Prepositions after "educate"

"educate in" or "educate at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases educate in is used

He will be educated in that way.

He was educated in madrassa's his whole life.

We were not as well educated in terms of diet.

Christopher Ondaatje was born in Ceylon, educated in England, and emigrated to Canada in 1956.

People EDUCATED in medicine know HOW to read this stuff and how scary or worrying it should be.

Men and Women in Ireland have different sign languages due to being educated in separate schools.

Kyle Whitehill- Chief Executive Officer Kyle was educated in Scotland and has a degree in marketing and economics.

I was born in Taiwan, but I grew up and was educated in 5 different countries in 3 continents and speak 6 languages.

Most dance people need to be educated in the ways of normal living and learn what body movements mean to other people.

Executive Chef Paul Lee, who coincidentally was educated in my hometown of Guildford, never actually studied to be a chef.

In 27% of cases educate at is used

He was educated at Eton and Cambridge.

Harold was educated at the Dunmow Church Schools.

He was educated at home due to a childhood illness.

DUNCE John Duns Scotus (1265-1398) was no fool, having been educated at Oxford and Cambridge.

Chris was educated at Plymouth University in the UK and holds an honours degree in Geography.

Peter, an established film producer and scriptwriter, was educated at Charterhouse then at film school.

He was educated at Petersfield Elementary School from 1901 to 1912 and at Mico Training College from 1913 to 1915.

Story # 1: A hindu doctor from Sindh, educated at the best medical school in Pakistan and post-graduate from the U.

Born in Castleford, West Yorkshire, he was educated at Lincoln School before studying Law at the University of Leeds.

Sir Roger Vickers KCVO Sir Roger was educated at Winchester College, Magdalen College Oxford and St Thomas ' Hospital.

In 11% of cases educate about is used

Time to get educated about cannabis.

You should be fully educated about what's going on here.

As someone else pointed out, think about how girls and boys are educated about money.

And many people in Africa are not educated about the dangers of AIDS or unprotected sex.

That is why we desperately need to get the American people educated about the Federal Reserve system.

His family have been educated about leprosy by the CBR team and have been active in trying to find more leprosy cases.

It is simply not possible to feel educated about Country music and the American culture business itself without reading this book.

First, the citizens of the municipality must be educated about what types of products can be collected and how they are to be contained.

Everywhere, but, especially, in third-world countries, women (and men, too) need to be educated about the immorality of unlimited procreation.

In 7% of cases educate on is used

People need to be educated on how to buy healthcare.

But, in case you are educated on depression, you could live a productive life.

We want people to be entertained as well as informed and educated on such issues.

It's purpose is to get Kony's name famous, so all can be educated on him and help stop him.

The people who are most educated on climate are climatologists, who overwhelmingly accept AGW.

In addition, as the Yale study concluded, the more educated one is, the more skeptical he/she is of C AGW.

No, there is no help for this kind of individual -they want to just put their complete trust in the so called educated ones.

If something offended her on a cultural level, and she suggests you be educated on a cultural matter, it would be better to simply state that.

Well, thanks to that viral video, I am somewhat more educated on whats going on in Uganda and Africa as a whole, and can decide whether or not to get involved.

Tabing reports agriculture developments, educates on technical issues, and with his panel of agriculture experts, answers questions from all over the Philippines.

In 5% of cases educate by is used

Educated by private tutors, he joined the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1883.

She was sent to be educated by the Augustinian nuns and soon decided she wanted to become a nun.

He was educated by Jesuits and remains an atheist Jesuit, wearing fatigues instead of the frock.

Born into a wealthy, middle-class family, he was educated by the Jesuits at Crescent College and later at Clongowes Wood College in County Kildare.

Many were educated by the fight against corporate trade policy, and began to understand the way neoliberal reforms displaced workers and farmers in Mexico, leading to migration across the U.

In 4% of cases educate for is used

Very well educated for the early 1800s.

I was educated for the next four or five days in hospital.

We have home educated for 30 years (24 with an exemption) and still have at least 11 years to go.

And for this reason, suffering keeps you in school -- this dangerous schooling -- so that you may be properly educated for eternity.

WmBoardman was educated for 7 years under the Revd Mr Ashton of Newton and afterwards removed to the Grammar School at Manchester under Mr Lawson being there 3 years.

In 3% of cases educate to is used

When people are educated to at least 12 th grade, they start to think critically and ask important questions.

Overall, the rioters questioned had lower levels of educational attainment, with a third of adults educated to GCSE level and one-fifth having no educational qualifications at all.

In 2% of cases educate as is used

Political campaigns are about educating as well as marketing.

Had they done their job more Americans would have been educated as to his Chicago connections and politics.

The only way to handle the situation is to quickly become educated as to the effects of the condition, and how it can be managed.

In 1% of cases educate into is used

Try to make sure that people are educated into using birth control &; protection.

In that case people need to be educated into having less children &; change their culture.

In 1% of cases educate like is used

I felt she didn't look better than me, she wasn't educated like me and most of all she was ugly.

In 1% of cases educate with is used

But we know gifted kids do better when educated with peers.

I was sympathizing to the sincere non-fundies out there that can read pages like this and actually demonstrate a will to change and educate with great influence.

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