Prepositions after "emotional"

"emotional about" or "emotional for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases emotional about is used

I get emotional about technology.

You are highly emotional about it.

I'd still very emotional about it.

This is the part I don't understand, why they are so frikkin emotional about it.

Don't get emotional about it, stay calm and find a solution to solve the problem.

False memories can be very detailed, and people can be very emotional about them.

I think the people getting so emotional about this need to ask themselves what they're getting emotional over.

It would do the muslims good not to deny this (or be emotional about it) but search honestly about what it is.

He developed a special bond with Victoria Macy, the 2004 celebrity child ho was very emotional about his death.

There's no denying that child molestation is a repulsive crime, and I can see why people get emotional about it.

In 17% of cases emotional for is used

It was emotional for all of us.

It's extremely emotional for me.

OMG that was so emotional for me.

They were too emotional for him, and he did not go out of his way to hear sermons.

The moment when Sparky departs was very sad and emotional for a black and white movie.

I didn't know it was going to get that emotional for people because I saw girls crying.

So it was quite emotional for me, as you can imagine, being there in the audience instead of being on the stage.

It must have been pretty emotional for you writing this post, but you write with your usual humbling articulacy.

Women were far too emotional for her as friends and so men as friends became her source of getting her needs met.

It is quite emotional for them and I'd sure it'll take at least a month or so for them to get through everything.

In 9% of cases emotional in is used

Women are 95% emotional in nature.

Most highly emotional in the group.

We women are emotional in our love.

She is sensitive and emotional in many ways, but very strong and resilient in others.

Jus because they speak our language we feel more emotional in ths issue n rightly so.

It is seen in this book in financial terms as well as emotional in almost every case.

He says he's grown a little more emotional in recent years, and has even been known to cry since having children.

We do not tend to remember them unless they were somehow very traumatic or very beautiful or emotional in some way.

You'd think that the process of creating inflation would be more mechanical than emotional in policy, but maybe not.

These are perhaps psychological and emotional in nature, but psychological needs bridge to your deeper spiritual needs.

In 8% of cases emotional at is used

Just hard not be emotional at this.

I was quite emotional at this point.

It's not even emotional at this point.

Judge Garrison became emotional at times while he talked about the facts of the case.

All nine members of the band seemed genuinely quite emotional at the gig's conclusion.

The couple were overjoyed and very emotional at having won the wedding of their dreams.

Linc was blown away and quite emotional at the kindness of complete strangers on the day who helped him through it.

Quite emotional at the end as for the BXC Orch conductor it was his last time of conducting both them and the Prxms.

Explain that when you were a girl you had lots of questions and describe how you felt confused and emotional at times.

Such an aapproach to broadcasting, which is highly emotional at times, can not be construed as informing the listeners.

In 5% of cases emotional as is used

I was a little emotional as the trip neared.

Those fanatics are emotional as well as brainless.

It's emotional as the survivors reunite with their families.

The sight at the stadium will be very emotional as an old rivalry will be awakened.

He was full of remorse for the emotional as well as the material damage he had done.

Persons can have mental, psychological, and emotional as well as the physical fitness.

The event will no doubt be very emotional as well as fulfilling for Alan, and will be a time of great reflection.

Meyer got emotional as the final seconds ticked off, embracing his players on the sideline at a raucous Ohio Stadium.

The immigrant workers have suffered immensely on emotional as well as professional front and are longing for justice to be.

The intensity of the experience aids retention and recall by engaging social and emotional as well as intellectual responses.

In 4% of cases emotional over is used

Don't get too emotional over stuff.

I tend to get so emotional over those.

People get too emotional over this issue.

At this point, I was pretty emotional over the whole thing (I told you I was moody).

Often times Danielle would get emotional over small things and rub people the wrong way.

I'd bit surprised that Georgetown can get this angry and emotional over this kid's posting.

I was honoured to be invited, touched to watch him make his vows, and emotional over every aspect of the ceremony.

For it is not difficult to find one's self getting emotional over some of them when they pop in your consciousness.

Ball's story, in a nutshell, is one of emotional over reaction and a lack of understanding or caring about human nature.

In 4% of cases emotional on is used

Don became very emotional on stage.

MP gets very emotional on hearing this.

