Prepositions after "euro"

"euro in", "euro per" or "euro for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases euro in is used

And the Euro in almost terminal.

And the Euro in 2008 was a disaster.

And the Euro in almost terminal crisis.

Geert Wilders voted for the Euro in parliament and agitates against it now all the time.

If we are favoring the Euro in the near term future, we would keep holding the position.

You have explained the relation of dollar with Euro in a simple but professional manner.

The UK has the highest trade deficit in the EU, &; a currency that has devalued by 17% to the Euro in the last 5 years.

As you say, if we weren't in the Euro inflation could cut PS wages down to size, and most other people's along with them.

The release of the EU summit decisions saw the EURO in hot demand and push the NZD back from its highs, albeit not by much.

I agree that the creation of the Euro in the first place probably increased the risk of war, but now its better to sustain it.

In 15% of cases euro for is used

SBP accepts USD and Euro for trade.

I release a Euro for this noble task.

My granny gave me 100 Euro for Christmas.

Their breakfast is quite a deal at only 5 Euro for hotel guests &; it is a lot of food.

Did you notice the price? As i remember these days, you can get 1 Euro for 1,40 Dollar.

The euro zone is arranging a bailout of 100 billion Euro for the troubled banks in Spain.

Another room was charged 6 Euro for a broken glass, you do not expect these charges when you are a 1000 Euro+ spender.

Sources said while it was announced in June that IJM Corp Bhd would proceed to acquire a 25% stake in K Euro for RM33.

Additionally, we stayed for 10 nights (total of 1000 Euro) and were charged 6 Euro for a Shampoo dispenser that was broken.

WHY do Irish taxi's charge you one Euro for every passenger above one? Irrespective of the distance you/they are travelling.

In 14% of cases euro per is used

The > cost is 10 Euro per cert.

Tickets are priced at 35 Euro per ticket.

Here normal labour fee is 8-10 Euro per hour.

Guests in the Trinity Capital Hotel get a rate in this car park of 24 Euro per 24 hours.

For those staying for more than 3 months the cost is 12 Euro per night for the entire stay.

One private double bedded room is available for an extra cost of 2 Euro per person per night.

They are naturally slightly higher in the bigger cities such as Budapest with rents starting at round 300 Euro per month.

The German Foreign Office suggests that students plan a minimum sum of 600 Euro per month minimum to cover costs of living.

If you want to use the odd hotel, eat out or go for a night of drinking every now and again plan at least 100 Euro per day.

Marypages can only survive with your help! You can become a donator of our foundation by donating at least 20 Euro per year.

In 7% of cases euro to is used

Pay 20000 Euro to an architects practice.

The Euro to Drachma rate is likely to be a.

Restore the dignity of the Euro to the host nation.

Euro-US Dollar: The ECB and the Fed are following polices which will move the Euro to 1.

There are claims that this policy has pushed the Euro to high, possibly hurting European exporters.

I can state for the record that Red Hat have not donated a single Euro to the FFII in 2008 or 2009.

Because of the huge concern of Greece's possible exit from the euro zone the Euro to RMB has depreciated to 1 Euro to 7.

One street vendor in Rome, after selling a sunglass at 18 Euro to an European person, turned around and sold me a similar sunglass at 4.

Obviously, if Greece changed from the Euro to the Drachma, these countries would be paid back in devalued currency that would have only speculative value longer-term.

Money is leaking out of the Irish bank deposit sector, and some of this is probably even low level consumer savings being shifted from the Euro to Sterling and Dollars.

In 6% of cases euro as is used

Kohl had to accept the Euro as the price for a unified Germany.

ForexNews- Netherlands is the Euro as the Pound Sterling Monday.

The Euro as an idea has merit and a single currency has many advances.

The Euro as a project has not worked due to its flawed design and more integration will not work.

In truth these criminals don't see the Euro as a currency but as a Yield instrument for parasites.

CURRENCY Local currency is the ' Taka ', about 59 to the US Dollar and 58 to the Euro as of April, 2003.

The EU's growing role in international trade has important implications for the role of the Euro as a reserve currency.

Most pundits expect Greece will chose to leave or be forced out of the Euro as the currency its debt is denominated in.

The various European countries will end the Euro as a common currency and each country will return to their original currency.

The Euro always was a Political Project Continental politicians openly see the Euro as a major step towards a United States of Europe.

In 6% of cases euro on is used

That is 3000 Euro on a property valued at 300,000 Euro.

Some clubs didn't spend a single Euro on player recruitment.

Introduced in 1992/96, it was replaced by the Euro on 1st January 1999.

Fines Anyone caught eating or drinking in the computer labs will be fined 20 Euro on the spot.

Of course if the Irish default then that will cause a lot of damage to the Euro on the way out.

