Prepositions after "emit"

"emit by" or "emit from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases emit by is used

Infrared radiation is emitted by the surface.

Charged particles emitted by an incandescent filament, i.

Pheromone Substance emitted by female insects in order to attract males.

When outside, you should protect your epidermis from the damaging rays emitted by the sunshine.

This radiation, which is constantly emitted by the Sun and other stars, is deadly to living things.

In the first place, he repeated Perrin's experiment and confirmed that charged particles are emitted by the cathode.

The solar wind? the constant stream of charged particles emitted by the sun? are mostly protons, or positively charged hydrogen atoms.

In the next few years Owen in England and Wehnelt in Germany found similar values for particles emitted by certain metallic oxides heated to a red heat.

Despite statements made by climate change deniers, volcanoes release a tiny fraction of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by human activities every year.

In 31% of cases emit from is used

Listen carefully for any sound emitting from the hose-bib.

A solar storm is a jet of protons and electrons emitted from the Sun.

So then, how much CO2 is emitted from (just) the coal fired sector alone.

Young pulsars emit from low-energy radio waves through high- energy X-rays and gamma rays.

The only frequency being emitted from this hologram is that of the light being reflected.

These jets emit from the comet's coma, the halo of vapor that surrounds the comet's nucleus.

Congratulations Gunny-I am honored to have met you and am blessed to have stood in that God-given ray of light that emits from you.

SOLID-STATE VERSUS THERMIONIC DEVICES: When a metal or carbon filament is heated to high temperatures electrons are emitted from the filament.

Note that the intensity versus wavelength plot for the radiation emitted from the hole connecting the cavity to the outside has the same shape.

The carbon dioxide emitted from burning biomass will not increase total atmospheric carbon dioxide if this consumption is done on a sustainable basis (i.

In 8% of cases emit in is used

Some of the radiation is eventually emitted into space, because that's one direction.

A tonne of CO2 not emitted in Europe is just as good as a tonne of CO2 not emitted in Victoria.

The radiation eventually reaches the top of the atmosphere and is emitted into space (the only way it can leave).

The radiation--or, rather, radiation at certain frequencies--eventually makes it into the stratosphere and is absorbed and emitted in all directions by molecules of CO2, H20, and CH4.

In 6% of cases emit into is used

Some of the radiation is eventually emitted into space, because that's one direction.

The radiation eventually reaches the top of the atmosphere and is emitted into space (the only way it can leave).

Motor vehicles emit this gas, and vehicles that are on the roads every day, most of these gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) Deforestation is responsible for up to 20 % of the Carbon Dioxide emitted into the Earth's atmosphere.

Dr Joseph Lane, a computational chemist, believes nitrous oxide has serious consequences when emitted into the atmosphere, and is the biggest current contributor to the ozone hole.

In 3% of cases emit at is used

You can clearly see the lost radiation from the blackbody curve being emitted at TOA CORRESPONDING THE REDUCED IR ESCAPING TO SPACE.

In 3% of cases emit to is used

We can not only reduce the gases that are emitted to the atmosphere but also increase the gases that are taken out of the atmosphere.

When people see volcanic eruptions on television and it's awesome, and it's very easy for people to imagine that huge amounts of CO2 are being emitted to the atmosphere.

In 2% of cases emit as is used

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is the principle greenhouse gas emitted as a result of human activities such as the burning of coal, oil, and natural gases.

In 2% of cases emit during is used

Black carbon -- a greenhouse gas emitted during the burning of coal, diesel fuel, natural gas and biomass, it is part of the composition of soot.

In 2% of cases emit on is used

If not specified, a Signal is emitted on any change in the abstract ResponseTypeObj of the Message.

In 2% of cases emit per is used

It is defined as the power emitted per unit surface area per unit solid angle.

The shorter-lived each kind of radioisotope in the decay series, the more radiation it emits per unit mass.

In 1% of cases emit according is used

Research into ant pheromones has revealed that all signals are emitted according to the needs of the colony.

In 1% of cases emit next is used

These emit next to zero CO2 and produce usable power 24/7.

In 1% of cases emit through is used

The sign of this process is an unpleasant smell being emitted through the holes.

In 1% of cases emit with is used

Gamma rays are often emitted with alpha or beta radiation also, as the nucleus decays to a less excited state.

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