Prepositions after "empty"

empty of, for, in, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases empty of is used

Mental-contact is empty of self.

No hand is entirely empty of it.

It's completely empty of substance.

Empty of humans, the slowly grinding gym equipment has become a sinister torture-robot.

Our backpacks are empty of the cans, bottles and packed feasts that we smuggled ashore.

There was no evidence of why it had sunk, but it was found to be empty of any contents.

They say Buddha nature is not empty of qualities therefore, Buddha nature is not merely empty, it also has qualities.

It's a town full of good people but empty of opportunities, and without opportunities good people can still go wrong.

Meanwhile, his opponent was a husk, empty of principle, and drew millions fewer votes than even the execrable McCain.

Whatever feeling arisen caused by any mental-contact, that too is empty of any self, and of what belongs to any self.

In 15% of cases empty for is used

That mine had sat empty for years.

It had been left empty for 5 years.

Lambeau field empty for a Packer game.

The Chevra Kadisha stands empty for now; its adaptive reuse potential currently unknown.

With Parliament empty for the summer recess, the rivalry has been gaining more coverage.

Glasofruix Someone can feel empty for a variety of reasons, and jebus is not one of them.

Siachen made one believe in ghosts and men left a bed empty for any visiting spirits of soldiers who had died there.

This is likely to be a very slow process and they will likely feel depressed, anxious and empty for a very long time.

The building sat empty for many years before undergoing a major facelift and refurbishment by Willis Bond and Co Ltd.

A building left empty for a long period of time is a pretty good sign that the market is being prevented from working.

In 8% of cases empty in is used

Their houses stand empty in winter.

There is something empty in the sky.

Santa pulverizes Big Empty in his hands.

Come on guys! I was a regular guests, the hotel was half empty in this low-season days.

This team's gas tank was empty in the waning minutes of that game, Gregg Popovich said.

It is entertaining enough but rather empty in terms of story and character development.

The mind empty in line with its own level as a mind is unavoidably absorbed in and attached to that sort of emptiness.

So is the glass half full or half empty in the Kingdom? Let's be positive and start with the half full side of things.

They understand that the Five Skandhas are also of dependent origination, and are empty in nature, so they are fearless.

Knowing the dependent origination and its being empty in nature, you are not attached to the good while you are doing it.

In 6% of cases empty at is used

The US office was empty at 5 PM.

He said central London was empty at 2pm.

The 18th floor was dark and empty at 6 p.

I saw your blog while searching, but didn't bother linking as it was empty at the time.

We're just getting started so the site is empty at the moment but we'll fix that shortly.

Having no sitting-room, he suggested the reading-room, which would be empty at this hour.

There was actually an entire grandstand empty at the end of the start/finish straight (can be seen in the broadcast).

If you spend until 40 making money, and then another 20 years living similarly bare-bones, and the tank is empty at 60.

Food was always near empty at breakfast action stations and once they filled it, it was empty again from the long lines.

One Mammoth is empty at one tower, and the other ships are all at the second tower, with the Mastodon and Mammoth piloted.

In 5% of cases empty on is used

I am so lonely and empty on the inside.

I was then totally empty on ammunition.

However it was empty on a Ramadan Sunday.

The place was empty on that Sunday late morning, probably because it is still very new.

Maybe because it was rather empty on this late Saturday afternoon? I'd not complaining.

We have an immediate need for something like that, but totally coming up empty on options.

The store left me feeling rather empty on this trip and the readers just appear to me to be a bit burnt out or jaded.

Citi Field was sullen and almost empty on Monday night, but lively and hopeful, if eventually disappointed, on Tuesday.

Those rooms that are filled with business people during the week sit empty on the weekend and they want to fill them up.

In 4% of cases empty without is used

This world is empty without it.

They all feel empty without you.

My world is empty without my dad.

The schoolhouse still looked magical in the snow but felt empty without the children.

Our life is empty without them, yet we don't always recognize them when they are true.

The house would be so empty without him and I was in no way ready to be an empty nester.

The death bed was empty without a mattress and the adjacent one had a dilapidated mattress but without sheets or blanket.

Human liberation would be void and empty without the affirmation of the integrity of the goodness of the land and its resources.

The dead rise in memory to fix their eyes on rooms gone empty without them; they swell like balloons on the airy lips of children.

October marks her birth, followed by the holiday season that always seems emptier without her and January marks my birth and her death.

In 4% of cases empty with is used

One of them is empty with seating and all.

My dear ur empty with this trash u put up.

He desires to die empty with his footprint on the sand.

It would look great standing empty with a few smashed windows and resident squatters.

