Prepositions after "endemic"

"endemic to" or "endemic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases endemic to is used

Well, it's endemic to my country.

Sardines are endemic to the lake.

This is a problem endemic to much of wuxia.

Paradoxes are endemic to group life and for the most part do not result in stuckness.

At least 40% of the higher plants (flowering and non-flowering are endemic to Jamaica.

The forest is also colored with the famed Sita Flowers which are endemic to this area.

The problems endemic to social housing buildings can rarely be laid at the feet of those who undertake the projects.

You can't ignore that and blame all of the bitter, evil nastiness on a few individuals -- It's endemic to the thing.

The visitors of Delft will be mesmerized by the scene of dashing wild ponies as they are not endemic to our country.

The Dlinza pinwheel is endemic to the Dlinza forest in South Africa, which covers an area of less than 250 hectares.

In 36% of cases endemic in is used

Obesity is endemic in this country.

Stupidity is endemic in No Zeal-and.

Self censorship is endemic in the UK.

Some of the vegetation and Primate sightings one can see remain endemic in this part.

There are realistic pictures of rural Ireland and the poverty endemic in those years.

The same inability to admit the limits of knowledge is endemic in the climate debate.

NEC also observes that corruption is endemic in the sector and immensely contributes to the problems of the sector.

As a Bradford City fan, the issue of timewasting appears far more endemic in the lower leagues than the top flight.

This national pastime has become endemic in the country and the Edo people are yet to find any immunity against it.

Fear and pessimism are endemic in our society at the moment, and it is easy to be caught up in the prevailing mood.

In 2% of cases endemic among is used

It is endemic among taxi drivers and courier drivers.

People were tolerant; this is a trait I have found to be endemic among South Koreans.

What about the rest of you? The phenomena that I have identified are endemic among you.

Pellagra is endemic among the poor in countries where unprocessed maize is the dietary staple.

Though corruption is endemic among politicians but insincerity is the most common among many Nigerians.

And it is practically endemic among those in their 20s and younger, who were raised in the age of instant chatter.

The Muslim woman needs to counter the effect of Islamaphobia, and counter the ignorance which has become so ripe and endemic among the people.

Somalia became dependent on foreign aid that served to enrich the civil service and military, 33 while poverty remained endemic among the masses.

However going by the array of dribbling cretins I've worked among I can not in all honesty say that these qualities are endemic among alp-workers.

As it happens, we seem getting skillful at tracking our plagiarists, but again, probably precisely because plagiarism has become endemic among us.

In 2% of cases endemic for is used

In 2008, 109 countries were endemic for malaria and approximately 3.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have been considered endemic for leptospirosis.

Litigation between the sector's biggest players has been endemic for years.

I haven't seen it happen quite as much recently but it was pretty endemic for a while.

From less than 10 in the 1970s, the number of countries endemic for the disease has shot up to nearly 100.

Middle Awash is located at 290 km to the east of Addis Ababa and it is endemic for urinary schistosomiasis (Kloos et al.

Places in which malaria was endemic, and had been endemic for a long time, were exactly the places in which sickle cell was highest.

I agree with Solid that there's sort of a critical mass effect, where a cultural meme that's been endemic for a while suddenly becomes an epidemic.

As MediaWise pointed out in evidence to the inquiry, such unethical and illegal behaviour has been endemic for at least as long as the PCC existed.

In 2% of cases endemic of is used

It's endemic of our generation.

It's endemic of the issues plaguing RTE currently.

It is nothing but endemic of a rising cycle of violence.

And I still maintain that that position is endemic of the sociopathology of modern society.

It's endemic of a larger problem -- lots of people think web design is technology based, or tool based.

Their inability to connect with the populace and realise this is endemic of their detachment from the citizenry.

It's endemic of the new pricing regime that the oil industry is trying to implement: The idea is to create systematic confusion.

It's a bit of a trap for Europa-league standard teams, frankly, and it's endemic of the unfair nature of modern football, in my view.

It's endemic of the greater problem of racial misunderstanding and a massive lack of concern about proper representation in the industry.

Fair enough, but its not like thats endemic of their hardware is it? Ok the Wii lacked HD output, that was the one thing Nintendo left out imo.

In 2% of cases endemic throughout is used

Malaria Malaria is endemic throughout Africa.

Dengue fever is endemic throughout the tropics and subtropics.

The varroa mite is endemic throughout both feral and cultivated honey-bee colonies.

The fraud is endemic throughout business, Buffet and Gates, the regulators and government.

Compulsion of this nature is endemic throughout the industry both inside the BBC and externally.

One should also list evils, such as torture and looting, which were endemic throughout the Empire.

This belief authorized the abduction of children from dhimmi communties, a scourge which was endemic throughout the dar al-Islam.

