Prepositions after "employ"

"employ by" or "employ in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases employ by is used

Employed by Aga Khan Foundation.

Koop is employed by the White House.

The human may be employed by anybody.

Where editors are employed by the publishers, the journals are not at the same level.

Around 20 people are currently employed by Walnuts Australia at the Griffith facility.

The majority of agents so designated are counsel employed by the Department of Justice.

Employed by the World Bank on behalf of the EFA Inter-Agency Commission (UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, World Bank).

I know pretty well the methods and tactics employed by Government of Sri Lanka and its ' people ' for their defense.

Why is this woman employed by the show? The other presenters are fantastic and offer practical, doable ideas and recipes.

The cowardice employed by Cameron also extends to his deputy Clegg, who trails yellow streaks of fetid urine wherever he walks.

In 28% of cases employ in is used

No makeup need to ever be employed in place of it.

Most are employed in the casinos or as healthcare workers.

Being employed in the union movement isn't like working in a company.

In can rarely be employed in those habits where there is a tendency to constipation.

Three of the workers are now back in Mexico and one is employed in Vancouver, he said.

It will be interesting to see what combination the Indians will employ in the first test.

Foxconn claimed that Zhang was a Huizhou employee, while the family claimed he was employed in Shenzhen all along.

The number of people employed in the UK recently reached an all-time high, beating the previous record set in 2007.

Thus, strictly speaking, the language of modern Hindi literature is different from that employed in earlier period.

In 6% of cases employ as is used

Ann Coulter should be employed as an aid.

He was employed as a social worker for the City of New York.

At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild.

In Davis v Portage Licensing Trust 7 the employee was employed as a barman/cook at the employer's tavern.

He was employed as an assistant to Dr Charles Scarburgh, helping him with various anatomical experiments.

The case involved a Ms S who was employed as a national service delivery team leader for a kitchen supplier.

Visual artefacts will be generated, and employed as a means of building dialogue and debate around key e-learning themes.

I was employed as the District Sales Manager for Carnival Australia, based in NZ, before setting up Cruises Republic in 2008.

We very rarely saw Jermaine Defoe employed as a lone striker when Harry was in charge but we have seen it quite a lot under Andre.

To make a little more money Abel tutored schoolchildren and his fiance was employed as a governess to friends of Abel's family in Froland.

In 6% of cases employ at is used

After first being employed at Bloomberg L.

She's not always employed at a university or college.

More than 400 people are employed at the manufacturing plant.

Soon, I will be employed at a company that I respect and that has a great reputation.

He wanted to know how he could determine the number of veterans currently employed at his firm.

Paton was employed at the Custom House in Edinburgh and was an amateur student of Scottish antiquities.

Since that time I committed my life to know Him more and in 2003 I was employed at Iris Ministries as a receptionist.

He graduated from high school in his small southwest Virginia hometown in 1993 and was employed at the time of the accident.

Later he was employed at Miloko in Carrick on Suir, and then at Clover Meats and Shamrock Aluminium until the factories closed down.

Professor Magarey's mother, Catherine Mary Gilbert, wrote about the people of Adelaide as a young woman employed at the Sunday Mail.

In 6% of cases employ for is used

We weren't employed for four years.

This is the method employed for control.

Ultrasound technicians employed for ten to nineteen years make up to $24.

Stand Value: This phrase is on mental handle just and would not be employed for the local.

The deal for the students is that they are employed for a period of time -- they get paid $23.

Steer clear of gas centered cleansers and also sprays such as the ones you employ for furnishings.

The sneakers have been used by both men and women and also were probably largely employed for ceremonial functions.

The style Lara has, well, the one employed for this bout anyway, doesn't favour the aggressor-friendly Vegas judges.

Although, inbound distance is increased, more economic mode of transportation can be employed for inbound shipments.

Prior to joining WAN he was the Company Secretary and CFO of GRD Limited, where he had been employed for eight years.

In 5% of cases employ on is used

All engineers are employed on a full-time, permanent basis.

Jeremy is employed on a permanent contract and can be terminated with the payment of 11.

The stated aim was to keep to a minimum the number of men employed on these special days.

This audit will pave the way for Ghanaian seafarers to be employed on European-flagged ships.

A further 5 per cent -- 1 843 workers -- are employed on fixed term contracts by the companies.

Schools are worldwide combined and are employed on all the breakfasts except the patented swing.

Many voters who thought he lacked this did not trust him to employ on their behalf what he does not lack, economic understanding.

Nursemaids and governesses were employed on the same basis and addressed the children as you, at least in their parents ' presence.

Here are some examples of where automatic enrolment does not apply: Staff employed on a temporary employment contract of 28 days or less.

The idea that workers should be permanently employed on site, and look after the tenants, was slowly dropped, as a waste of scarce council resources.

In 3% of cases employ with is used

He is no longer employed with our company.

I have been in this field for six years and presently am employed with in its sales department.

An REC Calicut graduate, Yahya graduated with distinction in Engineering and was employed with GE.

This is the model that Britain intends to employ with Somaliland's knowledge and help at thier disposal.

In this regard, you need to be employed with a fixed and ordinary income supply, for the previous few months.

My family has had highs and lows, the highs coinciding with me being employed with the support of tax credits.

In 1918, the US Postal Assistance commenced experimenting with Air Mail solutions, using pilots formerly employed with the army.

The SB-2 has a Nikon F/Nikon F2 type of dedicated flash foot while the SB-3 employed with a standard ISO-type flash mounting foot.

Since he has been employed with Goodwill he has become more confident, more independent and able to advocate for himself as he has grown.

The health care reform battle will be won by a plan that provides the self employed with a business deduction for health insurance premiums.

In 1% of cases employ during is used

It is projected that some 35,000 persons will be employed during this phase of the programme.

In 1% of cases employ from is used

He also said that all tour guides are employed from the communities in the area.

On a Saturday the boys should be employed from 6 or 7 in the morning until 2o'clock in the afternoon.

By deducting those who were employed from the workforce total, we get a more realistic measure of female joblessness in New Zealand's Great Depression.

There are some things which I would employ from this region, but in the main, it will require more to run a stake through the heart of this imperial vampire.

In 1% of cases employ to is used

However, unless you are employed to only work on Sundays, you may opt out of Sunday working.

Eliade discusses many different manifestations of this pole, employed to centre existence in the vastness of unwelcoming space.

This might be a body like the Financial Services Authority so they can make sure people employed to give financial advice are qualified to do this.

In 1% of cases employ under is used

Thwaites announced last July that 300 of that number would be employed under JEEP.

Generally speaking, people employed under such contracts have the same rights as other employees.

The APS refers to Australian Government departments and agencies where staff members are employed under the Public Service Act 1999.

The teachers employed under JEEP receive a payment of $40,000 per month, but the permanent teachers a paid a monthly stipend of about $26,000.

Question: Paul was employed under a series of fixed-term contracts for 11 months, doing the same job, and with no more than a month's gap between contracts.

The teachers were employed under JEEP following a survey that revealed there were 2000 trained teachers in the country who could not find work in the education system.

In 1% of cases employ within is used

The 10Base-T standard is best employed within a LAN where cost is a factor-and speed and distance are not.

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