Prepositions after "empower"

"empower by" or "empower in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases empower by is used

The amulets was sentient; empowered by wit.

It's important to note that this kind of mind is directly functioning and empowered by the word of God.

On the other hand, the bully has been reinforced and further empowered by the mediator's choice of language.

Rather than both parties being empowered by the process, a more likely outcome is that the process will reinforce the existing power dynamic.

Rogan suggests that the hijab itself is oppressive, yet there are many Muslim women in North America who wear the hijab and are empowered by it.

I, for one, do not want someone empowered by the law and/or elitist cultural pressure to prevent me from knowing about the sexual infidelity of.

He pointed that legitimate party-lists gave voice to the different sectors of Philippine society, which was also empowered by the internet and social media.

XLIX of 1978) 423 The words and comma? Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or District Magistrate, or any Sub-divisional Magistrate empowered by Government (Act No.

In 24% of cases empower in is used

LXXXVI of 1976) 296 The words? specially empowered in this behalf (Act No.

A re-elected Gordon Brown would be empowered in such a way that he hasn't been since he ascended to power.

Parents must become empowered in the face of educating sons of color -- especially amid such startling statistics.

Well some of them think that empower in printing is just a waste of time and will not help their company to attract more customer they are wrong.

Customary law is hugely empowering in many Indigenous communities because it is a form of social organisation and justice that maintains and sustains traditions that go back millennia.

In 15% of cases empower with is used

You are well empowered with the skills you need to create your own footprints across the world.

Let her make her own decisions once she has the tools to be empowered with a voice but I am her visit.

Those eager to change their lives will be empowered with life-changing principles to remove barriers and embrace success.

Those who were empowered with optimum technology and sound vision has only survived in our global becoming domestic market.

The question is weather he ought to represent the united states, empowered with the presidency, and put his finger on the nuclear button.

It was only that year that China had replaced Nationalist China on the permanent seat of the UN and had thus been empowered with the right of veto.

As recent posts in our GMO category will tell you, I've been keen to see people backing this bill, so they can be empowered with the right to choose.

Users are empowered with many customary features for communication though these massive multiplayer online games, such as e-mailing systems and chatting.

In 3% of cases empower to is used

It may not have been *their* role to open up, but collaborative design has an amazing effect on those who don't feel empowered to impact the direction of the project.

None of these bodies are empowered to mandate technical standards or other operational measures with the exception of ICANN's role in administering the Domain Name System (DNS).

In 2% of cases empower as is used

President who was empowered as the Head of State and Head of Government made the President all powerful; Parliament and Members of Parliament became subservient to the President.

In 2% of cases empower at is used

It is easy to read and provides ways to be empowered at a time we feel powerless.

There are those who could argue that resolving to do better, though empowering at the time, can definitely be more trouble than it's worth.

In 2% of cases empower for is used

We are continually thinking about how to demystify ' community development ' and encourage people to adopt ways of working that are empowering for everyone.

Little Support: students are expected to find their own resources for completing assignments and exams, which is empowering for some, but daunting for others.

In 1% of cases empower about is used

There is something empowering about working through your frustrations.

In 1% of cases empower from is used

Here therefore is the number of the beast, who empowers from himself all his parts, and brings them all back to himself by his discipline in most wise and cunning manner.

In 1% of cases empower rather is used

You begin to apply a new and creative approach that is informed by empowering rather than limiting beliefs.

In 1% of cases empower such is used

Enforcements of new legislation would be carried by the CBN and all other executive arms that are empowered such as the EFCC.

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