Although the disease has been eradicated in most temperate regions, it continues to be endemic throughout much of the tropics and subtropics.

It's just plain weird, yet the problem is endemic and not solely isolated to online RPGs, it's endemic throughout the entirety of the internet.

By the year 1921 it was established that East Coast fever (ECF) was endemic throughout the central and southern parts of the Uganda Protectorate.

In 2% of cases endemic within is used

Indeed this weird double- think is endemic within the UN.

I only know that this form of art and creativity is endemic within Irish culture.

The Department knew that violence and beatings were endemic within the system itself.

Clericalism has once again become endemic within the leadership of the Catholic Church.

That is very different from saying that such crimes are endemic within those ethnicities and cultures.

The organisation was founded to address the lack of resources that is endemic within communities affected by poverty.

Imprisoned between ages 14 to 47, released on Licence in August 2012 Monday, November 19, 2012 Window Warriors Conflict is endemic within prisons.

In 1% of cases endemic across is used

That's endemic across the whole technology industry.

And I am not singling out Wales here, it is endemic across the NH.

He even seemed to accept that abuse used to be endemic across the BBC.

These are what are known as red flag clients, and they are endemic across many industries.

Child sexual exploitation - in numerous different guises - is endemic across the country, they say.

It is endemic across the US in birds and its main vector in spreading to mammals is mosquito bites.

He also seems to have failed to stem the wave of increasing violent crime, though that's endemic across the entire continent.

Book smart academics always think they can outsmart the markets and correct the errors caused by the flaws endemic across all humanity.

The trouble is, this kind of thinking is endemic across the industry, which collectively has the grasp of sexual subtlety of a teenage boy.

CNN: How do you really stamp out corruption when you say it literally is endemic across all strata of society? PL: That is what one would call the $1 million question.

In 1% of cases endemic as is used

Some and endemic as well as flora from the tropical world.

Some are rare &; endemic as well as flora from the tropical world.

It seems endemic as no matter where you are, there is always the liklihood you will hear it.

Slaves came mainly from remote places, and, lacking immunities, died in large numbers from endemic as well as epidemic diseases.

In this paper, we are reviewing the most recent malaria data and the vector situation in endemic as well as non-endemic countries of the Caribbean region.

In 1% of cases endemic at is used

I agree about booing the kickers, it's endemic at Crusader's games which surprised me.

Endemic at Conservapedia, a site created by right wingers upset at certain things said in Wikipedia.

This was not illegal, and there is little evidence to suggest that fraud (while it did occur) was endemic at this or at other levels in the system.

Opponents of his regime who became too vocal for comfort frequently ' disappeared ', and corruption soon became endemic at all levels of the power structure.

Some have argued that slavery was endemic at that time in Africa and that, therefore, a demand from Europe quickly led to the development of an organised trade.

If we go back to the 4-0 drubbing we gave them at the Lane, weren't there around 5 yellow cards given to Liverpool in that game? It's endemic at that club i'd afraid now.

In 1% of cases endemic on is used

That sort of paternalism is endemic on the micro scale in left-wing politics.

Unfortunately, corruption is so endemic on Wall Street that Goldman Sachs really does not seem out of place.

This is the perquisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.

This seems endemic on the Iranian issue; people discuss why there is a problem, but then offer nothing to the resolution.

Wasted data impacts everyone: Wasted data exists and it seems to be endemic on every device on every application on every network.

I found rodents to be the most effective vectors, for they become endemic on shipping and that is usually a 100% penetration on the major land masses.

According to Tim Briercliffe of the HTA, fatalistic-sounding civil servants told him that as the disease was already endemic on the continent it was likely to come to the UK.

The program, known as the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm ), was introduced in seven African countries, covering about a third of the area where malaria is endemic on the continent.

In 1% of cases endemic with is used

I'd afraid to say it is largely endemic with some of our overseas aid.

That Jasminum sambac is our national flower, but it is not endemic with us.

As of 2004, all districts were endemic with the disease, and prevalence rates reached up to 45%.

Unfortunately, whilst doing my research I found a whole other bunch of problems endemic with these cars.

The refugees/internally displaced people live in countries that are endemic with malaria and are at high risk of morbidity and mortality.

There was the case of one local billionaire with upstairs disease, a psychological disorder that was environmental and locally endemic with his class.

A few days ago Terry was the first to alert the world to a terrible incident involving poisoned Oriental Storks, an Endangered East Asian endemic with a declining population.

Its unique geographical position is responsible for Crete being able to boast an incredible variety of flora, many of which are endemic with Asiatic and African relationships.

In a similar way tuberculosis in HIV patients from areas endemic with tuberculosis occurs in patients with a wide range of immune status and has a better prognosis than other AIDS defining illnesses.

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