Prepositions after "erect"

erect in, by, on, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases erect in is used

A memorial to Bill Millin will be erected in 2013.

At that time Vincennes was erected into a diocese.

There were gold and bronze statues erected in their honor.

Alphonsus, the second church of the Redemptorists for the Germans, was erected in 1848.

They have been compared with the Dhila iron shaft, 48 feet high, erected in the fifth century.

In June 2012 a statue of Mick was erected in Waterville to honour his achievements (see picture above).

Erected in 1915, the distinctive 44-metre red brick and granite tower is a graceful reminder of those Colonial times.

It boasts the oldest iron bridge of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, which was erected in 1801 at a cost of four thousand pounds.

The monument erected in their honour in Sam Sharpe square is an indication and testimony to the fact they that they did not die in vain.

In 15% of cases erect by is used

Others that may be enumerated were those at Grlitz, erected by G.

Joseph's church, at Grosse Pointe, or New Trier, erected by the Rev.

D High entrance that was erected by Mahmood Khilji or one of his successors.

Outside the main enclosure you will find the Nun's Church, erected by Dervorgilla.

Mary's church, Covington, Kentucky, a fine brick structure, erected by the German Catholics of that city.

A mere stone's throw from one of the major levee failures in the Lakeview neighborhood rests a monument erected by the Irish Cultural Society of New Orleans.

Father Mathew has had erected THREE new boilers, in addition to the two already erected by the committee, in consequence of the vastly increased number of poor relieved.

The Occupy live stream shows the Lower Manhattan park still illuminated by bright floodlights erected by police for the operation, with helmeted police posted in significant numbers.

In 1731 Clement XII still further extended it by permitting the indulgenced Stations to all churches, provided that they were erected by a Franciscan father with the sanction of the ordinary.

Nathi, son of Garchu, refused to admit him; but, however, he baptized a few persons in Ireland, and three wooden churches were erected by him, namely, Cell Fhine, Teach Na Romhan, and Domhnach Arta.

In 11% of cases erect on is used

He said Scott's viewing platform was erected on top of a shed.

An army on the move carried wooden stakes, which were erected on the rampart.

Philippine flags have been erected on some of the islets of the shoal, including a flag raised on an 8.

At the entrance to the house compound plantain plants are erected on both side with the bunch of fruits.

Many of the problems are caused by posters that are erected on poles adjacent to signals or signs Posters that are below head height or resting on the ground.

The first grooved pottery, which is so distinctive of the era, was made here, for example, and the first henges -- stone rings with ditches round them -- were erected on Orkney.

Gravity walls can be described as usual composition designed to support structures and homes erected on slopes but nowadays this is also applied in landscaping out of doors areas.

In 10% of cases erect at is used

Chapels were being erected at St.

Joseph was erected at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1856, by Rev.

In 1841, a German Catholic church was erected at West Point, Iowa, in the present Diocese of Dubuque.

In 2001, a monument in the form of a cenotaph was erected at a new cemetery (La Caridad) in Spanish Town.

The sculpture was erected at the university's Caribbean Sculpture Park and was created by the Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky.

Tents are being erected at Rosehill, where men in training will be provided with writing material, reading matter, games, music, etc.

Yitades Gebre and Chair of the Thoroughbred Owners Association Howard Hamilton purchase condoms from one of the two condom machine erected at Caymanas Track in St.

By 1738, Wolmer's was erected at Church Street and South Parade in downtown Kingston, but in 1907, following a devastating earthquake, officials relocated the school to its present site.

In 7% of cases erect for is used

Mary's church at Richmond, Virginia, erected for Germans, of whom there were seven or eight hundred in the city.

Near the rath is a single pillar stone, called Gobhlan, about seven feet high, supposed to have been erected for the worship of Baal.

Be they the bodily parts, utensils used by a venerable person or even a religious monument erected for the purpose of commemoration, they pinpoint a person in history.

In 3% of cases erect around is used

A 900-metre long metal fence has been erected around Hotel Stenungsbaden, the meeting venue, to keep intruders away, regional daily Goteborgs-Posten said, publishing a picture of the fenced-in hotel.

In 3% of cases erect from is used

This is your house before going to mentioned: erected from the hearers of Mr.

In 2% of cases erect within is used

From the foundations upwards, the whole construction will be erected within three months at a rate of five floors a day.

In 2% of cases erect next is used

The Main Judaic library was erected next to the Great Synagogue in 1936.

In 2% of cases erect between is used

The modified bicycle consisted of a wheel with paddles erected between two water tight cylinders - 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter and 10 feet (3m) long.

In 1% of cases erect behind is used

As for the hybrid campus, that would actually be erected behind the Divine, where a large brownfield site currently houses abandoned toilets.

In 1% of cases erect into is used

At that time Vincennes was erected into a diocese.

In 1% of cases erect near is used

They stay in temporary shelters erected near railway stations and bus stations and resort to seeking alms in the neighbourhoods around.

In 1% of cases erect along is used

Fifty big screens will be erected along the route to beam pictures of the event, which starts at 2.

In 1% of cases erect ahead is used

At Hogs Back, a coffer dam was to be erected ahead of the work, to keep the water away from the section of the dam currently under construction.

In 1% of cases erect over is used

Consider the many empty office buildings in the CBD and the promises heralded in the 70? s and 80? s when they were first erected over the remains of Chinatown and Black Storyville.

In 1% of cases erect to is used

In 1902 a large monument was erected to Gosnold's memory on Cuttyhunk, where the first fort was built three hundred years before.

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