Prepositions after "edit"

edit by, for, in, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases edit by is used

It is edited by Ortoslon and Rob.

The film was edited by WolfMoon Media.

All of Us is edited by Professor William L.

The edition has been chosen because it is far better than the PTS edition (edited by P.

With snails it doesn't always need two? Last edited by roughbarked; 29-03-2012 at 11:41 PM.

Edited by Cynthia Weiss and Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein, this publication was supported by the U.

Produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera) with additional camera from Kasey Hosp.

Until this is resolved I think Sharon's legacy is to a degree undec Last edited by BAK; 20th February 2010 at 21:41.

This post has been edited by Thistledonicely: 16 March 2009 - 17:51 Democracy: Where any two idiots outvote a genius.

Last edited by igotonequestion on September 21st 2012, 3:20 pm; edited 1 time in total I would do everything at once.

In 15% of cases edit for is used

This transcript has been edited for length.

Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Only one of the part was specifically edited for music.

I write and edit for a living, and yes, there are lots of things I still need to learn.

Kilkenny was originally edited for the Society by Michael McGrath (Main Series 30-33).

Comments will be published at our discretion, and may be edited for clarity and length.

It happens to be the first book that Jedediah Berry (The Manual of Detection) has acquired and edited for the press.

Those are perfect opportunities to recognize the work of others, which is supremely connective (I edited for brevity.

It is a fact that his books were heavily edited for content, and much of his insane and ridiculous statements were removed.

Braille books In order to produce a Braille book, a print novel is scanned, page-by-page, and the files are then edited for errors.

In 4% of cases edit in is used

You would need to make some CSS edits in order to prop-erly sup-port some-thing like Dis-qus or IntenseDebate.

As soon as I have time for that, I'll look more closely at Method-Draw to see if it could replace SVG Edit in BlueGriffon since I find its UI and the UX it induces quite nice.

Disabling Tamil language editing in Microsoft Office Language Settings will also correct the input behaviour, but this is not recommended, as it makes selection of fonts more difficult.

In 4% of cases edit to is used

I have my own idea to how to edit to that song.

It's great for sharing professional collaborations, adding fun edits to photos or even planning the perfect wedding proposal.

Now I make lots of edits to various articles on the encyclopedia, and almost none of them have anything to do with Henry James.

For example, the largest portion of the Anaconda article was written by a user who only made 2 edits to it (and only 100 on the entire site).

So did the Gang of 500 actually write Wikipedia? Wales decided to run a simple study to find out: he counted who made the most edits to the site.

If you just count edits, it appears the biggest contributors to the Alan Alda article (7 of the top 10) are registered users who (all but 2) have made thousands of edits to the site.

I believe that this show will successfully produce a new band that will be very famous, and have actual talent, without extreme amounts of editing to their vocals, and the sexiest dance moves.

FishbowlNY The New York Times ' Editors Don't Care About Salad Dressing - Posted October 11, 2011 We've always imagined that everything inside the New York Times ' walls is edited to perfection.

In 3% of cases edit from is used

They now make videos edited from their iPads.

Professor Nagy's new introduction is accompanied by an appendix edited from a critical review by T.

This article by John Passant indicates the same is true of the current Labor government across the ditch; it has been very slightly edited from here More than 2.

The footage shown by BBC News was edited from a longer sequence provided by the Reuters news agency in which the man in question is shown being lifted from the ground.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 has the same framework, therefore you can use Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in connection to one another, such as real time editing from either of the devices.

In 3% of cases edit with is used

For example, I have read that Osho's videos are being edited with the beginnings and the endings removed.

Nothing is ever done, but most of it will be publishable after 3 rounds of rewriting if you wrote with your eyes fully closed, and editing with your eyes and ears fully open.

This is obviously the intention of the manufacturer, but the roomsets you are looking at are usually built in a studio and have had some element of editing with photo shop or similar software.

In 2% of cases edit at is used

You did the final edit at Peter Jackson's Park Road Post facility, is that right? I've heard it's pretty palatial.

I recently signed up to teach News Writing and Editing at the National University of Singapore ' s Communications and New Media programme.

In 2% of cases edit on is used

Dropbox files can also be edited on the iPhone using Pages, QuickOffice or Evernote.

You are able to change these details by selecting EDIT on the right side of the address.

Also, your first edit on this wiki was at 2005-04-29T05:57:45; it needs to be before 2006-05-03T00:00:00.

Originally shot in 35mm, it was then edited on videotape, giving it an something of a washed-out drabness.

He has seven years of experience editing on Final Cut Studio and also has expertise in Adobe Creative Suite.

In 2% of cases edit out is used

After all that work, the scenes were edited out of the movie.

The fact that Henday had taken on a country woman (a bed mate) was edited out of this version.

But the talk is that other signs he was struggling mentally and emotionally with being on the show were edited out of the broadcast material.

In 1% of cases edit into is used

This video stream is currently being edited into a piece called CAPITALISM WILL HEAL MY BODY.

Generally we can divide editing into three stages: structural (think re-writing ), copyediting (think language) and proofreading (think errors).

In 1% of cases edit of is used

But I can tell you that the writing staff watched the final edit of next week's episode together, and we were all in tears.

In 1% of cases edit without is used

There are a few loose plot points which could have been edited without altering the quality of the story.

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