It is so emotional on so many different levels.

It's natural thing that we protest, violence, emotional on such cheap acts of Americans.

I was very emotional on the last day and coming home because I did not want Barretstown to end.

The evidence was clear; Sellas was very emotional on the sidelines when it was rough for the Satellites.

I was quite emotional on Friday morning after the last workout! I'd sure that's because I have found this pretty tough.

It's easy to be emotional on what you picked out but even the learned Mr Karpal would keep his trap shut at the moment.

Then, we have a tendency to emotional on to associate degree intense higher body section that targeted the skeletal muscle.

And to detest the main character but still managed to get drawn and emotional on the book, that's one hell of storytelling.

In 3% of cases emotional after is used

Felt emotional after reading this.

I was emotional after reading this, Laine.

Debra becomes emotional after making a discovery about her past.

So blame him for being inept and (possibly) tired and emotional after a long flight.

I get very emotional after every fight, especially after a big loss to Wanderlei Silva.

I read it last night and I was very emotional after reading it, hence why I did nt reply.

So, feeling emotional after the movie and urged by Billy himself, I sent a loonie ($1) to the Billy Graham Foundation.

I have known him since he was 11 and worked with him since his teens and I know we will both be very emotional after Brazil.

I'd up in Christchurch as I write this and I'd still feeling a bit shattered and emotional after doing the red zone bus tour.

I felt very emotional after watching this two-hours long programme, and I am still saddened by the case eventhough it is already 10 years ago.

In 3% of cases emotional with is used

I get emotional with my computer.

Darti was very emotional with Beloved Granny.

Customers tend to get emotional with some recalls.

I was super stoked and at times a little emotional with the way things had panned out.

Has he become more emotional with age? ' Oh yes, I burst into tears at the drop of a hat.

I don't remember much about it except getting pretty emotional with my family after the game.

Authenticity is of utmost importance; Content that resonates with people, mixing emotional with rational components.

These organisms flourish in been identified, including emotional with delayed extraction, or not immediately appreciated.

Sunday's occasion is likely to be highly emotional with players and staff having urged fans all week to show each other respect.

In 3% of cases emotional to is used

Your message was so emotional to me.

There's nothing emotional to any of them.

Its got to be Personal and Emotional to you.

Hahaha! It's sometimes hard not to get offended or to become emotional to comments.

One particular section from the media splash is emotional to the point of being maudlin.

The story can range from funny to serious, from emotional to entertaining, from happy to sad.

But the more I read the more I got engaged and absorbed and at the end, it was somewhat emotional to me that I had a hard time controlling my tears.

The ending didn't feel sad or emotional to me, it felt more like the Doctor was being a petulant child, they love each other let them live together.

From physical and emotional to mental and verbal bullying, Degrassi has showcased all types of bullying and in turn its potentially deadly side effects.

It's thought that the reasons why an elderly person may suffer from the same eating disorder can range from the emotional to physical or financial reasons.

In 3% of cases emotional rather is used

But this change is emotional rather than physical.

Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical.

We are bit emotional rather than bloody professionals.

William such a difference to move things on an emotional rather than an intellectual level.

It's also not provincial; Little Fish are local on an emotional rather than a political level.

Such characteristics probably have to do more with her emotional rather than her intellectual nature.

Rahman Are Bangladeshis controlled by emotions or logic? It is said that Bangladeshis are emotional rather than logical.

Today reminds us that politics is an emotional rather than a rational exercise and often feelings transcend rational explanation.

I am driven to the conclusion that most people who cherish this belief do so for unconscious emotional rather than scientific reasons.

In 2% of cases emotional during is used

I was a bit emotional during the concert.

I got very emotional during this rendition.

It is OK to get emotional during your presentation too.

And she was emotional before the race, emotional during it, emotional after it was over.

Although Kate was very emotional during the interview, she was still able to tackle questions head on.

I don't disbelieve that many perceive themselves to be moodier or more emotional during this time, either.

Datu Khomeini, dubbed as the King of Moro Songs, said that he could not help but get emotional during the signing.

My history is causing me to be emotional during our meeting tonight -- which is something I wish were not the case.

I am proud to have served in the Air Force and I guess I will always get emotional during any recognition of veterans.