The pics &; videos are out there and many sites were empty with no guard for many years.

She went home for School holidays and I realized how much I missed her and my life was so empty with her being away.

The room empty with just a faint vomity smell from the carpet underneath, and two plastic wrapped mattresses stacked.

Now if you imagine the fuel source in your body you replace the FULL with STORING FAT and the EMPTY with BURNING FAT.

Some shop owners said the previous year was far better than this year as most shops were empty with no sign of shoppers.

In 4% of cases empty except is used

The house is empty except for me.

The foyer was empty except for the three of us.

The box was empty except for a few small discs.

Figure 4 therefore describes a space that is empty except for a magnet at the origin.

Rock out like the streets are empty except for you, your bicycle, and your headphones.

Like DB Cooper, the airplane is empty except for some crew to fly the plane and himself.

We arrived to find reception empty except for the receptionist behind reinforced glass that would make DPG jealous.

The booths were all empty except for one, right down at the far end (straight out of the textbooks this, thinks I).

The recording studio was empty except for the two of them, so it wasn't like Harry was offending anyone else's ears.

When our taxi arrived at the hotel, the lobby was empty except for a concierge reading the paper and the reception clerk.

In 4% of cases empty by is used

The dashboard is empty by default.

The battery would be empty by 8 p.

And probably empty by the end of it.

I wasn't surprised to find the club virtually empty by the time I finally made it inside.

You'll also still have the MCG half empty by Tea on the first day of the boxing day test.

What if the building is empty, or should be empty by all standards? As has been the case.

As with most stores at that time I expected the crowds to be dwindling, in fact the car park was quite empty by then.

He walked into the courtroom -- which was half empty by the way -- with a gaggle of young boys -- his aides I am sure.

Normally the house would have been empty by this time, as the inmates sought safety in a house further to the interior.

Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said last week that without the bailout, the country's coffers would be empty by Dec.

In 3% of cases empty to is used

The world looks totally empty to me.

It is locked up and empty to this day.

The tracks range from empty to annoying.

The garden changes from being bare and empty to lushious, green &; full of things to eat.

The right side of Phili are large, almost all the Pacific ocean are empty to this country.

I'd not sure who you think you are fooling with this stuff because it just seems empty to me.

When I use 55 gallons I take the empty to the gas station on the trailer and refill and put it in the back of the line.

If the mind is empty to the degree of being free of even the refined self it is said that the mind is itself emptiness.

Overfilling the tea cup was a tradition of some sort I presumed, for even if the cup was full it appeared to be half empty to them.

It means electric cars will be able to re-charge between London and Birmingham from empty to 80% full in approximately half an hour.

In 2% of cases empty during is used

I felt so empty during that journey back to Cork.

I feel like I am so empty during Fridays without it.

Which is why the place is so empty during the summer.

It is empty during dinner time but it is the favorite hangout of Saguijo-goers at night.

The press gallery, which is usually empty during afternoon sessions, was full by about 3.

During winter it's a cafe/shop for the ski bums, but it's empty during spring apart from me.

We would ask that everyone in Section 111 joins us in this protest and that the area is left empty during both matches.

Flood control requires you to keep the reservoir empty during the monsoon months to deal with an anticipated surfeit of water.

The Census Bureau estimates that more than 18 million houses stood empty during 2011, even as hundreds of thousands of people were homeless.

Olympic organisers were forced to investigate why many seats were empty during events at venues including the Aquatics Centre in east London.

In 2% of cases empty before is used

The hall lay dark and empty before her.

All tanks should be completely empty before this date.

However, McCormac, explained, those coffers will be empty before Nov.

Switch the central heating off and wait until the house is empty before recording, for example.

It was empty before their ancestors arrived, unlike Argentina when the first Europeans set foot.

A road leading to casinos in Atlantic City is empty before the hurricane makes landfall on Monday.

The younger Gotingco further said that the room, including the mezzanine area above it, was empty before Lo rented it.

The CreateNewSession method is also responsible for starting the timer if the cache is empty before adding the new user.

It was the same margin of victory as when these sides met last season and the away section was virtually empty before the end.

Another thing i figured was, It would be smart to get two same size CF cards and make sure they're empty before starting a game.

In 2% of cases empty after is used

The park was not empty after all.

The cot is still empty after 9 months.

So basically the streets are empty after 7.

Round eight: Eels 30-31 Tigers Never before has a team felt so empty after winning a game.

Therefore, it's just blind luck that Planet of the Apes makes you feel empty after viewing it.

If your server is bleeding players and is still always empty after 2-3 weeks, it's probably because.

