Prepositions after "embarrassed"

"embarrassed by" or "embarrassed about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases embarrassed by is used

I'd not embarrassed by anything.

Now she was embarrassed by them.

I'd embarrassed by this article.

Indeed one almost felt embarrassed by how little problem we in the city did have.

I hope the author of this article is embarrassed by this poor quality ' advice '.

The ghastly point to all this is the boys were not the slightest embarrassed by this hovering mother's actions.

It was just the opposite - he avoided attention and fame whenever possible and felt embarrassed by his talents.

I was so embarrassed by the stupidity of the answers I had to plead with Business traveller to have it removed.

I'd sure it's rooted somewhere in the annals of American colloquialism, but I'd embarrassed by it all the same.

In 20% of cases embarrassed about is used

Don't feel embarrassed about them.

She was very embarrassed about it.

I'd not embarrassed about it, Josh.

What was sudden is that the US is no longer hiding it or embarrassed about it.

A Sure, people will still feel embarrassed about some of their sexual desires.

I was very embarrassed about the MPP mess, and very tired of hearing about it.

They were dreams where I was socially embarrassed about being seen as feminine, or doing something feminine.

We sleep naked, sometimes bathe together and aren't embarrassed about getting changed in front of each other.

Children who are embarrassed about being bullied may not want to tell their parents or other adults about it.

In 12% of cases embarrassed for is used

I am embarrassed for all of you.

And embarrassed for their country.

I felt embarrassed for the author.

At the time I was embarrassed for her, later I realized how well she handled it.

You should be absolutely embarrassed for putting this Code Red announcement out.

I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed it, and I'd embarrassed for them.

The 80s and early 90s were times where one didn't have to feel embarrassed for saying what he thinks or feels.

I must admit I had to double-take as I thought it was a spoof initially, now I just feel embarrassed for Apple.

I was embarrassed for him and the women who were all but clinging to his ankle as he tried to get away from him.

Sometimes when I watch Romney speeches (trees grow the correct height in Michigan? ), I get embarrassed for him.

In 7% of cases embarrassed at is used

Embarrassed at home by Everton.

He was embarrassed at being sick.

I am embarrassed at my situation.

We come from low income families and are frankly embarrassed at how much we earn.

Notice the silence from Sinn Fin who are deeply embarrassed at the police failure.

Now I'd embarrassed at myself for bluffing Graham like that, saying I had a suspect.

I am absolutely embarrassed at the way Yankton (both the citizens and the school system) has handled this issue.

I watched for the first 45 minutes, but was feeling increasingly embarrassed at the inept monotonous production.

I? m embarrassed at the procedures, even though I know it? s totally normal for them, and the standard of practice.

Many people feel embarrassed at the thought of losing their home, on top of the fear of what that would truly mean.

In 5% of cases embarrassed of is used

I was embarrassed of how I looked.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed of my self.

It's almost like George is embarrassed of it.

There are lots of days where I'd so embarrassed of myself at night after filming.

I'd embarrassed of those who claim to believe in God and preach messages of hate.

The man, who must've been embarrassed of his disability, was reluctant to admit it.

She may not be embarrassed of you, just not close to you, for the past 13 years her step dad has been her Father.

But I am not embarrassed of being naked in front of any of my parents as they have seen me naked since I was born.

In general it seems a lot of Danes over the past few years really have become embarrassed of the label ' Danish '.

America should be proud of pastors like the late Ray Stedman, and embarrassed of the likes of Driscoll, Hinn, et al.

In 4% of cases embarrassed in is used

I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

Never been this embarrassed in my whole life.

They are called out and embarrassed in assembly.

Try not to get angry (even if you feel embarrassed in front of the other parents).

Only problem was that I didn't get mine so I get embarrassed in the check out line.

The fact is that it matters a lot and often people feel embarrassed in sharing this.

PHOTO: SCREENSHOT I am a big fan of Pakistani movies, and I am not embarrassed in the slightest to admit to this.

I feel embarrassed in front of everybody and because I have not ever been a witty person, I can not compete with him.

They only approached men, never women, especially young men who might easily get embarrassed in front of other women.

Noel, my apology to you for pigeon holing you - you have rightly pointed this out and I am embarrassed in imputing this.

In 2% of cases embarrassed with is used

So, you also feel embarrassed with that.

He was just slight embarrassed with himself.

Now i feel so shy and embarrassed with myself.

On account of impure life, we are embarrassed with so many designation, impure life.

It is very clear Key and his Government are extremely embarrassed with this Double Downgrade.

To those in the South who are embarrassed by this kind of nonsense: I'd embarrassed with you.

I am so embarrassed with these things that i haven't worn a short sleeve shirt for at least a year in public.

