Prepositions after "enthrall"

"enthrall by" or "enthrall with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases enthrall by is used

I'd always enthralled by the human element stories.

Welcome and be enthralled by the beauty that is Bangladesh.

As a child, Vassanji was enthralled by ginans -- verses and songs from the Sufi tradition -- and learnt much about music and mythology from them.

Posted by: Mandy September 16, 2012, 5:04 pm 5:04 pm DAVEM and LexingtonLady are so enthralled by President Obama that they can not see the truth.

Like any five-year-olds, they've got energy and curiosity to burn -- but they've also got the scientific world enthralled by their incredible brains.

I was so enthralled by the games of that era that years ago I spent months and months working on an interpreter for them of some little fame - the original WinFrotz.

Added to this our population density has continued to grow to bursting point, and we have become enthralled by the lure of easy wealth through playing games with money.

The humility born of such prevented Romney from making an issue of it -- but we look around and we see a church denying its own founding principles and a nation enthralled by sex over substance.

We were enthralled by the clothing for sale, but couldn? t justify buying any given the lack of wearing opportunity in the States (although it would provide good comic relief for Gary? s office).

In 19% of cases enthrall with is used

And America is enthralled with The View.

I'd also enthralled with the mechanics of disasters.

The basketball game he was so enthralled with could be watched at any of the local establishments next door, but we were closed for the evening.

Once the initial sound balance issues were sorted, this settled into a compelling piece that engaged and enthralled with each twist and turn in the story.

Nevertheless, even if Italy were able to enthrall with complete organisation and clinical conter-attacking, they still lacked a sense of proactivity that characterises the football of today.

In 8% of cases enthrall at is used

We were so enthralled at what we were seeing nothing else seemed important - who could blame us.

In 3% of cases enthrall from is used

The story enthralls from the start, and the gameplay is still definitively Call of Duty -especially with some sweet future tech like the millimetre Scanner that allows you to see foes through walls.

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