Prepositions after "end"

"end in" or "end with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases end in is used

I suspect it will end in divorce.

Contest ends in 48 hours but could.

Birthday parties always end in tears.

Oh, and do remember: a trial that doesn't end in conviction doesn't mean the victim lied.

If they had truly tried to defeat each other the result may have ended in the same way.

Toure shot well over in injury time as City?? s night ended in disappointment and Real.

Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.

The play ends in tragedy, which should teach those young lasses a lesson about marrying against their parents ' wishes.

On his second expedition he decided to find out whether the Murrumbidgee ended in swamps, or flowed into an inland sea.

Conrad Black: In the US system, 97% of prosecutions end in guilty pleas and 85% of cases that go to trial are convictions.

In 32% of cases end with is used

The day ends with time for rest.

Mata ended with admirable numbers.

His movement ended with his death.

The playlist ends with a touching theme from Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows (1959).

All ending with Christine attacked in some way forcing Adam to step in and save her.

July 12-14: The first half ends with three games against the Phillies in Philadelphia.

That showdown with my son was the trigger that set me off on the journey that ended with my writing Under Pressure.

The Cardinals schedule gets a lot harder the rest of the season and I don't expect them to end with a winning record.

The chantings end with the Karaniya Metta Sutta and the group sit together for a short meditation on loving kindness.

Former Gophers guard Kevin Payton's 2012 season recently ended with the Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers in Austria.

In 10% of cases end on is used

I'll end on the same note though.

Argh! I'll end on a gentler note.

So let's see if I can end on a high.

It will take two generations at least to end on optimism, and that will be too late for me.

The Glocester Loop goes through the Blackstone River Valley beginning and ending on I-295.

The CEO reported that the 120-day closeout period for Compact 1 would end on 14th June, 2012.

Why is this site still advertising an event that ended on May 7? Submitted by Loretta Land on May 16, 2012 - 10:21pm.

The financial year of the organisation shall begin on the first day of (month, eg January) and end on the last day (month e.

Bids currently stand at US$11,500 (S$14,000) but are expected to go for as much as US$50,000 when the auction ends on Dec 5.

In the case of a company being wound-up voluntarily, a period of three years ending on the date of commencement of the winding-up.

In 7% of cases end at is used

The ride begins and ends at the park.

Program ends at 2pm and report writing.

Personal freedom ends at the tip of your nose.

Starting from San Pablo Bay in the south, it ends at the city of Santa Rosa in the north.

On one side is narrow pragmatism that defines national security as ending at our borders.

With this being Ramadan and all, the street was a parking lot until services ended at 10pm.

The most striking aspect is the way the city just ends at a point half way up the mountain, and very lush forest starts.

From the River Eden, it follows the south shore of the Solway Firth for 14 miles, ending at the Irish Sea near Bowness.

In 2011-2012 Bangladesh allocated almost two percentage points less than the previous fiscal year, ending at a mere 12.

If we are to credit the published time table, his normal day began at seven in the morning and ended at nine in the evening.

In 5% of cases end up is used

I ended up bringing away books.

As a result, many of them end up on Street.

This one just ended up being a total borefest.

A lot of my friends, and myself included, ended up getting the full load but half the pay.

I ended up doing a few long sessions of abstract writing and coding near the end of the month.

I ended up doing more than what was agreed on before I started on the part-time teaching scheme.

We can only just pray that our kids end up doing well and are a source of joy and pride to us and of use to themselves.

Alas, what Around the World in 80 Days ended up doing was setting the light, comic tone for the rest of the adaptations.

I work shorter hours in my job as a youth worker so I end up doing all the washing, cleaning and generally looking after him.

Sometimes, I would even end up doing classes there! Even though university did get a little hectic, I had a lot more freedom.

In 4% of cases end by is used

Violence can never be ended by violence.

It ends by offering a model of leadership.

I will end by reiterating what I said earlier.

Wolmi Do was known to be defended by enemy artillery, and was thought to be heavily so.

Ghanaians have also been promised that the load-shedding would end by the end of November.

The Pistons should have buried the Raps early in Q3, following an 11-0 run ended by a Knight 3-ball.

Eindhoven eliminated PSV Eindhoven's 22-match unbeaten streak in European home ties was ended by Ukraine side Dnipro.

Apart from the assist he tormented the Slovenian defence, but was booked after a mazy run was ended by a poor decision.

I'd pretty sure Haaland played in the subsequent game for city and his career was ended by a problem in his other knee.

The life of one who has children would not be ended by his death but rather would be continued as if with an extended life.

In 2% of cases end after is used

The prelude ends after two minutes, rung out by a gong.

The relationship ended after three years because they didn't get along.

Status Epilepticus Most seizures end after a few moments or a few minutes.

Timing: The US regime will apply for company fiscal years ending after September 30, 2013.

Production process starts after receiving of fabrics and end after dispatching of packed garments.

ENDING: (optional for Barbados song) The music fades, the dance will end after the two 1/4 and two.

Chasm #4 11:03 am Aug 21 2012 Family Guy, The Simpsons, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory and Community should all end after the next season.

