Prepositions after "escape"

"escape from", "escape with" or "escape to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases escape from is used

The ability to escape from enemies.

Escape From Camp 14 changed my life.

Escape from the semi-death of road travel.

He could not believe that a blind man could escape from under such tight monitoring.

She still feels that she very much exists and wants to escape from her suffering etc.

Other prisoners who escaped from this camp were subsequently recaptured, See Major P.

We can never escape from our biological nature and find either unconditional love or satisfaction without boredom.

After all, isn't that the reason the pilgrims escaped from England? It is also imposing religion, which is wrong.

Finally, it is time we escaped from donor-dependency syndrome if we truly want to be in charge of our own destiny.

Humans at some stage in their lives face problems that compel them to seek ways to surmount or escape from their woes.

In 14% of cases escape to is used

Escape to this Seychelles hotel.

Later he was helped to escape to Austria.

At least I had a small balcony to escape to.

He escaped to Moscow and contracted with a publisher to publish a book about his spying.

Consequently, after looking into just a few pubs, we quickly escaped to the countryside.

RONALD REAGAN, speech at Moscow State University, May 31, 1988 If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.

And if you want to escape to rural America when it all falls apart, now is the time to start making friends in those area.

But Assange, the self-styled champion of free speech, is in for a rude awakening should he successfully escape to Ecuador.

Although escaped to the mountains of Bactria from Xi Liao, Gu Jierku was finally found and killed by Zhe Bie's subordinates.

In 11% of cases escape with is used

He escapes with no trouble at all.

By then, Maita had escaped with Melissa.

He escaped with an undisclosed sum of money.

Perpetrators thus escaped with lighter sentences for offences under these Sections.

The gunmen, thought to be Somali militants, escaped with the hostages into the Somali desert.

Yet the supporters of the text had managed to let the Lebanese escape with impunity, he continued.

He escaped with his brothers to Syria, stayed for a year and came to Lebanon in 1949 looking for work and shelter.

A recruit was given a gun while an officer bathed, and when he had soap in his eyes, the child escaped with the gun.

She managed to escape with her sister-in-law but when they returned to their hometown, they were treated like outcasts.

Witnessing law breakers galore Week after week, we hear of underworld thugs who violate the law and escape with impunity.

In 4% of cases escape into is used

About 1000 escape into countryside.

An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.

A journey to this region will let you escape into paradise even for just a few days.

As soon as the rappers and other popular musicians can, they escape into the upscale communities to spend their days in luxury.

The trio reach the site of the battle, only to discover through Aragorn's tracking skills that the two hobbits escaped into the forest.

John McDonald of Garth said Finlay, Cree Beau Parlez and another man killed or wounded 14 Indians and escaped into the night having saved one H.

A noble person in the clan of the Pharaoh (called Momine Ale-Fir'on in Qur'an) informed Musa of the plot and he helped him escape into the desert.

Looking for a unique Christmas Party idea? Why not escape into our winter wonderland for a Cheese and Chocolate Snowshoe Fondue at the rustic Hollyburn Lodge.

Others went down with their ships and those whom escaped into the sea died within a few minutes at mo st in the icy waters, in extreme weather and incredible seas.

Brow beaten by an unrepentant father and in thrall to an imagined, spectral Other Man, he thrives on nostalgia for life as it was, escapes into books and hides from reality.

In 4% of cases escape through is used

This bought time for the students to escape through the window.

All existing fabrics allowed hydrogen to escape through microscopic pores.

Just as he escaped through the chamber door, he bumped into the king himself.

Ensure that you are going one for small bars so they can't obviously escape through them.

He seems stuck, though, in a place he can not escape through innovation and scientific progress.

Even there is no proof that all the snow on the bottom melts away, and escapes through the groundwater.

In the former, hypocrisy towards oppression can no longer be concealed, so escape through wealth is unreasonable.

Some tear gas fired by police entered the car, before the driver escaped through a gap in the flames on the road.

Some do it in style, using their mobiles to order a taxi to their home town; others take their chances and try to escape through the taiga, though few of them get far.

