Prepositions after "endorse"

endorse by, in, on, to or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases endorse by is used

This was endorsed by the court.

It has not been endorsed by any organisation.

Any opinions expressed are not endorsed by Reuters.

This blog is my own personal blog and is not endorsed by any of the company's I use.

Secretary who are located in California and the docs were endorsed by a notary in Texas.

They are endorsed by the Board of Studies NSW and contribute to the HSC, but not the ATAR.

An admirable move, and one endorsed by a number of significant figures both in the footballing and political spheres.

Endorsed by the Jamaica Tourist Board, the event is positioned to be a major tourism attraction in years to come and.

Currently Zoompass is available; it's a micropayment scheme that's endorsed by every major telecom carrier in Canada.

Not one club knows the entire context of the contract, of which TFF claims has been signed and endorsed by club owners.

In 12% of cases endorse in is used

The Notes are endorsed in blank, which is also problematic.

This approach was also endorsed in the report by Richard Lambert on Business-University Collaboration issued in December 2003.

Targets endorsed in New York are less likely to lead to change than those passed through national parliaments and included in national development plans.

Q: The negotiations in Bonn which concluded on Friday 25 May 2012 will hopefully result in a text for National Adaptation Plans, endorsed in Doha going forward.

A roadmap and timetable for settling all outstanding issues was adopted by the African Union in April, and endorsed in UN Security Council resolution 2046 in May.

In 5% of cases endorse on is used

CHILDREN/MARRIED PERSON Children can no longer be endorsed on a parent?? s passport.

In 3% of cases endorse to is used

Im devistated!! I have heard of people being rejected before upon attempting to endorse to California for not having enough clinical hours.

It is mandatory that the note be endorsed by Countrywide to Bank A, who endorses it to Bank B, Bank B endorses to Bank C, and Bank C to Bank D.

In 2% of cases endorse as is used

He brought bad luck to Alliance for Democracy, AD, in 1999 when he was endorsed as the party's presidential candidate.

This Code of Recommendations and Minimum Standards for the Welfare of Horses was endorsed as a national code at the committee meeting held on 12 November 1992.

In 2% of cases endorse at is used

Certificates of Origin are endorsed at a moderate cost to members.

In 2% of cases endorse with is used

That's what was missing for me: an experience of being in a club that was playing music I wanted to endorse with my body.

In 1% of cases endorse after is used

The need for such a major landing in force at Gallipoli was only finally endorsed after the failure of the great naval attack on the Dardanelles defences of 18 March 1915.

In 1% of cases endorse through is used

It is a position endorsed through legislation in all Republican-run states.

In 1% of cases endorse upon is used

A warrant directed to any police-officer may also be executed by any other police-officer whose name is endorsed upon the warrant by the officer to whom it is directed or endorsed.

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