His basket is empty after the **27;1138;TOOLONG neighbor, Casey (Beverly Bonner) walks a drunken Duane back to his room.

And some additional thoughts: When I was a kid I thought I was lucky receiving an empty After Eight Mint wrapper to sniff.

Any watching thieves who see the lights come on when it gets dark will start to doubt whether the house is empty after all.

Deserted: Nestled among trees and in the shadow of Pakistan's mountains, bin Laden's hideaway is empty after a helicopter raid by U.

In 1% of cases empty due is used

With all those factories that are empty due to companies outsourcing and leaving.

But when I'd opening album, album is coming empty due to previously putted privacy on photos of a that album.

The seats at the back of the bus were always empty due to the vibrations of the engine making it so uncomfortable.

Your mind is empty due to ignorance; please educate your self because you and your like have really become a joke.

Thankfully the office was pretty damn empty due to that pesky hurricane that dumped a sizable pine tree on my roof.

It's currently empty due to spending money on other stuff (travel, the patio, travel) and not knowing what I want to do.

Eight to ten Indian stalls remained empty due to Bangladesh customs ' restriction on movement of their products, Pizush added.

I think I recall that the game had been rained off the previous night and the weather hadn't improved much, the Nou Camp was virtually empty due to the lack of a roof.

Likely it is to make the false show of how transit by TransLink is working to put bums in seats whille most buses going to UBC are mostly empty due the the BRT service.

The alarmist messages led to queues of motorists jamming up garage forecourts, and eventually thousands of garages running empty due to the demand, sparking even panic among drivers.

In 1% of cases empty but is used

His shop stood empty but for a boy carefully sanding one of the guitars.

It's like one plane is called the terminal is suddenly empty but for you.

The small room was empty but for the two, and he addressed her as he removed his hat.

The first place I conjured for you was that field, empty but for the grass and the sky.

Only the cabinet ' The Ascension of Jesus ' remains entirely empty but for the mirrored backplate.

All are pristine little sandy gems, empty but for a few nipa cottages, and shelters used by fishermen.

The temple was empty but for ourselves and a young woman in a traditional embroidered silk dress who knelt at the altar.

Jumping through has d-scan empty but for an ' ammo box ', and exploring the one planet out of range has three ships in three towers around three moons.

The gentle janitor took my hand to show me round the mosque, empty but for two office workers on their lunchbreak, prostrating themselves towards Mecca.

In a quiet corner of Mogadishu, a small cemetery, empty but for a few ambling goats, is a starting place for Safia Yasin's quest for the grave of her father.

In 1% of cases empty from is used

The house looked too empty from my window.

No major Islamic library is empty from the works of these great scholars.

I use things from thrift stores, spray cans are empty from when I used them.

An MDI can also rattle when empty from the propellant remaining in the device.

AS AREAS COME EMPTY from harvest, build vegetable-garden soil by sowing cover crops.

Time was when Monson had sent the enterprising journalist, keen after readable matter, empty from his gates.

And the heart of the mother of Musa (Moses) became empty from every thought, except the thought of Musa (Moses).

When my cup felt empty from exhaustion, hurt, guilt, disappointment, anxiety and fear of what others might think of me.

So far, he has been unable to keep anything down and his stomach is now absolutely empty from any food or drink of the day.

As I stare at the calendar and see after the 16th May that my calendar is looking very empty from about 6pm each day, it seems so strange.

In 1% of cases empty into is used

All empty into the Gulf of Guinea.

All of these empty into the Gulf of Guinea.

Gullies are used as dumps and empty into coastal waters whenever it rains.

Blood exits the liver through hepatic veins, which empty into the inferior vena cava.

Large rivers such as the Feni, Sangu, Karnafuli and Matamuhuri empty into the Bay of Bengal.

God can even turn something that's empty into the fullest and most wonderful thing in the world.

As a temporary measure, I would recommend putting in place a laundry tub and have the washing machine empty into the tub.

The Thames and Humber empty into the Rhine, and in the bottom of the English Channel, another river once flowed westward.

The common bile duct from the liver and the pancreatic duct from the pancreas join each other and empty into the duodenum.

The Rouge River and its tributaries flow south into Toronto, through the marshes at Rouge Beach, and empty into Lake Ontario.

In 1% of cases empty like is used

The road was empty like a desert.

I do nt feel empty like i used to anymore.

You wonder how long it has been empty like this.

D T Suzuki That self is empty like space; but it is not nothingness, since it is consciousness.

The bladder may be large and floppy and not contract and empty like it should, or it may be fine.

She felt empty like an ' obonu ' drum cracking through corrugated iron sheets in an ancient city.