As the airstrikes ceased just before noon, I decided to take a look outside and see if there was any chance of finding a safer place or even if I could escape through the desert.

In 3% of cases escape in is used

There is nowhere to escape in Gaza.

The gunmen opened fire hitting escaped in the area.

The later the second drop into the B2 the less likely they are to escape in subsequent weeks.

The bipolar people may not want to escape in others situations they may not even want to get out of bed.

They overpowered the guards, seized the armory and after a shutout with the camp garrison, escaped in an unknown direction.

It is rather striking that in every culture there is a story of a flood in which one family and the animals escape in a boat.

The anxious person considers these disasters as being possibly avoidable, if they can only escape in some way from certain feared events.

One child was raped by 20 paedophiles, she escaped in the early hours of the morning by jumping through a second floor window, after breaking it to escape.

In 3% of cases escape on is used

They also opened fire to keep the neighbours away and managed to escape on motorcycles.

Unlike what has previously been circulated, Chen Guangcheng escaped on April 20 during the daytime.

The image of her trying to escape on a winter night in her mother's wedding dress (if I'd remembering correctly) was tragic.

The assailants, who were wearing motorcycle helmets, initially escaped on foot but were later seen on a motorcycle, according to the report.

Some killings have been carried out in the street, by shooting or detonating explosives, with perpetrators escaping on motorbikes or Keke Napep.

In 2% of cases escape by is used

There was no escape for Peloran, who was not selected by chance (?) to escape by ship.

After nine months, on 15 August 1578 he escaped by unscrewing the lock on his door and slipping past the guard.

A niece was a doctor serving there at that time and escaped by crawling on all fours to escape detection by the IPKF soldiers.

My problem with Jonathan government is that he gives enough rooms for snake that bite and killed to escape by seting up unnecessary committee.

Since all data which isn't ' marksafe()'d gets escaped by the templating engine, and all HTML comes out of the template engine, that's basically all you need to do.

In 1% of cases escape after is used

You'll then head to Marhubi Palace, built by Sultan Barghash, Salme's older brother, who she helped to escape after a failed at-tempt to overthr ow their brother, Sultan Majid.

In 1% of cases escape because is used

Except for Mercury, they have gaseous atmospheres from which lighter elements have escaped because of the low gravitational force.

Firearms officer R31 told Snaresbrook crown court he was convinced Duggan was trying to escape because of ' the direction that he was moving.

In 1% of cases escape before is used

Which, in order to survive Amnesia, I have to translate -- and quickly, if I'd going to escape before long.

It is not uncommon for fish that have escaped before being landed, or released, to take the hook again immediately afterwards.

Mathews managed to escape before the ship reached its destination, so we do not know the result of these inquiries (Mathews 1670: 471).

Most of the animals placed aboard were able to safely escape before the ship broke apart on the shoals and was swept over the Horseshoe Falls.

In 1% of cases escape during is used

This makes it less likely that the animal will escape during a trial run.

WAGs may escape during the initial hooking up and checking of the anesthesia system or the scavenging system.

Meanwhile, those Jews who did escape during Operation Moses were separated from their loved ones while attempting to adjust to Israeli society.

In 1% of cases escape for is used

What I like least about being a mom: Not being able to plonk on the couch with a good book and escape for as long as it takes.

Some will head to a place where they know they can escape for a moment, where many of us head whenever things become too much.

Winter was the off season for escaping for most people for obvious reasons - travelling rough in freezing conditions being the main one.

In 1% of cases escape of is used

The Leinstermen were killed, slaughtered, cut off, and dreadfully exterminated, in this battle, so that there escaped of them but a small remnant, and a few fugitives.

In 1% of cases escape out is used

Until somebody comes up with a solution, all the oil will escape out of the centre of the earth until it deflates like a flat ball.

She had all the poetic moves a poet would have described ever, the voice that would flare into your eyes trespassing into your soul as to never let you escape out of her control.

In 1% of cases escape without is used

Morgan escaped without injuries.

No arrests have ever been made often because the assassins also die in their fatal mission or because the gunmen escape without incident.

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