That was the only time he appeared emotional during our three hours of Mandarin interview at the Buddhism Center at HKU.

In 1% of cases emotional of is used

This is perhaps the most emotional of the quiet Virgo breed.

WHEN HE WAS WICKED was by far the most emotional of the series.

What is more, it is the most vital and emotional of all structures.

The performance is the most revealing and emotional of the entire show.

It's only emotional of you are invested in the characters and their stories.

You can turn the existing design into 200 per cent emotional of the original.

For me, this one has been the most emotional of the Bridgerton stories so far.

Only, Chandler was easily the most emotional of the boys, and had several earlier episodes revolving around this fact.

And that was with Krapp's Last Tape 1958, which, for me, is the most emotional of his pieces, a replay of his personal experiences.

In 1% of cases emotional like is used

It's not emotional like it was earlier.

You must not become emotional like a woman, its not an admirable trait.

Confident that this departure will in no way be emotional like the last.

Get your tissues ready, because if you're emotional like me, you're going to cry.

In order to get him emotional like the other pupils, Toph then says his name: **29;95;TOOLONG The Third.

The Obamas love can not be fake, otherwise when I find out, I'll sue them for making me feel emotional like this.

In 1% of cases emotional from is used

Lily Goldblatt was still emotional from seeing the film.

Women can not seperate emotional from physical in the same way.

There was no such drama Friday, but pre-games should be less emotional from here on out.

There was so much abuse that involved physical, mental, verbal, and emotional from my friend's ex hubby.

I wonder if it is a good thing for the photographer to get so emotional from this kind of portrait session.

It is quite common for children (and even adults) to emerge very disoriented and emotional from anesthesia.

Later on, bullet point 3, you omit the term emotional from the list yet note the presence of depression for many people.

As a matter of concern men are stronger and practical from their birth and women are beauty, emotional from their birth.

This way, you would be able to make others understand your point of view in a better manner for being emotional from others.

In 1% of cases emotional by is used

Tim Minchin was an amazing Judas, I was so emotional by the end.

Harrington became emotional by the end of her prepared statement.

HUman beings are emotional by nature and they can even give PDP another try.

I was so emotional by the time I reached him that I was all ready crying again.

Roy has brought hidden reality among the public who are very emotional by nature.

For Thankar, traversing in the intricate emotional by lanes is just a sweep and he does that in AK too.

You ladies are emotional by nature so how can u put d man's stand supernaturally above d satisfaction of ur emotional and physical needs? Hahaha.

It's safe to say that audiences across the world have been left emotional by what they have seen and heard about these extraordinary individuals.

Human beings are emotional by nature -- sophisticated investors have the ability to turn off the emotions and fall in love with one thing: the numbers.

After all she was a mother, so she also got little emotional by seeing this little life who lost his mother within few days of his entry to this world.

In 1% of cases emotional towards is used

It should make us more sensitive and emotional towards nature.

Got so emotional towards the end, so???: (Then they all start to hug me.

I found myself getting emotional towards the end of the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by that fact.

I know that I'd being overly emotional towards an inanimate object (it's a HOUSE, for goodness sake) but it's our very first home! We spent lots of time and effort on it.

In 1% of cases emotional because is used

It gets emotional because of the attachment and ties that you build with these young men.

I think they are more emotional because of the hormonal differences between men and women.

I've been saying precisely that for years to men who make the argument that a woman president would be too emotional because of our periods.

You are wondering why so many people feel that emotional because of Anoushehs trip, althought it was just a ' vacation ' and she was not even the first person to do so.

In 1% of cases emotional without is used

It's emotional without being sappy.

I am emotional without being reactive.

Feeling overwhelmed or very emotional without knowing why.

Thyroid is SO OFTEN dismissed as emotional without bloodwork.

It's funny, it's poignant, it's emotional without getting sentimental.

Emotional without being cheesy and noisy yet melodic without being indulgent, there are few bands like them in the area.

I guess you could say it's emotional without being emo, melodic without being soft, and not really that full of obvious influences.

One of the negative outcomes, are young adults reacting emotional without having the ability and skills to understand why they are reacting emotionally.

This record feels much like their previous four: intense and emotional without a doubt, but above all else a finely distilled variant of their trademark sound.

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