Prepositions after "encode"

"encode in" or "encode by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases encode in is used

Image tracks encoded in JPEG, GIF and PNG are accessible.

Well, much diagram chasing is encoded in the formalism of spectral sequences.

One purpose in making a graphic image in the external environment is so that it can be viewed, encoded in the STM, and parsed in a new way.

All that would be required is to introduce the synthetic DNA encoded in such a way as to create a new Bubonic Plague or some other horrendous malady into society.

I adhere to the definition of the self as the continuation of this slowly changing structure that is me, the changing pattern encoded in this particular set of matter.

The information comes in when you apply an encoding scheme - the English alphabet and common acronyms, ASCII characters encoded in binary by pyramids of sand, whatever.

Statically typed languages have an inherent advantage over dynamically typed languages in the first type of refactoring because of the extra information encoded in static types.

Thus if a design is to be represented in a manner that is most easily communicated to/from a human designer, then the information should be encoded in features that are familiar to him.

In 25% of cases encode by is used

Several drugs are known to inhibit the protein encoded by this gene.

The initial state of the watermelon, and the location of the observer, is all encoded by bits.

In addition to improving performance, the Zend Optimizer also enables PHP to transparently load files encoded by the Zend Guard.

A deficiency of the protein encoded by this gene is known to put patients at high risk for a deadly immune-cell disorder, and a bone-marrow transplant suddenly became imperative.

The full range of the acoustic speech spectrum was encoded by responses from multiple electrodes in the ensemble, although coverage of the spectrum varied by participant (Figure 4D).

In 12% of cases encode with is used

They also feature stereo audio encoded with AAC.

MOV files with tracks encoded with supported codecs will play.

More recently, we've seen the potential for faster media encoding with the release of Badaboom.

The files will also be encoded with a hidden identifying code that is specific to each purchase so that we can track them if necessary to deter breech of copyright.

In 5% of cases encode for is used

You can also supply an AutoDetector that peeks at the incoming byte stream and guesses a character encoding for it.

What if the data requires further decoding before you get the ' real ' raw data? For example, some data might be sent base64 encoded for a variety of reasons, or any other type of encoding.

In 3% of cases encode at is used

Modulation energy encoding at these sites is quantified by the corresponding nonlinear rate tuning curves (Figure 7A, right column).

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