Estonia joined the Euro on 1 January 2011, while Lithuania and Latvia are expected to join in 2014.

You are right of course Greece got into the Euro on a fiddle that cooked its books with the connivance of EU overlords.

It is a stone beach lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas that you can rent for 6 Euro on the crystal clear Libyan Sea.

What we have now is akin to the 20 years of austerity everyone in Europe is facing in order to keep the Euro on life-support.

In 5% of cases euro at is used

Any of them could leave the Euro at any time.

Poland is keen to join the Euro at the right moment.

In currencies, the dollar closed down against the Euro at 1.

The issue is the Swiss National Bank (SNB ), its policy of pegging the Swiss Franc to the Euro at 1.

UK based purchasing for major branding (irish retailers have to purchase in Euro at higher costings).

ISBN: 978-90-75352-91-7Price: 12,95 Euros plus postage through the OFI website, and 7,95 Euro at trade fairs.

All the new Member States (after 2004) are legally obliged to adopt the Euro at some future point (with no opt-out clauses).

If we do create one then we will only accept Euro at the bar and anyone wanting a drink will have to changer there money first.

They entered the Euro at an overvalued level to start with and a credit boom saw wage growth soar driven by investment in non tradeables.

In 4% of cases euro with is used

Goodbye Euro WITH LUCK, no regrets.

Euro with political Union, or no Euro.

I would suggest you to take Euro with you.

He enthusiastically encouraged the creation of a Euro with Dollar parity exchange rate.

It would be potent, and Germany can leave the Euro with a ready import partner at hand.

I do agree with the storm track of the GFS and the Euro with heavier amounts forecast for Winnipeg.

Even if you get a smaller Euro with just the AAA countries huddling together they will still go down the track of protectionism.

The Oil prices are high because the US dollar has lost half of its value compared to the Euro with which it was at par on December 2002.

The calculations are based on a retail price of 50 Euro with 45% deducted for middlemen and shipping costs, leaving 27,50 Euro per book sold.

The 21-year-old German who impressed during the Euro with the limited opportunity he got has been strongly linked with a move to Stamford Bridge.

In 4% of cases euro from is used

I got 10 Euro from the tooth fairy.

You can download ATM font for Euro from Adobe site for free.

I will be indeed very grateful if I can get a loan of 1,500 EURO from you.

Obviously the current levels offer great value buying of EURO from a historical perspective.

But hey you have to laugh right? Should be great fun watching the collapse of the Euro from Australia.

Only EU leaders can credibly remove a break-up of the Euro from the realm of possibility, not the ECB.

The Yanks, however, will do almost anything to prevent the Euro from assuming this role, because it would impoverish the USA.

How do you remove the Euro from circulation? These aren't objections to the idea - just questions regarding its practicality.

Two years ago the same Inter Milan organization demanded in excess of 30,000,000 Euro from Real Madrid; this year City signed him for less than 4,000,000 Euro.

Middle east wants to end the dollar's pre-eminence as the currency linked to oil (Iraq tried to switch to the Euro from the $, Iran is now trying to do the same.

In 3% of cases euro by is used

You must pay the 3 Euro by 8:00 pm the next evening or you pay a fine.

Our bilateral trade is growing as we have set a target of 12 billion Euro by 2012.

The guys at Goldman have done a great job of Destabalising the Euro by showing Greece etc.

Show off your teeth again after a EURO by SparkleWhite non peroxide one-hour in chair teeth whitening treatment.

When Europe opts for the Euro by unelected placemen without a popular vote, this is not the fault of capitalism.

Therefore all paper money should be avoided and especially the Dollar, Pound and Euro by buying Gold and Silver.

The proposed banking union due next year may well stabilise the Euro by 2014 so well ahead of the start of this scheme.

An estimated 85% of all public cash dispensers were issuing Euro by the end of the first day and within a week, nearly 90%.

I wonder how much of MSM has to do with the against Syriza / GD? In any case Greece will be thrown out of the Euro by years end.

I've recommended a book on the Euro by Phillipp Bagus on other threads, I found it very eye opening to the utter flaws of the Euro: http: **35;2564;TOOLONG.

In 2% of cases euro against is used

This means trading the Euro against the US dollar.

Weaker Euro against the US$ for at least 2012 and perhaps 2013.

Euro against dollar After a brief rally that surged the Euro to 1.

It's not the value of the Euro against any other currency that makes it vulnerable.

Appreciation of the Euro against other major currencies contributed to this decline.

An increase in the industrial production differential is likely to mitigate the strengthening of the Euro against the US$.

I check the value of the Euro against sterling daily -- my income is in sterling and I have to convert to to spend it here.

We watched Cech 30 or 40 times at Rennes, after he single-handedly won The Czechs the U21 Euro against France in the final.

We suggest that the strengthening in the differential is the key reason for the underlying strengthening in the Euro against the US$.

