Prepositions after "enclose"

"enclose in", "enclose with" or "enclose by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases enclose in is used

There was a letter enclosed in the pipe.

A copy of the code is enclosed in the Annex.

Note: An fo:basic-link can be enclosed in an fo:block to create a display area.

Clams and mussels are bivalves, a kind of shellfish enclosed in two hinged shells.

Dry Processing Harvested rice grains are enclosed in glumes that are in close contact with the grain.

The baby is enclosed in a sealed sac made up of 2 membranes -- these keep the baby safe from infection.

BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML, but tags are enclosed in square brackets and rather than < and >.

As the cow enters the Astronaut she is given a small amount of feed, then she is gently but firmly enclosed in the unit.

If the feasible region can be enclosed in a sufficiently large circle, it is called bounded; otherwise it is called unbounded.

Cinerary urns, however, have been found within the area of stone circles, and frequently in the plain ground, simply enclosed in a small kist, or turned mouth downward upon a slate.

In 21% of cases enclose by is used

We were enclosed by two sets of barbed wire about 5 feet apart and 8 feet high.

The Hateem is the area adjacent to the kaaba enclosed by a low semi-circular wall.

But the picture of harmony, enclosed by the Jungle's beams framing the stage, is a.

Lake Kivu is a beautiful inland sea enclosed by steep terraced hillsides where there is a tremendous variety of birdlife.

Makkah is enclosed by the Valley of Abraham, which is surrounded by two nearby mountain ranges to the east, west and south.

As I reached his house, I noticed some horses grazing in a field enclosed by wooden fence, not too far away from the main house.

Like an inland sea it has endless palm fringed beaches enclosed by sheer mountains, making it undeniably the focal point for Malawi's tourists.

To do this, we suppose that the derivative is enclosed by delimiters, where the left delimiter is invisible and the right delimiter is the vertical line.

The prefecture is enclosed by mountain ranges with the Hira Mountains and Mount Hiei in the west, the Ibuki Mountains in the northeast, and the Suzuka Mountains in the southeast.

In 20% of cases enclose with is used

Each cottage is enclosed with a traditional and spacious canvas safari tent.

The river cruises are fully enclosed with panoramic viewing, sundecks and rest rooms.

Hardy, together with Littlewood, studied the long list of unproved theorems which Ramanujan enclosed with his letter.

They will have to complete the Declaration Form and GIRO Form enclosed with the letter and return the completed forms to ITE.

The Tuol Sleng school buildings were enclosed with a double fence of corrugated iron topped with dense, electrified, barbed wire.

This is possible because the station will have one section that will be entirely enclosed with temperature and motion activated heaters.

Kinasi has been enclosed with an eight-foot high cement block wall -- for privacy and peace and quiet -- it is attractively finished with crenellations and is painted in earthy hues.

Sudden unpredicted expenses is likely to be enclosed with all the help of clinking coins cash advance, unforeseen wellness accounts, travel expenditures and so forth diminishes not easy to manage.

In 4% of cases enclose between is used

Array formulas are enclosed between braces and are entered by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

In 4% of cases enclose inside is used

Thus we have a holy Jewish site enclosed inside an equally holy Islamic mosque to which Jews have no access.

To avoid this side effect, the hydrophobic version of the dye molecule was enclosed inside a porous nanoparticle 28.

In 3% of cases enclose on is used

For two horses, I built a large run-in shelter and rubber matted 12 by 16 foot areas on two ends that are enclosed on three sides to keep rain and snow out.

In 1% of cases enclose for is used

Particularly when the rooms has been enclosed for the whole day while we were out, when we returned, the smell was quite unbearable.

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