Prepositions after "embroider"

"embroider on" or "embroider with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases embroider on is used

I only embroidered on the bigger shield because it needs reinforced power.

This 100% cotton cap comes in navy blue and has the Trident logo embroidered on the front.

Customising the shirt are the Maserati and La Martina logos, which are embroidered on the breast and on the back.

Some hotel owners also get their logo or name printed or embroidered on the slippers for creating greater brand consciousness.

Some hotel owners also get their logo or name printed or embroidered on the slippers for producing greater brand consciousness.

Some of the compositions are very childlike, others appear to incorporate thread embroidered on paper, still others use collage.

It comes in red and is customised down to the finest detail: the La Martina logo is embroidered on the left breast and is also visible on the buttons.

The La Martina logo is stylishly embroidered on the left breast and enhanced by the Italian flag, whilst the Trident logo is embroidered on the right breast.

It was interesting to note that in the warm-up on Wednesday night, the Crystal Palace star was wearing blue boots with the cross of St George embroidered on them.

There is a La Martina (world leader in Polo technical equipment and supplier to the Italian) team logo embroidered on one side and the oval Maserati logo embroidered on the other.

In 34% of cases embroider with is used

The top of the elephant's head was covered with a cloth embroidered with a large swastika.

Dresses embroidered with images and messages that children like are more likely to find favor with them.

An angarkha cut full embroidered with natural silk cotton ecru yarns worn over the tunic of white chanderi.

It is always covered with very costly ' Ghilaafs ' (coverings made of velvet and silk) embroidered with pleasing gold and silver tracings.

Houses look alike, every single one made of red brick, with sloping roofs and tiny lawns embroidered with pretty and colourful flowers; making them look like miniature models.

In 7% of cases embroider for is used

People go there and buy a $4 polo shirt that could not even pass for a good t-shirt and then expect to have it embroidered for the same price.

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