Prepositions after "enquire"

"enquire about" or "enquire into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases enquire about is used

Nobody go even to enquire about them.

She enquired about the ages of the students I taught.

As a woman, Ghalib would have certainly enquired about them.

Visiting people who are sick To visit someone and enquire about their health is Sunnat.

The media was asked not to enquire about his past relationship with local TV star Patricia Lewis.

I called our school district 2days ago to enquire about the applicant or intake for next year pre-school.

We made the first contact by approaching staff in the office of the show home, enquiring about standard plans.

He enquired about my former house in Fitzwilliam Street, and the college boys who lived in the same line of houses.

Usually when another club bids or enquires about a player, they would've already felt the players intention beforehand.

I shared much of the first lap with another runner, and when he saw me checking the Garmin, he enquired about the pace.

In 16% of cases enquire into is used

Enquiring into a child's thinking facilitates thinking.

Nothing was too big, and nothing too small for them to enquire into.

Also teaching communication skills to develop patient rapport prior to enquiring into the sexual history may assist clinicians.

We chatted for quite long enquiring into our lineage and got to know that we were even long-distance relatives in a round about way.

In their latest production, Enter Achilles, the group enquire into and call into question the unwritten laws of the ' male continent '.

In 1836 the government of the colony of New South Wales enquired into the possibility of importing camels from the Upper Ganges Valley.

In March 1836 a select Committee from the House of Commons was appointed to enquire into the condition and Laws of the Apprenticeship System.

Those ombudsmen should be given the power, and the budget, and the freedom, to enquire into the conduct of journalists and to publish their findings.

All doubts and disputes arising in connection with the election of the Vice-President are enquired into and decided by the Supreme Court of India whose decision is final.

In 10% of cases enquire from is used

I enquired from him about his own experience of interacting with the Saudis.

All other users should enquire from their local public or college library about accessing full text Accountancy Ireland articles.

I enquired from colleagues and friends of other religious faiths if it was sinful for couples to make love on days set aside for worship of the Supreme Being.

It all started when a viewer of his television programme wrote in to enquire from the popular pastor if it was wrong for a ' Christian to work in a Cigarette company '.

In the case in question, this has not been done as I have searched to date and enquired from sources whether there is any official publication giving notice of the ban.

After the Abusuapanin has answered affirmatively the Otumfuo will once again request the Okyeame to enquire from his Abrempong if any of them has anything against the candidate.

In 7% of cases enquire as is used

In the afternoon when Jibra'eel (? layhi Salaam) came, Rasulullah (Sallallaaahu? layhi Wasallam) enquired as to the delay.

Based on the information I have got from this site, I will always enquire as to the delivery service to be used before I pay for anything.

When the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) enquired as to the chosen name, Sayyiduna Ali said that the name ' Harb ' had been chosen.

In 5% of cases enquire of is used

My friend Marie calmly asked why the server had not enquired of her preference.

So Abu Hurairah enquired of one of them as to which suras the Holy Prophet had recited in his night prayers the day before.

Or maybe, a high level an associate any gaming online community, you could start some sort of twine and enquire of a few questions at this time there.

In 4% of cases enquire for is used

Please enquire for more details.

Please enquire for more information.

To enquire for too much new knowledge is subversive.

In 3% of cases enquire after is used

She just stood out and I enquired after her.

To destroy Dawnguard's gameplay, you be required of rumors fro or enquire after guards miscellaneous hunters give recruitment mode.

In 3% of cases enquire at is used

Please enquire at the Ships Head Office for further information on dates and rotation options.

You can enquire at the Fitness Theatre help desk or office which is located just inside the turnstiles of the Fitness Theatre.

In 3% of cases enquire in is used

A girl by a assistance section community acknowledged them in addition to enquired in the event he / she desired guide.

In 2% of cases enquire with is used

Enquire with the developer if you have any doubt.

I will enquire with Ki Xocolatl about the sugar free product regarding your comments.

In 1% of cases enquire on is used

Their father enquired on their unusual early return.

In 1% of cases enquire over is used

Because I see the MPs come together and they created all these enquires over time, and I think they need to enquire why Jamaica is not benefiting from reggae music.

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