Prepositions after "estimate"

estimate at, by, for, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases estimate at is used

With costs already estimated at 1.

They were estimated at $10 million.

Damage in Jamaica is estimated at 1.

Kaspersky estimated at the time that the malware had infected about 1,000 machines.

The country's total unexploited hydro power potential alone is estimated at 4,500 MW.

Damage to property, agriculture, and tourism in Belize was estimated at $225 million.

However, the price of building a third runway and a sixth terminal at Heathrow is estimated at around 9? billion.

On the evening of October 14, an Israeli military force estimated at about 600 soldiers moved toward the village.

By the next day, when the gates were opened for mourners to view Elvis ' body, the crowd was estimated at 20,000.

The whole annual produce is estimated at about 430 millions, and the products of agriculture at about 216 millions.

In 11% of cases estimate by is used

Therefore the height of a mountain can be estimated by using energy as a consideration.

A large share of global money laundering as estimated by the IMF is linked to the trade in narcotics.

The expected importance of each risk is then estimated by combining its probability and its measure of harm.

The losses associated with power outages, as estimated by the firms themselves, can equal more than 10 percent of sales.

The values for the respective heat transfer coefficients can be estimated by use of the standard heat transfer relationships.

Thus, with a knowledge of the thermal constants of a foodstuff, required freezing times can be estimated by the use of Plank's equation.

In 10% of cases estimate for is used

Nomura has lowered GDP estimates for 2012 down to 8.

The IRD can revise your refund amount from that estimated for a number of reasons.

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded growth estimates for the UK economy today.

However, estimates for these territories were among the highest in Canada to begin with 3.

The study uses stated preference surveys to elicit VoLL estimates for SME and domestic consumers.

Reliability estimates for the objectively and subjectively scored modules used in 2011 are reported below.

Obtaining genome size estimates for Cercis -- a common temperate zone tree -- would obviously be desirable.

Asked to confirm the 7billion estimate for Britain's contribution, the Chancellor added: ' It's around that.

In all, we see no strong reason to believe that the relative risk estimates for light smokers are substantially biased.

The total cost estimated for the sound barrier is about $24 million, with the province expected to pay for 50 per cent.

In 8% of cases estimate from is used

The actual writing are estimated from 1,500 to 1,700 A.

It is also relatively easy to estimate from fossil remains.

What we're dealing with is cost estimates from the government.

Get some rates and good faith estimates from a couple of loan brokers.

Runoff ratio for different land use classes will be estimated from literature.

These are statistical parameters estimated from the distribution of unrelated sequence similarity scores.

The time constant for the transition to the down state was estimated from a semilogarithmic plot of the membrane potential.

I estimate from the Cowal Ferries carryings for the last full year that the revenue from vehicles was about 1M, from passengers about 0.

A 2008 estimate from the International Center for Prison Studies found that nearly 70 percent of prison inmates were in pretrial detention.

Therefore, prevalence, which depends on incidence and case fatality, is better estimated from incidence studies of first-ever stroke and survival.

In 8% of cases estimate in is used

This was estimated in 2004 to be at least $1.

Serum creatinine, urea, electrolyies were estimated in 60 patients.

I estimated in that moment that the vehicle was traveling about 35 mph.

His prowess as a warrior is estimated in proportion to the number he possesses.

And so it does, if by level be meant level of value estimated in the usual way.

At times we do fall victims to unexpected expenses which were never estimated in our budgetary allocations.

The tissue distribution of Resv and its metabolites was estimated in a study where twenty colon cancer patients received 0.

To realise this effect at a significance level of 5% with 90% power, a minimum of 182 participants was estimated in each group.

The number of positive 3 contributors as concurrently estimated in this period remained at seven, similar to Q4 2009 from only four in Q3 2009.

The nonpartisan Lewin Group estimated in April that 120 million or more Americans could lose their group coverage at work and end up in such a program.

In 3% of cases estimate on is used

The Congressional Budget Office estimated on March 20 that the deficit will grow to $1.

The auction house has slapped its highest-ever estimate on the picture, hoping it will fetch at least $80m.

Researchers estimate on the basis of these figures that 400,000 people quit smoking as a result of the ban.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the data highlight will be the **38;983;TOOLONG flash Q3 GDP estimates on Thursday.

The duration of tick attachment can be estimated on the basis of a measurement of the degree of tick engorgement with blood (scutal index) 30, 68, 69.

Stroke incidence, estimated on the basis of representative community samples with rigorous case ascertainment and accurate diagnosis, provides the best means of stroke surveillance.

In 2% of cases estimate as is used

From this, a corresponding coherence length l c, can be estimated as: l c =? t c where c is the speed of the light wave.

Let me present their summary estimates as a preliminary to elaborations that underline the difficulty of reaching an exact figure.

An adjusted detection rate taking into account fetal loss from screening to time of birth (estimated as 25% 4) was 82% (95% confidence interval 73% to 90%).

However, following single 600-mg doses, the relative bioavailability of saquinavir as FORTOVASE compared to saquinavir administered as INVIRASE was estimated as 331% (95% CI: 207% to 530%).

In 2% of cases estimate to is used

Over one million visits are estimated to be made each year.

The Scottish diaspora is estimated to number 50 million people.

The oral origins of both are estimated to date back to the 8th century BCE.

In 2000, The Batwa were estimated to number about 80,000 by the minority-rights NGO Refugees International.

A granite portal tomb dating to circa 3,000BC and consisting of the largest capstone in Europe, estimated to weight up to 150 tonnes.

The Battle of Yarm? k, fought near Damascus in 636, saw a Muslim army of 20,000 defeat a Byzantine force estimated to number 40,000, permanently ending Byzantine rule south of Asia Minor.

In 2% of cases estimate with is used

Statistical methods Relative risks adjusted for confounders were estimated with the Cox proportional hazards model.

Through RELIEF, BIR is able to estimate with a high level of confidence the amount of sales and VAT liabilities of corporations.

But while the likelihood of a split to the right is impossible to estimate with any confidence, a split to the left might not actually prove too damaging.

In 1% of cases estimate between is used

Doctors estimate between one in six and one in ten male carriers may get liver cancer, which is less common in females.

In 1% of cases estimate of is used

Chart Source: ENEE (National Electric Power Company) The annual production estimated of this project is 297.

In 1% of cases estimate over is used

In physical objects dimensions are estimated over an appropriate range of scales.

In 1% of cases estimate under is used

Further the combination of negative skewness and positive kurtosis indicates that there is a high probability of a large negative return than estimated under normal distribution.

In 1% of cases estimate within is used

But the conflagration that followed burned up hundreds of millions of dollars ' worth of property There is no estimating within hundreds of millions the actual damage wrought.

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