Prepositions after "efficient"

"efficient in" or "efficient at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases efficient in is used

We're efficient in the pass game.

He was expert and efficient in that.

We were efficient in the running game.

Fifth, our hospitals must become more efficient in the use of our scarce resources.

We need to explore green growth and be much more efficient in our use of resources.

Some of the platforms for the Gaminator are not equally efficient in their perforce.

UK farmers are the most efficient in the EU, but are suffering the most because of the way the policy is applied.

Your computers will have more stability and you and your employees will be more efficient in all your daily work.

Maybe they didn't understand the intricacies about grappling or about what it takes to be efficient in that area.

I'd not sure why everybody expects them to become efficient in a Clasico just because the situation calls for it.

In 20% of cases efficient at is used

They are efficient at doing this.

And we've become very efficient at this.

They proved to be very efficient at it:.

Planning will save you time and you'll be much more efficient at running your life.

Employees said that being efficient at what one does is an indicator of productivity.

And in both cases what they were most efficient at was killing -- their own citizens.

He wanted to address it in part because doing so would make his organization more efficient at killing Americans.

Pre-sell backup are often very efficient at relation to its helping wide open your thoughts of your canada goose.

And yet, I continued to have this nagging feeling that I wasn't being as efficient at social media as I could be.

It also disrupts the insulating sheath that surround nerve cells, making them less efficient at carrying signals.

In 12% of cases efficient for is used

This makes things efficient for you.

So, like I said, that's efficient for me.

All very efficient for the nursing staff.

Just what meaning, you needn't limitation you on cost -- efficient for a few days.

While that's not so bad, BitSet seems to be quite more efficient for this purpose.

Thus a bursting dopamine response is particularly efficient for releasing dopamine.

I am not implying that it is more efficient for the world at large, but they are more efficient for the company.

Voltage is an rcd just efficient for maintenance, as multiple producer of family can work slow and young in women.

File Requirements My preferred format is JPG as it is much the most efficient for high quality, full-colour images.

They are fairly efficient for the size, but increasing the sound level does not fill the room; they sound too flat.

In 8% of cases efficient with is used

It's very efficient with code and assets.

This class is very efficient with memory.

The service was pretty efficient with most.

That is, writing the to-do-list is a big help to become efficient with your time.

Your initial flirting technique which is rather efficient with females is teasing.

If Vick isn't under as much duress, he should be more efficient with the football.

This requires you first aquianting yourself with your weapons and choosing the ones you are most efficient with.

At first I was scared, only to realize that it's very fast and efficient with no traffic jams like here in Kenya.

This way you can be extremely efficient with your time and avoid focusing on negative things as much as possible.

So take a few seconds to think about how you can make your workspace more efficient with just a few simple steps.

In 4% of cases efficient by is used

It is not even efficient by their own standards.

Make industry efficient by punishing the workers.

Many of these now have been rendered less efficient by the French fisc.

Water supply was made efficient by digging wells and constructing water reservoirs.

How people can be efficient by using anything than Gmail that I can not understand.

Likewise, tax havens make global financial markets more efficient by removing obstacles.

We have our own ' in house ' English Language department which is recognised as efficient by the British Council.

Our government now, is in a transition to make public services more effective and efficient by becoming more open.

If you need an hour with someone, don't think you are being efficient by rushing through the meeting in 15 minutes.

A UK wide program aiming to make teaching and learning more productive and efficient by harnessing modern technology.

In 3% of cases efficient as is used

It's as fuel efficient as the Ford's 1.

It's cheaper and more efficient as a business model.

This is because the atmosphere is not efficient as a buffer, ie.

This helps in making it more efficient as the xml inflation is not done for every row.

A slow combustion heater is typically at least five times as efficient as an open fire.

It made farming more efficient as a farmer had all his fields close together in one unit.

The situation is in obtaining a very good brand that is certainly the two efficient as well as reasonably priced.

BMW boast that the automatic versions (8-speed, by the way) are as fuel efficient as the manual (6-speed) equivalents.

Newsflash, troll: in case it had escaped your notice, solar panels have been getting more efficient as the years go by.

It means that unless an Irish factory worker is twice as efficient as a Polish one, he can't expect to be paid twice as much.

In 3% of cases efficient on is used

It is fast and efficient on my dual 2.

Digestive enzyme can not act efficient on large fat globules.

Team Sky was as brutal as it was efficient on the final climb.

The eighth seed remains tremendously efficient on serve as she holds to love again.

That's the reason these sneakers are lapped as efficient on the grounds that turbo.

XOR, ADD, and MOV from a cache are efficient on both Intel and Motorola architectures.

The IAAF requested I ran the first leg at the World Championships but I would be more efficient on the later ones.

It is certainly more efficient on the road and non technical off-road and gives more control for technical downhill.

Not surprisingly, top-10 freshmen are the most efficient on average, followed by top-20, top-50, and top-100 recruits.

Start jogging or running exercises As sports go, jogging or running have to be some of the most efficient on your time.

In 2% of cases efficient of is used

Its also not the most efficient of devices.

They are the least efficient of all the utilities.

Emphasized around the energy efficient of luminant.

Most storage efficient This is the most storage efficient of all the file organizations.