After meeting with favorable response, the drama was set as a regular program, but with low ratings, it ended after six episodes.

Meanwhile fans of Kingston are waiting in anticipation to see if the goalkeeper clublessness would end after the prayers by TB Joshua.

Firstly it was only Nari Contractor's Test career that ended after the terrible injury he sustained from a Charlie Griffith bouncer in 1962.

In 1% of cases end as is used

It is event boom and soon it will all end as the pockets of patrons get dry.

Importantly, Psyche is a rare being who begins as a mortal and ends as a divinity.

Life had been so unfair to her and she was at her wits ends as to what to do next.

Given previous police records, it is entirely possible that all this will end as a damp squib.

Although by May 1945 his training ended as the war was coming to a close he never saw active service.

These problems will gradually end as the statesmen of the Horn of Africa become less corrupt and more technically minded.

What had begun as a year of crisis was ending as an election year, and the complications overseas were fading from the public mind.

For example, a version of their megahit Pumped Up Kicks that started out as a crooning hymn to emotions on the piano and ended as a foot-stomping electro bang.

It was begun as a police action; it developed rapidly into an undeclared war of no small magnitude; it ended as an unpopular and seemingly profitless stalemate.

It is also the original silver dollar, a name that starts out as a place in the Czech Republic in the sixteenth century and ends as the currency of the modern USA.

In 1% of cases end before is used

Don't be surprised if you see this loan spell ended before January.

The war ended before the first American Navy jet fighter could enter the conflict.

We believe that we see things have beginnings and ends before us, but in truth we are seeing matter change form.

One of the pair would be ended before the start of F or start after the end of F and the other would start after the start of F or would end before the end of F, respectively.

One of the pair would be ended before the start of F or start after the end of F and the other would start after the start of F or would end before the end of F, respectively.

In 1% of cases end for is used

Marriages end for many, many reasons.

Bell rings as school ends for the day and he leaves.

But that seems to be where the joy ends for this family.

The Federal Reserve Corporation will end for all to see and believe.

Somewhat aptly, it ended for him in Kerry in July, that thumping qualifier defeat in sun-drenched Killarney drawing a line under it all.

On the other one ending for the selection, marketing your dwelling at the same time implies that you need to to start with develop a highly skilled endorsing method.

We had to, though, and when we showed it to various people they eventually agreed that it was the wrong kind of ending for the movie! That kind of thing happens a bit.

What began as just another balmy picturesque day in paradise, ended for its inhabitants as the day the world as they knew it, violently shook and was literally casted upside down.

Official visits to Texas A &M; and LSU will come after each the season ends for each team, and Seals-Jones wants to do that so he can get the proper attention from the head coaches during that visit.

In 1% of cases end like is used

And I'd sad to see it end like most series I love.

The first half ended like it started with zero shots on target for both teams.

I'd so sorry that it ended like it did, I want to know how your'e feeling, how you're doing, But I'd scared, that you will reject me.

In 1% of cases end of is used

I had no end of issues with the 2.

Since then I have had no end of problems.

Open end of May to end of September, 10am to.

Season - During August to the end of October, large Blacks can be found amongst the Tuna.

He raced in a frenzy to the end of the corridor, through the entrance chamber and beyond.

This makes for much simpler code at either end of the connection, although it does cause more connections to be open at once.

I think at the end of the day Architecture is misguidedly named for all building design when in fact that is just building as such.

Proper end of life planning empowers individuals and their families to choose with their doctor the care they want at the end of life.

Suddenly, at the end of the corridor leading at right angles from this one, he caught sight of a figure as it lunged into view, a man.

In 1% of cases end to is used

The show ended to Prince?? s hit?? Kiss.

Just your standard fake death happy ever after ending to a film.

Find out why 48 hours spent in the city can be the ideal start or end to your trip.

It was more the actions of EW Perera that secured the release and end to continued harassment of local leaders.

He works an office job at boring WW Enterprises; his colleagues pick on him; police want to end to his vigilante justice.

The United Nations has demanded an end to foreign backing of M23 rebels as fighting in the DRC ' eastern North Kivu province swells.

This typhoon is hopefully the hand of the Almighty putting and end to this by putting Fukushima under a few thousands meters of water.

I do nt see and end to this but anything we can do to reduce the amount of foriegn and domestic sex slaves is a step that is right for these people.

Our Australians of course has the stigma of ' Convicts ' so they tend to some what relate with English and Royalty, although the Irish fraction advocates a Republic.

In 1% of cases end without is used

Elections don't generally end without a winner.

The match was not going to end without another twist.

Because nothing ever ends without something coming along to takes its place.

Meanwhile, if this season ends without us seeing a **34;396;TOOLONG lineup, I will be irate.

The meeting ended without achieving consensus, meaning that the Cabinet might come away without an answer.

Gata Kamsky decided to continue playing the rook ending without any risk and Shahriyar had to defend precisely.

Also, observe that the game won by B can not be the fifth game, as that would mean that A won the first four games and the series would have already ended without needing a fifth game.

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