Prepositions after "elegant"

elegant in, with, of, as or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases elegant in is used

She looked elegant in her outfit.

Ruby is not elegant in my opinion.

Elegant in appearance; relaxing in style.

There it developed into a slow, graceful and stately dance, elegant in its simplicity.

Angel, in a silver number, looks very sexy and elegant in the cover photo by BJ Pascual.

It will throw light up into your face and it always looks elegant in an understated way.

The color used in this wall decoration is black with little golden makes the wall more elegant in decoration style.

And I think the timing was actually quite elegant in that when we opened, we helped satisfy the wide range of diets.

The table that looked so elegant in the auction photos looked too ' nana-ish ' for Kate, once she had it in her home.

Like those older gentlemen generalists, he was deeply intellectual, highly cultured and elegant in speech and manner.

In 14% of cases elegant with is used

It must be elegant with things stored.

The design is elegant with effective accents.

Stunning and elegant with a young feel to it.

This colour is wonderful on her, and she kept it elegant with a single diamond necklace.

The food presentation could be best described as elegant with a dash of aesthetic flair.

Grayscale Quinceanera attire are generally perfectly elegant with Hollywood styled events.

Its ironwork structure is strong but elegant with delicate arches on iron piers reaching down to the water below.

Lightweight fabrics look playful and yet elegant with island breezes or whilst leaping in the waves on the beach.

Each Outfit from her collection was so simple yet very elegant with richly layered textures of chanderi and cottons.

The design is very slim and elegant with a plus one feature which allows for a bigger screen with a narrow outer frame.

In 8% of cases elegant of is used

The Garofoli was the more elegant of the two.

The Black Pearl is the most elegant of the four.

I wasn't the most elegant of busters, put it that way.

One of the most technically elegant of these is the IBM kernel approach to operating systems.

His Lancia-Ferrari D50 was not the most elegant of cars, either in its appearance or its handling.

IMO, I think the stage picture a flute player presents is the most elegant of all instrumentalists.

Perhaps the most elegant of the courses on the island, it is centered around a 150 year old plantation Great House.

Owing to its unhurried pace and lack of physical contact, baseball is the most elegant of professional team sports.

Benefitting from a microclimate, Dinard has palm trees give a very distinct flavour to this most elegant of Brittany's resorts.

So they changed ends for a second time, but that most elegant of backhands let the Swiss down once more to concede the set, 6-8.

In 5% of cases elegant as is used

This dress is elegant as well as practical.

Natalia Verbeke, as Maria, elegant as a swan, anchors the film's emotions.

Not as simple and elegant as the situation in the US but really still very easy.

He and his wife, the First Lady, are so elegant as well as down-to-earth and charming.

If your are looking to acquire an elegant as well as modern carpet, modern rugs is an ideal selection.

Hot picks for the elegant as well as sexy appear tend to be obviously the actual ladies rearfoot flip flops.

Beijing's sweeping roof, elegant as a sand dune, has been peeled open here and there to allow in flashes of daylight while.

We could do this as a superclass, but the implementation will be more elegant as a wrapper, like the decorator is a wrapper.

Sitting on the tarmac she is elegant as the chipped (on purpose) olive absorbs the sun while her plexi nose and eyes reflect it.

If a publication so elegant as The New Yorker can ask its readers to throw comedy at an image, then everyone else is allowed to, also.

In 5% of cases elegant to is used

Outfits range from elegant to outrageous.

Prieto who was right in her element- fun, wacky, and feisty, but elegant to the core.

Even Nurse Spears, hate her as you might, brings something unique and elegant to this book.

Besides this, what may seem elegant to a bride it can be totally inappropriate for another.

Coco, meanwhile, merely segues from elegant to naked-and-elegant without so much as blinking.

From elegant to casual, choose from a wide selection of styles and colours to suit all occasions.

It is capable of interpreting music of various moods, from the classically elegant to flying passions.

Nevermind they are white and could represent something that doesn't sound nice, they still look elegant to me.

The Resort features a few open-air restaurants with great views and relaxing atmosphere from elegant to casual.

Sangakkara makes the most of a dropped chance as he moves from the consolidating to the elegant to the clinical.

In 4% of cases elegant at is used

Swift and elegant at the same time.

It looks so elegant at the same time.

It's fun but elegant at the same time.

What I loved about the dessert was that it was so homey, yet elegant at the same time.

Fabric You want to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and elegant at the same time.

You got a mixed mean be noted that they each elegant at the casual products are open out the located.

Chelsea, used to being fashionable and elegant at the crack of dawn, worries that he may struggle with the tight deadlines.

Type necklaces has got come up as a wonderful carrier to seem classy and additionally elegant at reasonably priced premiums.

I will post a pisture of it when i get home:) shamrockrules 04-07-2008, 01:46 PM Those are both really simple but elegant at he same time.

Once again thank you for sharing this list of blogs! I like how your website has a very clean and simple style, but also very elegant at the same time.

In 4% of cases elegant on is used

Which was so very elegant on the outside.

She seemed so elegant on my counter, ready to serve.

Seeing Marcia looking very elegant on the campus at G.

I'd happy because I will look elegant on Christmas day.

I wonder if this would look as elegant on dumpy little me.

Pearl studded earrings are very elegant on the woman's ears.

Look sleek and elegant on a night out with this wet-looking style.

That is for starters it should look elegant on your beautiful legs.

Floral printed dresses would really look elegant on this body type.

It's such classy and elegant on you, eventhough you wore blocking colors.

In 3% of cases elegant without is used

The accommodations were elegant without being stuffy.

It is smooth and elegant without being overly literary.

Part of the fun of this style is that it's elegant without looking stiff.

With plush carpeting and silk gold and red wallpaper, Summer Palace is elegant without being stuffy.