This seems to be a pretty simple comment as to how efficient of health care in Canada is.

With Pepys and Lowndes he became one of the greatest and most efficient of our civil servants.

How low do you think this effect would bring the most efficient of these companies? Three times the industry's $1.

In order to remove the hair temporary or permanently try other more efficient of hair removal methods like: Tweezers.

We do know that that most intelligent and brutally efficient of the Northern Generals, Sherman, had no doubt about salt.

I do not expect this one to be efficient of any sort, but I wish it would just fly well enough so that I can actually aim.

In 1% of cases efficient about is used

Learn to be efficient about it.

Ain't nothing efficient about economic efficiency.

Very efficient about what it stores in the session, if anything at all.

Figure out how to be more efficient about spending the money we've got.

But there is nothing efficient about allowing a small problem to escalate.

Turns out we were super efficient about keeping on the right course that we actually swam 14.

And to-do lists the night before are the only way I can really be efficient about planning my day smartly.

The difference won't be huge, especially if you get the prepaid meter and become more efficient about power usage.

The only thing efficient about our markets is the speed at which the sheep are butchered by the Wall Street slaughterhouse.

Sustainable products and furniture pieces that have a low impact on the environment will be more efficient about all considerations in the future.

In 1% of cases efficient from is used

How the best way and efficient from disneyland to macau.

Collette was very efficient from booking through to departure.

This option is most efficient from the point of view of the applicant.

Crawford also has been efficient from the field, shooting a career-high 50 percent.

These reactive SLAs are not efficient from our point of view because it is too late.

The better alternative is to buy vehicles that are energy efficient from the outset.

Now, there is another element to this -- air transportation -- which seems to be fairly efficient from what I've been reading.

Either you took a team and made it efficient from the outset, or you came in as a new leader of a team that was already efficient.

The UK finance industry, given the amount it diverts into its own pockets, is very far from efficient from a wider economic perspective.

Ensure that each condition is effective and efficient from the perspective of the affected resource, the consent holder, and the council.

In 1% of cases efficient over is used

Even the best UPS battery becomes less efficient over time.

We want to test cars that will be more efficient over distance.

Firms could therefore be efficient over a considerable range of sizes.

Interestingly the authorities have become much more efficient over the last week.

Smartphones have became faster and more efficient over the years, compared to apps.

While most home appliances have become more efficient over the past 30 years, the average U.

In no way is a carbon fuelled car more efficient over longer distance at constant speed than an electric vehicle.

Moreover, it has been argued that most rules, both legal rules and party-constructed rules, become efficient over time.

Growth is important on both top and bottom lines, and an improving profit margin is a great sign that a company's become more efficient over time.

In 1% of cases efficient through is used

They can earn the profit faster and more efficient through their investment portfolio.

The band was efficient through the first half a dozen songs - some of their best known.

So IT departments continually strive to be more efficient through process improvement and automation.

Summary Cloud computing is an internet-based model for groups to become more efficient through sharing.

Public spending would be made more efficient through improvement in budgeting and expenditure management.

However, as we age, the antioxidant defense system becomes less efficient through down-regulation of oxidative enzymes.

It weeds out the inefficient and rewards the efficient through increased market share the productive vs the unproductive.

So very often a recession can be used by firms to look at ways to make their business more efficient through new technologies.

The boats are actually pretty efficient through the tack, unlike most multihulls, because the wing drag is low compared to soft-sail cats.

Each year EnerPath helps tens-of-thousands of homes and small businesses become more energy efficient through their customer engagement programs.

In 1% of cases efficient to is used

Yes, capitalism seems efficient to a certain extent.

Efficient to such a level that mistakes are just not allowed.

Not, efficient to channels's program, the bsc isn't a time that you can update.

However, sap is looking to read its information percent efficient to social offer.

Transitioning to midfoot strikes with the Kinvara 2 was intuitive and feels comfortable and efficient to me.

Restricting free trade distorts the allocation of resources from the more efficient to less efficient industries.

While it may seem efficient to post a bunch of comments on sites, those posts won't have the positive effect you desire.

Must be highly organized and efficient to multi-task and meet deadlines and coordinate work flow with the photo editors.

It will enforce a rise in the minimum efficiency of these machines from NEMA Energy Efficient to NEMA Premium Efficient.

One of these roles is the most cost efficient to the hiring of its principles provides valuable answers to these questions.

In 1% of cases efficient without is used

Sometimes, I'd even more efficient without.

Bird's greatest quality is that he is efficient without being officious.

The two-party system of the US one can say is most efficient without mincing words.

The staff, mainly foreign, were efficient without being offhand with plenty of smiles.

My MPI codes run 90% efficient without modification on a mulit-core macbook under OpenMPI.

Learning can not be successful, effective or efficient without persistent, purposeful and selective effort.

He told us he could keep costs down by making other programs more efficient without any kind of tort reform.

A deodorant might be equally efficient without including alcohol consumption along with aluminum chlorhydrate.

As a result, the Singapore incorporation process is quick and efficient without any bureaucratic red-tape involved.

It was fairly quiet (maybe about 8 other diners in the place) and felt the service was efficient without feeling rushed.

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