He is simply stating that Ricky is embarrassed with himself which is something that Ricky himself has stated.

Since these waiting shelters are generally positioned outside, you'll never be embarrassed with displaying them.

You both don't want to be a humiliated or feel embarrassed with what might happen after you tell him your intention.

In 1% of cases embarrassed after is used

You must be deeply embarrassed after having been so supportive of these people for so long.

Me and Dad were seriously depressed and embarrassed after the Katsidis loss so how must Kevin have felt.

It is often that a person is regretful and embarrassed after having given Talaaq and wants to return to his wife.

First year player Brad McKenzie showed he's not easily embarrassed after filming a little comic relief video with Ryan Bastinac and Aaron Mullett.

I was embarrassed after answering twice and held back my answers, but after asking a number of kids she'd come back to me and I'd give her number.

Writing on his blog, he said he felt embarrassed after calculating he wasted around 19 hours every week looking at Facebook or other social media websites.

The next thing you know, the entire company is embarrassed after releasing a product or ad that has Jesse Jackson spending quality time on their front porch.

Offshore funds critic and Labour MP Chuka Umunna has been left embarrassed after The Daily Mail revealed the Shadow Business Secretary purchased his family home using money from a tax haven.

In 1% of cases embarrassed as is used

We were embarrassed as everyone stared.

We should be deeply humbled and embarrassed as a nation.

I would have been too embarrassed as a kid for that to happen.

He was embarrassed as no less than six of the younger girls came in one after the other to be spanked.

After the match, which has been the luckiest of all escapes, I felt embarrassed as a United supporter.

It always makes me embarrassed as a movie geek when people are critical of something before they've seen it.

I am embarrassed as a Canadian that this situation has gone on so long without proper attention from those who could help.

She looked horribly embarrassed at having to bare her bottom and bend over the table for her strapping; he too looked embarrassed as he supervised her.

Looking at Harrat Umar's dress and paraphernalia of ordinary kind, the Muslims were feeling embarrassed as to what would the Christians say in their hearts.

It is most definitely a human rights issue and I feel embarrassed as a New Zealander and very worried that you have been treated in such a disgraceful manner.

In 1% of cases embarrassed on is used

I am embarrassed on your behalf.

I was very embarrassed on her behalf.

Ron Darling sounded straight-up embarrassed on baseball's behalf.

Even Diana, while enjoying a little schadenfreude, was embarrassed on his behalf.

He was once embarrassed on WWE TV by rookie Daniel Puder, who caught him in a Kimura.

Hazel Blears ' ums ' and ' ahs ' for so long that I start to feel embarrassed on her behalf.

As for Saturday night's weather girl, many soccer fans said she looked a bit shy and embarrassed on television.

However, later, he said, he felt a little embarrassed on not having helped the beggar, who, after all, had demanded a very small amount from him.

This wine really captures all this strife and all the struggle, it is reserved and subtle, almost embarrassed on the nose but jubilant on the palate.

Camer-conman and his cronies (including Coe and co) will only do something to restore the lot of dairy farmers if embarrassed on the international stage.

In 1% of cases embarrassed over is used

Do you feel embarrassed over the development, Naidu was asked.

I'd embarrassed over how long I've spent trying to make it work.

I sent his wife a text saying I was embarrassed over the whole thing.

I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos.

Now that he is 10, I love that he gets embarrassed over people saying how handsome he is.

He said he is embarrassed over the arrogance of many who made their fortunes during the bubble.

Let your dentist know that you are embarrassed over the state of your mouth, and that you are worried about what they will say.

A common student of the Upanishads is likely to feel embarrassed over apparently irreconcilable differences and contradictions among the statements of these great Masters.

So great was the European horror of bigamy that, ill imitation of Europeans, educated Muslims also felt embarrassed over its provision in Islam and were apologetic about it.

In 1% of cases embarrassed to is used

I am still embarrassed to this day.

I am certainly not embarrassed to talk about my Christian faith.

The House of Lords is an embarrassed to the very word democracy.

Haha, my Zeus, I think I would be truly embarrassed to post old work from years ago.

Lots of story ideas have been floating around in my head, but I've been too embarrassed to post them.

Another reason might be that the person feels embarrassed to the tutor/teacher (but that seldom happens).

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to practice breast self-examination and to have a mammogram; it could save your life.

I think the major factor the one show should have picked up on is that people are more embarrassed to say they don't believe.

His microphone was turned off mid-speech and he was forced to return embarrassed to his place while many of the Fathers laughed at him.

Adrian Chiles should keep his views on the Atheist Bus campaign to himself! I do not think that Christians, as a rule, are embarrassed to talk about God.

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