Emptiness of this sort is said to be empty on the level of the mind -- and it's constantly empty like this at all times.

It looked bigger than it needed to be, blank and empty like some huge, dehydrated beast from which the innards had been plucked.

While a lower-grade, more obscure variant, Rose never accused Raiden of having a room that was ' empty like your soul ' in Metal Gear Solid 2.

At the entrance was an old-fashioned reception desk, usually manned by Lawson's assistant Penny, but now eerily empty like the rest of the clinic.

In 1% of cases empty because is used

It was very simple and I was almost always empty because of the early Sunday time.

The less charitable observer, however, might suggest that the place is empty because of the music.

Level Requirement? The level requirement for this Pq is 35-50, however this pq has become fairly empty because Monster Carnival PQ has come out.

Meanwhile, the northern Mogadishu districts of Karan, Shibis and Bondhere, which had previously been empty because of fighting, are now bustling.

For now, its coffers are empty because of the global financial crisis, which is why ActionAid is also pushing for alternative sources of finance.

Car dealers can not sell cars, coast hotels are empty because of low tourist numbers layoffs in companies needing to cut to stay alive example KQ and KK.

At Sunyani Polytechnic, for instance, correspondent Kuuku Abban told Joy News the Sunyani campus is virtually empty because of the absence of the teachers.

This Pq takes time and is not the greatest of Pq's Sadly, you will have a hard time finding a party in this as it has also gotten empty because of Ludi Maze Pq.

In 1% of cases empty as is used

I stand before you now, empty as a cave.

It is false as a mirage, empty as a bubble.

It was empty as a jungle glade at hot high noon.

Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty as regards reality.

I crept behind It, and gave it my knife, but the knife went through It, empty as the air.

Roadways and beaches were empty as the tsunamis struck the state, which had hours to prepare.

During worktime the house is usually quite empty as the main tasks are in the organic gardens of which there are four.

When our correspondent visited the Aliero onion market few days ago, the place was near empty as the commodity was scarce.

From the window he could see part of Parnassus Road, as wide and empty as an airport runway, lying as if stunned under the sun.

From the window he could see part of Parnassus Road, as wide and empty as an airport runway, lying as if stunned under the afternoon sun.

In 1% of cases empty save is used

The streets are chillingly empty save for combattants.

The place was empty save for three other people and the owner.

The veldtland was empty save for the lions waiting, looking at them.

The coffee cup was empty save for black dregs and a film of thin brown paste on the bottom.

The sky was clear, remote, and empty save for a few horizontal bars far down in the sunset.

The entire place was empty save for the boss of the BBQ restaurant and his Filipino helper.

In his pocket was a bottle, carefully corked, empty save for a little roll of paper, which proved to be the addendum to the log.

Everyone is ready to rejoice, until your daughter opens the envelope to find it empty save two outdated coupons -- you know the ones.

The office was nearly empty save for some old friends who were contacting friends who lived downtown and evacuating the few remaining employees.

He first took Christopher into the temple when it was empty save for a top-knotted priest and a matted ascetic who had been sitting in a corner all day.

In 1% of cases empty since is used

It has been empty since April / May.

Bonnie fills a position that has been empty since March 2012.

It had been a very cold day, the house had been empty since 9.

Most have been empty since 2007-2008 when the economy crashed.

We've given this building a life; it had been empty since 1981.

It's absolutely massive and has been completed and empty since 2008.

The large building has been empty since 1973, roughly when Flint's decline began.

The former Richards textile factory's old mill buildings have lain empty since 2004.

I've been walking past the same shop in Chapel Street Windsor on the way to work and it's been empty since October.

The belfry had been empty since 1969 save a single bell, so once again, a London church is found its voice back again.

In 1% of cases empty apart is used

The campsite was empty apart from two hunters in a large RV.

To their horror and surprise, it was empty apart from an instruction.

The restaurant was empty apart from a young man alone at a corner table.

Reception is empty apart from a select of teas and coffee with freshly baked croissants.

The place is mostly empty apart from Doc, the owner, and Jimmy enjoys his drink in peace.

The whole place was empty apart from ourselves and another couple of guys who came in afterwards.

It was pretty empty apart from 2 Singaporean groups and two couples who were having their pre-wedding shots taken.

We honeymooned at the empty house in the Tarn -- empty apart from a couple of large beds a friend had made and some cardboard furniture.

Don't leave too soon Every now and then you will join a server that only has a few other people on it, or that is totally empty apart from you.

After about an hour we saw a beach, empty apart from an eccentric-looking thatched building, and a small knot of people -- our welcoming party.

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