XCOM makes a complicated design feel smoother and more elegant without losing the feel and nuance of the original work.

It's stylish and elegant without being posh, the food's great and the prices are very reasonable (especially if you book through 5pm).

As a kid, my mother would often mention that wearing pearls is the best way to make yourself look elegant without looking too overdone.

The Japanese culture has an enormously precise component that feels elegant without being compulsive; movement is economical, precise and almost meditative.

And I loved how you set up the tables -- the green napkins and table cloths made everything seem very sophisticated and elegant without having to do anything else.

These Replica handbags are the smart choice for women who forever move in for the fashion and wish to look elegant without paying too much amount on the single product.

In 3% of cases elegant for is used

They feel so good -to the touch! Very elegant for boots.

It does the most: It a business suit, great for interviews, but is also very elegant for the evening.

These designs are very elegant for Festivals like Deewali and also for Weddings in the wedding season 2012.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on us -- buffet style or casually elegant for dinner at one of our reservations-only restaurants.

With three decades adventure including a perfectly displayed site in developer women's shoes and boots, find a thing elegant for the clothing using Shoetique now.

So, whether you need something funky to jazz up a casual outfit or something elegant for a romantic night out, you can turn to Asprey for all of your timepiece needs.

Costumes are also signed off by Herr Schmidt and are generally quite elegant for the ladies, together with some quite humourous outfits for Penelope's suitors and Eumete.

Desperate, Jim agrees but with one condition, she has to go buy clothes and look elegant for the dinner and of course, she still remains the cleaning lady and cooks the dinner.

Human creatures have formulated wood crafting Towards eons -- i Elegant For the proper Consult Many Marvellous Game tables Retain and collect Of your superb Recommendations Such a art.

In 2% of cases elegant like is used

Mind made up! And isn't it beautifully elegant like the bride herself.

A beautiful ceremony, yet simple and elegant like everything else Tim does.

The decor was bland to say the least, not at all elegant like its cousin in Boston.

I did not say I was the best or elegant like Guido or Imspirit, but I still get the job done.

Keira Knightley - both the dresses are fabulous! She does sweet and elegant like nobody's business.

If you ask me, I think she is big and clumsy-looking -- not slim and elegant like me -- and she does not even produce the reverberations I can.

In 2% of cases elegant about is used

There was just something elegant about it.

There was nothing pretty or elegant about it.

That is what is so elegant about her book - it is informative, without being messy.

There's nothing elegant about git's UI once you get into significant history manipulation.

Have you actually read the paper of 1905 (and understood it) there is nothing elegant about it not to mention the basic mathematical errors.

There's something rather elegant about a placebo based cure for hypochondria! Hypochondria is a dreadful burden on the sufferer and their family.

It's heavier than most, if not all my existing necklaces, but there's something so elegant about it that it makes me want to buy some more exaggerated accessories.

There is something so classic, so beautiful and elegant about a black dress, it doesn matter whether you bought it 20 years ago or last week, new or vintage, its a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

In 2% of cases elegant by is used

It's also possible to find these folks that will extra elegant by having a number of your own form perspective.

This is what happens, when things are not elegant by default; you must find your way through, and this is a complete waste of time.

This is because it is a special day that will be made elegant by getting different services like photography, catering and many more.

All the crockery/dinner plates would match and be elegant by design and the cutlery would be the finest silver corresponding to the menu or courses.

Worst case, you can hit the power button up top to call up the profile menu, which will bump you out to the home screen underneath but it's not elegant by any stretch.

Jane Austen: Elegant by name and of writing style The subject has led me, gloomily, to search for the first reference to the power of names over writers ' reputations.

The demand for quality clothing stores is easy to understand given the nature of Parisians, who are connoisseurs, demanding and elegant by nature as far as fashion is concerned.

In 1% of cases elegant plus is used

Any movement Chanel is definitely taking advantage of will be elements elegant plus frilly.

Moncler jackets shirt, different types, similar to typical, elegant plus partially formal, Moncler.

Elegant plus well-designed enhancements will be added into the restroom that will offer when storeroom spots.

Abercrombie and additionally fitch offers existence outfits for people who have faith in dressed in elegant plus high class dress.

Consequently, manufacturers currently have appear program definitely elegant plus spectacular marriage ceremony robe styles for girls who will be pregnant.

In 1% of cases elegant rather is used

The dresses ought to be simple as well as elegant rather than being large and fluffy.

It's bang in the middle of the road (pedestrian island ), and it's smooth slender form and colour looks quite elegant rather than obstrusive.

Waste no part of it in curiously adorning your houses; in superfluous or expensive furniture; in costly pictures, painting, gilding, books; in elegant rather than useful gardens.

In 1% of cases elegant from is used

The NorDak C-47: elegant from every angle and so clean! 2.

Second, the flowers should look elegant from all angles and should appear classy on camera.

Modern bathroom with a natural touch of wood gives a natural sensatoions but still looks elegant from a blend of brown wood and ceramic floors.

Leather-based is actually regarded as elegant from any kind of stage of your time, as well as the easiest style might be regarded like a declaration.

In 1% of cases elegant up is used

Elegant Updos Elegant up do hairstyles are made for formal occasions.

You can create an elegant up do by pulling the front part of the hair up and back off the face.

In 1% of cases elegant along is used

Footwear help it become search elegant along with hot.

Preserve the elegant along with traditional searching cushion covers for the dinners at home.

Costs happens hefty at $1,495, which will apart from as a Christian Louboutin formation, this too has to do with it's elegant along with delicious totality.

He is very exceptionally well thought to be meant for his / her real, elegant along with prevalent behaviours which interest the purchasers along with fulfills the flavour of each type he covers.

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