800 people) were eventually evacuated in a phased manner.

A spokesman for airline Blue Islands said the plane was evacuated in less than a minute and no one was hurt.

Description The Blasket Islands off the Kerry coast were evacuated in 1953, the community was resettled on the mainland.

The Jewish population of Galilee had been gradually rebuilding since that time, though many had had to be evacuated in 163BC in the face of Seleucid antisemitism.

In 6% of cases evacuate with is used

Remain evacuated with friends in a safe location as the hurricane has arrived here on Long Island.

In 4% of cases evacuate at is used

Capacity of these boats was limited, and only 05-06 people could be evacuated at a time.

In 4% of cases evacuate for is used

Persons occupying the building at the time of the fire were asked to evacuate for safety reasons but all seemed.

In 3% of cases evacuate because is used

Faced with 10 more days of no power, my mom finally evacuated because of sickness and cold.

New Jersey has not faired much better, with up to 1000 residents needing to be evacuated because of a burst levee.

In 3% of cases evacuate before is used

RAAF squadrons had been evacuated before the Japanese invaded the island and the remaining RAN warships were ordered to leave.

In the case of Katrina, those who evacuated before the storm hit were mostly white, mostly middle class; on the other hand, those who stayed were mostly black, mostly working class.

In 2% of cases evacuate around is used

Another 12 properties above Rocks Rd were evacuated around midnight after reports that a house had started moving.

In 1% of cases evacuate following is used

Many members had to evacuate following Katrina, but Luter said the church has built its congregation back up to 5,000 members since the hurricane.

In 1% of cases evacuate near is used

On Monday a 73-year-old man was drowned in his car by rising floodwaters near the walled town of Capalbio, with residents evacuated near Cortona, the setting for the novel Under the Tuscan Sun.

In 1% of cases evacuate of is used

On the night we assembled in hut 104 which had been evacuated of all the inhabitants not involved.

In 1% of cases evacuate out is used

Then when the ocean does what all oceans eventually do, they whine and cry that no one is there to bail them out or save their sorry butts when they didn't evacuate out of harms way.

In 1% of cases evacuate through is used

Respondents say that by the time Government's aid arrived most of the people had evacuated through self help.

In 1% of cases evacuate throughout is used

Many of the people evacuated throughout the region have stayed at motels or with family and friends.

In 1% of cases evacuate after is used

More than 11,000 villagers living on the slopes of the Mount Merapi volcano are being evacuated after the alert status for an eruption was raised to the highest level, officials said.

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