Prepositions after "envisage"

"envisage in" or "envisage by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases envisage in is used

Indisputably, the procedure envisaged in the abovesaid provisions has not been observed.

The planning application for Wylfa was envisaged in early 2012, that for Oldbury in 2014.

At Simla, the final settlement was envisaged in the narrow context of the cartography of Jammu &; Kashmir.

Moreover the additional countercyclical buffer envisaged in good times should help to prevent the inflation of asset bubbles.

Furthermore, the use of the credit card details in this instance was specifically for the purpose envisaged in the rental agreement.

Comeuppance, any individual? Destiny, as envisaged in Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a shaky paramour, tricky to please and absolutely heightened-support.

If measures are envisaged in relation to the affected employees, the employer that envisages the measures must consult the employee representatives about them.

Yet such an employment of carrier aviation, however desirable in the situation of the moment, was certainly not envisaged in the existing unification agreements.

In 37% of cases envisage by is used

A similar instance can be observed in the case of the political set up envisaged by Islam.

A market very different from that envisaged by 19th century free trade ideologies and one very far from being perfect.

The sort of suburban, low velocity trips envisaged by changing the law is of sufficiently low risk to make the law worth repealing.

The idea of a social Europe, envisaged by Jacques Delors as a balance to the single market, has been the casualty of a headlong rush towards liberalisation for its own sake.

In 9% of cases envisage for is used

One of the means which is envisaged for the purpose is education.

But Chain, unlike Fleming, remained remarkably optimistic about the possibilities that could be envisaged for penicillin.

From the productivity assessed, the 3,560 ha of Group A4, which could have sufficed in maintaining almost half the 3,000 LSU envisaged for the ranch, could maintain only 680 LSU.

In 4% of cases envisage with is used

It was never really envisaged with the level of expansion, corruption and inequality we have forced it into today.

In 3% of cases envisage at is used

But it meant I had to do a lot more work at the end of the novel writing process that I would ever have envisaged at the beginning.

In 3% of cases envisage under is used

This, in our view, upsets the delicate balance envisaged under the Charter, and undermines the overall effectiveness of the United Nations system.

In 3% of cases envisage within is used

Four main lines of study have been envisaged within this perspective.

Mills made the changes he envisaged within the three and a half years he took charge of this nation as leader and political head.

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