Prepositions after "emphasize"

"emphasize on" or "emphasize by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases emphasize on is used

He also emphasized on the role that private.

Clean cable routing is emphasized on the Trance X 29er.

Stephen Adei, emphasised on the importance of planning's retirement.

Let me tell you why I hate an education system that emphasizes on what grades one gets.

Dr Mashenene urged the proper use of kitchen parties to instil life skills, emphasizing on safe sex.

He emphasized on the fact that each fairy was different and we would have to have different expressions.

So, Google and other search engines always give emphasize on quality rather than designs, age, and other tangible things.

Also, I would like to emphasize on the serious change has occurred in northern Somalia in terms of stability and security.

The situation the characters fall into emphasizes on the Filipino male's ability to be more than a provider but a protector.

Indians on the other hand are generally well educated and put a huge emphasize on education and sending their kids to college.

In 22% of cases emphasize by is used

This narrower ground was emphasised by Staughton LJ in Hayes v Dodd.

When listing points, they should be emphasised by being numbered or bullet points used.

This is emphasised by the extreme lengths they went to make sure that we did not miss it.

This is especially emphasized by the use of one hand to shield them and turning up one of their corners.

External borrowing, with better management as emphasized by this workshop, could be part of the solution.

It wasn't easy to adjust to the wet conditions, which was emphasised by Bruno Senna -- who had also missed FP1 -- crashing out.

Comments I love radio it is a fabulous medium for everyone which is emphasised by how it holds its own even in these digital days.

This is what has been emphasised by the sages throughout time from as early as the Greeks with their saying,? Knowledge is virtue?

There is no delay and he sets off for Thebes and does not (emphasised by double negatives) walk nor ride to Athens, these words meaning much the same and acting as fillers.

Sasebo is more than 500 miles closer to Pusan, a fact of obvious importance and one emphasized by the original orders from the Chief of Naval Operations to the Seventh Fleet.

In 17% of cases emphasize in is used

It's something I will be trying to emphasize in the future to the rest of the SEO community.

This is an established tactic that has been emphasized in their professional development programs.

The importance of stack effect is also emphasized in ventilation due to convection of air currents.

One of the teachings that have been emphasized in Quran is to help the others and to have collaboration with them.

It would be important to understand first what you want to emphasize in the house before you begin the interior design work.

The President's faith in my husband, as he lay in his hospital bed, was emphasized in a letter which I received from Mamie at the time.

The importance of experiencing a wide range of musical activities before the introduction of musical literacy is also emphasised in this strand.

The final phrase being emphasized in bold affirms to me that Foster is the speaker, and lends a literal interpretation to the figurative final line.

Besides this, we need to be careful about dealing wastage for which prospective and alternative measures are keenly emphasized in a systematic manner.

All this begs a cross-disciplinary approach, emphasised in Marvin and colleague Stephen Graham's ground-breaking book Telecommunications and the City (1996).

In 6% of cases emphasize to is used

Overly general ideas should not be emphasized to the extreme.

Not only did they emphasize to the poets for recitation of poems in honour of Imam Husain (a.

It should be emphasize to them that we in Islam hold Jesus -peace be upon him- in great esteem and honor.

I don't know if dccarm is staff or managment, but whichever, you need to emphasise to everyone how important it is to get things right.

I also emphasised to the UK Government that it was not the intention of the Ecuadorian government to interfere with the processes of either the UK or Swedish governments.

In 2% of cases emphasize with is used

Emotion and Tradition (not Spirit and Truth) are often emphasized with this group but zero spiritual connection.

Some of the reasons are that the Korean brands are cheaper in price yet emphasize with the use of natural ingredients while young customers are often willing to try new brands.

You still have to be polished, of course: Anna's wearing some liner, taupe shadow and mascara; there's a hint of blush; and her lips are emphasized with a gorgeous tawny shade (similar to Emma 's).

In 2% of cases emphasize for is used

Muslim Spouse Selection Guide from Free Muslim Marriage Website Once there was a very handsome, pious, well educated young man, whose parents emphasized for him to get married.

In 2% of cases emphasize throughout is used

The need to involve all the parties concerned is emphasized throughout GEO-2000.

In 1% of cases emphasize upon is used

I suppose I missed emphasizing upon this aspect.

In 1% of cases emphasize through is used

The Cuban socialist philosophy has been further emphasized through the treatment to other countries.

The main entrances to public and other major buildings would be emphasized through carefully designed streets, lighting, and paving; Existing important views and vistas.

In 1% of cases emphasize over is used

They arose again following the War with Spain, as the immense distances of the Pacific came to be realized, and were emphasized over the years by increasing possibilities of trouble with Japan.

In 1% of cases emphasize during is used

It is generally acknowledged that both soil types and past grazing use affect change in species composition, and this is emphasized during dry years.

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