In 2% of cases euro over is used

Iran, and N Korea already accept the Euro over the U.

Barring corrections, expect a fairly strong upward bias in the value of the Euro over the next few weeks.

I have no sympathy for the Greek political classes and for the general Greek approach to the Euro over the last two decades.

Today's somewhat positive announcement of the extension of the Greek funding package should provide a further boost to the EURO over the coming sessions.

Since 2008, British production has slumped by 10 per cent overall even though the currency has depreciated by around 20 per cent against the Euro over the last 5 years.

It had a modest budget (totalling 3 million Euro over a period of 6 years) and funded not more than 12, rather small-scale intervention studies targeting relatively easily modifiable factors.

In 2% of cases euro of is used

Ireland hasbillions or Euro of debt.

The UK threw off its fetters and left the gold standard -- the Euro of a century ago.

Maybe it will all end in tiers -- a Euro of sounder countries, and Club Med doing its own thing.

All drivers under 25 and over 70 are liable for the first 1,200 Euro of damage to the car (excess).

The Swiss have taken it one step further by introducing a lower-most limit or peg to the Euro of SFr1.

The Spanish banks currently hold 165 Billion Euro of ' bad ' loans, which will most likely never be paid back.

Germany leaving the Euro of their own accord seems just about the least likely scenario to me, they have it too good.

We can not ignore the fact that every Euro of reserve-account-money has a matching debt to the national central banks.

Bruce Springsteen (all 80 Euro of him) was like listening to an iPod in a park with 35000 inebriated middle-aged folks.

With over half a billion Euro of investment, this expansion will create over 4,000 new jobs and safeguard thousands more.

In 1% of cases euro into is used

We invested about 1400 Euro into the beekeeping course, hives and other materials.

Throw the Euro into a corner and, quite unlike the sedan, it flicks its nose in crisply and confidently.

We would rather push Greece and other troublemakers towards the exit than allow financially irresponsible governments to turn the Euro into a Lira.

Ripe for independence from the UK and ideally located to sign an economic cooperation treaty with Germany once Chancellor Merkel has kicked the Euro into touch.

In 1% of cases euro despite is used

His two decent economic policies were an arms-length BoE and keeping us out of the Euro despite Tony Blair's best efforts.

The states of Andorra, Kosovo, and Montenegro have also approved the Euro despite being non-members, but they do not have the right to mint coins.

In 1% of cases euro plus is used

As for the price numbers, they are full Euro plus two decimals.

The registration fee of 15,000 Euro plus tuition fees established by the annual regulation.

In 1% of cases euro through is used

Britain is going to bring down the Euro through their speculations in ireland.

At present, they are exploiting the weaker countries in the Euro through mercantilism and they are baulking at having to use their surpluses to keep the PIIGS afloat.

In 1% of cases euro because is used

Spain is only in the Euro because of the seismic damage it would cause to the entire system.

Operating profits of 21 million Euro fell to 4 million Euro because of the situation in the USA.

Jailing is too good for some of them and LOOK at TV 3, short of a few Euro because of not getting a cut of the Tax Take.

Due to German football magazine ' Kicker ' the European (non-champions-league) cups 1999/2000 have brought only 10 million EURO because of the early failures of the German teams.

In 1% of cases euro versus is used

Again we maintain that the strong support for the Euro versus the US$ is on account of a strengthening in the money growth differential since November 2009.

The fall in the last two months has been caused by a slight reduction in world oil prices and a slight improvement in the exchange rate of the Euro versus the US dollar.

In 1% of cases euro vs is used

If for example Euro VS US dollar.

Euro vs Dollar, Eurozone vs grexit.

Got gold? Alex Wallenwein Editor, Publisher The EURO vs.

Share this: Forex Euro vs US Dollar We believe that possible bearishness could be seen during this trading session.

Share this: Forex Euro vs US Dollar EURUSD is at a crossroads, the instrument has a 50 -- 50 chance of a recovery above (1.

Last December, Boston Consultancy Group published a paper on the likely consequences for nations leaving the Euro vs remaining in.

An Example: You bought 500 Euros in March 2010, it would cost you nearly $600 USD, throughout 2010 the value of Euro vs USD increased.

The Euro vs Dollar Monitor is the golden windshield wiper that removes the media's greasy film of financial misinformation from your investment outlook.

In 1% of cases euro after is used

Yet, even as the dollar is steadily dropping against the Euro after the end of fighting in Iraq, Washington appears to be deliberately worsening the dollar fall in public comments.

In 1% of cases euro without is used

The Euro without Germany, its economic workhorse, will surely fail.

Would Greek leave the Euro without the bailout money? Well, that depends entirely on Greece and no-one else.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment must be made in Euro without any discount, suspension or claim of compensation.

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