Prepositions after "enable"

"enable by" or "enable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases enable by is used

Language was enabled by anatomical changes.

Strangely, Presto is available but not enabled by default.

And our presence here and our work was enabled by top down planning.

She's surrounded and enabled by an entourage who benefit from their connection to her.

It also provides functions such as read tracking if they have been enabled by the board owner.

This new mood of self determination will be massive enabled by new laws which bring power back to Liverpool.

Led by trailblazers such as DARPA, and further enabled by the 2011 re-authorization of the America COMPETES Act, U.

Wireless routers support a variety of encryption methods, such as WPA and WEP, but these aren't enabled by default.

All these economic benefits due to the outright military victory of 2009 which was enabled by the defence spend over the years.

Most disruptive business models are enabled by people who try to do too much instead of just doing one or two things really well.

In 23% of cases enable in is used

This just needs to be enabled in your Settings app.

Extensions enabled in Safari can also send notifications.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

JavaScript not enabled in your browser This page is designed for use with Javascript.

A: You need to have cookies enabled in your browser in order to use the control panel.

Firm diagnoses were enabled in 10 patients (24%) who had mutations in genes previously linked to disease.

It acted as a blessing for this nation, enabling in the improvement of its ranking among other African countries all-round the universe.

After enabling in settings, if you tap the screen three times in quick succession, assets on the screen will magnify in the section where you tapped.

Why? If the volume control is enabled in the Squeezebox then the digital information provided by slimserver is manipulated by the firmware and output through the digital output.

In 11% of cases enable for is used

Most successful existing franchises enable for really tiny innovation.

It is primarily a permanent decal that enables for a described and clean printing.

I can say that Inbound Rules are enabled for Network Discovery (both NB-Name-In and NB-Datagram-In) as well as File and Printer Sharing (All NB-*-In).

The GSMA Brazil Mobile Observatory1 details the explosive growth of the sector and the range of services that mobile is enabling for Brazil's citizens.

In 9% of cases enable on is used

Basic video recording was enabled on handsets running Android 1.

The GD Image Library for PHP must be installed and enabled on your server.

NOTE: These limitations only apply if you have SSL client authentication enabled on Windows Server.

If Flashback Database was enabled on the primary database, then this can be done relatively easily (shown here).

This can take up to 10 hours tom complete but eventually if WPS is enabled on the router then Reaver will have the code cracked.

In 6% of cases enable to is used

In future we'll talk in a bit more detail about combat behaviours, and also the way in which we intend to enable to hunters to actually track down the player.

In 2% of cases enable from is used

This error fails the damn small linux web step and common rocks, same licenses that may be enabled from the assistant.

When ever you will find points that you desire enable from or simply have to be sorted out to you, Win 7 Ultimate Key, you could be easily guidelines aside.

In 2% of cases enable under is used

Did you make sure ALL cookies got purged? If the Preserve option > is enabled under the delete settings then.

Did you make sure ALL cookies got purged? If the Preserve option is enabled under the delete settings then cookies for those sites purged.

In 1% of cases enable at is used

While the eviction notice has been put on hold, it could be enabled at any time by the Woodlands Bank.

In 1% of cases enable over is used

In Estonia, voting is enabled over this &; in Finland you can apply for home loans over this.

In 1% of cases enable rather is used

More than likely your next mobile phone purchase decision will be more about the services it enables rather than what it looks like.

In 1% of cases enable via is used

Almost all of the tweaks discussed are enabled via Gmail's Settings menus.

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