Prepositions after "embarrassing"

"embarrassing for" or "embarrassing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases embarrassing for is used

Much less embarrassing for you.

How embarrassing for our country.

How utterly embarrassing for you.

It was so embarrassing for the Republicans FOX news cut away from the coverage.

It was so embarrassing for the dough-faced oaf that I almost felt sorry for him.

If that is the best their Northern divisions can do, it's embarrassing for them.

This was not only embarrassing for the Holy Prophet but also annoying for the people who sat in the assembly.

This story is actually rather embarrassing for it's author and the guys who have put themselves forward here.

It was hugely embarrassing for me, but the girls make thousands of dollars a night and I'd not here to judge.

I was expelled from the local nursery school for being naughty, which was embarrassing for my mum Gaby Salter.

In 22% of cases embarrassing to is used

Its kind of embarrassing to me.

This is embarrassing to the south.

I think it's embarrassing to them.

Again it must have been embarrassing to Intel and HP to have such a farce nearby.

And it would be more embarrassing to kai to have people know where he comes from.

It's a moral issue that will be embarrassing to whoever is in charge at the time.

There can be no doubt that poutine was considered such a low food, it was embarrassing to be known to like it.

Alhassan told Joy FM yesterday that Mr Ayariga's conduct was, to say the least, very embarrassing to the party.

It's very creepy and embarrassing to the girl in question and even more embarrassing to you, the creepy looker.

The sort of rubbish endlessly spouted by the radio shock-jocks is equally embarrassing to the small-L liberals.

In 5% of cases embarrassing in is used

It's almost embarrassing in it's stupidity.

He bordered on the embarrassing in Australia.

We would be some awesomely embarrassing in laws.

The work is ponderous and heavy and wooden, almost embarrassing in its heaviness.

Its really embarrassing in school for me when I am writing the page would get all wet.

To my relief Rani was not as embarrassing in the entire film as she appears in the promos.

On the other side, Eden Harzard looks embarrassing in Chelsea's defeat today Van perse please don't go to Man United.

A tear of this kind would be mildly embarrassing in a culture of biker shorts and tank tops; here, it was unfathomable.

It's really embarrassing in school because I'd scared if a boy sees my sweaty hands so i always wipe them off on my pants.

A deficit was considered highly embarrassing in the days when many still believed, mistakenly, that Britain was a world power.

In 4% of cases embarrassing at is used

It's embarrassing at this level.

It's really embarrassing at school.

It's fun sometimes and downright embarrassing at others.

Wolves fans are generally a bunch of $$$$ing morons and it's embarrassing at times.

Interruptions, put-downs, condescending sighs and tones, it was embarrassing at points.

If we're honest with ourselves everyone was below par and it was embarrassing at times.

The finish of this year's Berlin Marathon was interesting, exciting but also a bit embarrassing at the same time.

The most common solution suggested by orthodontists is wearing adult braces, which are not embarrassing at all as no.

How can I get over this? Best Answer - Chosen by Asker as embarrassing at it was peeing your pants, try to laugh it off.

The Bible is full of God's anger, which we tend to find embarrassing at times, rather than helpful to our spiritual lives.

In 2% of cases embarrassing about is used

Nothing embarrassing about that.

There's nothing embarrassing about people using their right to peaceful protest.

If you practice sex, then there's nothing embarrassing about yourself yourself tested.

Try this: Plan to say something slightly embarrassing about yourself in a conversation.

But what's so embarrassing about all this is the breathless speed of the French reforms.

He doesn't see what's so embarrassing about it anyway, and pats her on the head like a little puppy.

Really, there's nothing embarrassing about that, just hold out the outfits for him to see and let him choose.

If you need extra help, the most important thing to know is that there's nothing weird or embarrassing about it.

Also, the ' embarrassing about face ' can well be an intentional ploy to wreck ' precedence ', so all further cases would be ' tainted '.

Whoops, a bit embarrassing about the missing square root! (Most likely a combination of me misTeXing it and not checking properly, my bad.

In 2% of cases embarrassing as is used

I found it incredibly embarrassing as a kid.

At least Harrison Ford doesn't look quite so embarrassing as the others.

It's embarrassing as a Kiwi to hear this type of children's thinking coming from adults.

It's vile and people should look at the video it is shocking and embarrassing as an American.

Connect Latest Comments Songs from Matthew (34) joshvanklomp: Well thats embarrassing as a PK.

Occasionally the check and getting caught without one can be embarrassing as well as expensive.

I find it a bit embarrassing as a spurs fan and regular attendee at the lane that fans are crying for AVB s head already.

I disagree with her politics, and I found her Senate runs to embarrassing as a wrestling fan, but Linda McMahon is not responsible for WWE's change in programming.

The discussion seemed quite unreasonable and embarrassing as none of them was referring to even more bloodshed of Muslims at the hands of fellow Muslims in our own country almost on daily basis.

It is very embarrassing as well as uncomfortable to have to deal with excessive amounts of Men and women in the developed world wear tattoos now, but it appears to me that they wear them differently.

In 1% of cases embarrassing of is used

You need to be embarrassing of the coward, concern and also sadness.

Various detoxification myths are among the most embarrassing of all massage myths.

This can, of course, happen at the most embarrassing of times -- particularly if its wet, full of No 2.

These unfortunate individuals suffer from the most embarrassing of security issues: Premature Ajax-ulation.

It would be a good idea of Sri Lankan writers stopped embarrassing of themselves by writing poetry in English.

But Fleetwood's reversal against their labouring local rivals was arguably the most embarrassing of the lot, yet Mellon chose to be diplomatic.

The most embarrassing of which were two losses to Scotland, one in June this year and the other in 2009, while Samoa steamrolled the Australians 32-22 in Sydney last year.

In 1% of cases embarrassing on is used

Kinds embarrassing on your part.

This is embarrassing on so many levels.

Brugge away and Maritimo were embarrassing on the whole.

They don't look embarrassing on you and they look great.

It was embarrassing on occasions to see how so many fell short in that area.

It's not only distracting for others, it's also extremely embarrassing on our part.

The level of hatred levied at Barclays is unjust and frankly embarrassing on the global stage.

And again, being on the Vita I don't see how it could be entertaining and not completely embarrassing on a bus.

People who are embarrassing on Facebook perhaps don't seem to understand the temporal and widespread aspects of the internet and Facebook i.

When Obama picked a Delaware redneck as obviously stupid as Biden definitely is to be his runnung mate, it is embarrassing on the world stage.

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