Prepositions after "ecstatic"

"ecstatic about" or "ecstatic with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases ecstatic about is used

I'd ecstatic about my Xperia T.

Were the papers ecstatic about this.

We should all be ecstatic about that.

Instead of being ecstatic about this possibility, I actually became disheartened.

I got a call this week from the museum, which is just ecstatic about the turnout.

And then there are the marine greens coming in, which I am forever ecstatic about.

Others, who might not be ecstatic about the plan, are making an effort to view the project in a positive light.

I have relatives who live in Donegal and Leitrim in the Republic and they were ecstatic about the Royal wedding.

I'd be so ecstatic about that, it'd be so great to have another one of my band members out on this tour with me.

A good tour poster is something you can add to your portfolio and that a band will be absolutely ecstatic about.

In 17% of cases ecstatic with is used

You'll be ecstatic with your new look.

The public will be ecstatic with them.

Dickins is ecstatic with the response.

Everyone was naturally ecstatic with the feat, well, everyone except Aston Martin.

TV commentators in particular have gone ecstatic with a ringside seat to revolution.

Milarepa's mother quickly learned of the catastrophe and was ecstatic with cruel joy.

I have been attending Spartan for the past fifteen years and am ecstatic with the clubs ' dedication to its members.

The market reaction to the announcements however was ecstatic with bonds fallings to levels not seen for two or more years.

Some big names in domestic and world football walk away from the game without have won a trophy so I was ecstatic with my achievement.

Veterinarians and practice managers attended the workshops in droves and were delighted and ecstatic with the information they received.

In 13% of cases ecstatic at is used

He'll be ecstatic at your thoughtfulness.

I was ecstatic at the paper gain of RM427,500.

Nat Geo was ecstatic at the response, and so were we.

They were ecstatic at seeing the Dalai Lama, their king, visit them in Srinagar recently.

Arsenal fans were ecstatic at that result, but the smiles was soon to be wiped off their faces.

I was 27 and ecstatic at the prospect of spending the next eight months travelling around Europe.

The other boys were ecstatic at the news, but none of them had girlfriends waiting at home for them, like Niall did.

Apparently Catherine Beard of Export NZ, for whom the NZIER report was prepared, was ecstatic at its recommendations.

Meanwhile, Sonu is ecstatic at turning producer with his home production ' Lucky Unlucky ', featuring Mallika Sherawat.

Mind you, we made it home intact, including the dogs who were ecstatic at the prospect of a third day off the reservation.

In 6% of cases ecstatic over is used

Or see them ecstatic over India or chorus a namaste.

Needless to say I am ecstatic over this great discovery.

His family and friends were ecstatic over his achievement.

Right? Phil, I so live when you wax ecstatic over scientific discoveries like this.

The writers behind the satirical website must be ecstatic over fiction becoming fact.

And get this, there are NO MOSQUITOES! Yes, the true Texan is ecstatic over that fact.

All the people of Ghana are ecstatic over your choice of Ghana as the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to visit.

Audie is ecstatic over having his very own place for the first time in his life; he's a couple of years older than Clay.

Brazilian fans are ecstatic over this piece of news as MBLAQ is the first KPOP artist ever to set foot on Latin American soil.

I am pleased to say that, after getting my hands on the new website, that I am absolutely and completely ecstatic over what is to come.

In 5% of cases ecstatic for is used

I'd so ecstatic for you and your family.

I'd ecstatic for my darling boy after all the years and all the heartache.

In typical fashion, I was ecstatic for their latest mini-album release, ' Have, Don't Have '.

I was ecstatic for those who made their athletic tryouts and will represent their school teams.

You deserve every bit of this joy, and regardless of how things turn out with TRM, I am ecstatic for you in this moment.

Damian has won a wonderful opportunity to advance his career, fulfill his dreams, I am among many that are ecstatic for him.

I have a special interest in orphans and vulnerable children in Africa, and am beyond ecstatic for this amazing opportunity.

Although it may not seem like the best thing to do, here is one idea that I believe will make your mother ecstatic for Mother's Day.

Take the time to call your friends and family about your engagement! They will be ecstatic for you and will want to share in your happy news! 4.

As you may recall back in February when they first announced the upcoming Winter Classic, I was ecstatic for it and what it could lead to for the West Coast.

In 4% of cases ecstatic in is used

We are ecstatic in our disbelief.

And they can be miserable in anything and ecstatic in anything.

The wife's candidate looked genuinely ecstatic in the first time in a month.

And the few they won were enough to make us children wildly ecstatic in our schools.

When I first saw the I Am T-Pain mic in Walmart, I was almost ecstatic in seeing this product.

Good thing have come my way and I'd just so ecstatic in what will happen in the next days/months.

I want therefore to set man free, rejoicing as the bird in the clear sky, unburdened, independent, ecstatic in that freedom.

So how do PM-V11 blades perform? When we gave test blades to a group of woodworkers, the feedback was uniformly positive (bordering on ecstatic in some cases).

So what should we be hoping for in the first direct sequel to a main series Pokmon game? With the announcement of Pokmon Black and White 2, fans are ecstatic in their thoughts of what the games are.

In 3% of cases ecstatic after is used

Looking ecstatic after the ceremony, he said: ' It's absolutely wonderful to get the knighthood.

Ida Hammer said she was ecstatic after MVP Health Care caved and hoping to have the surgery as soon as possible.

If we were ecstatic after our win against India in Canberra, we had every reason to rue our loss against Australia in Perth three days later.

Clarke, also man of the match for his unbeaten triple hundred, was ecstatic after playing such a crucial role in guiding his team to victory.

Stuart Lancaster ecstatic after England beat New Zealand The Twickenham crowd were roaring their side on as England went wide at pace, only for Ashton to spill the ball.

Mojumder was ecstatic after hearing the entire play read out to him by the author himself, and wrote a letter to the editor of Anandabazaar Sharadia special issue to publish it.

Maybe it was the fact that she had managed to win a medal with only one valid throw, but she was ecstatic after the event:?? I would never have believed you could win gold with 65m,? she said.

In 2% of cases ecstatic on is used

We were ecstatic on this milestone achievement.

That's perhaps one reason why the people in the metro train were anything but ecstatic on hearing this news.

The whole country was ecstatic on receiving news of the ' extraordinary achievements ' by these young Bangladeshis.

It was a great time for us to enjoy each others ' company (that we missed so much) and be ecstatic on the coming year.

He was ecstatic on the podium with a tear or two trickling down his face, the emotion clearly having cought up with him.

Sean played the Sunday evening at Wolf/Sheep before heading to the awards ceremony and was ecstatic on his nomination, and his new Wolf/Sheep swag.

Movie of Ray can be enjoyed by people who have higher IQ but same will be rejected by the people who become ecstatic on seeing movie like Padosan a hindi movie.

In 2% of cases ecstatic to is used

I presume theyll end up reputable ecstatic to have.

I swing from being completely ecstatic to all-out mad panic.

They veer from ecstatic to aggressive to raw primal movement.

And it is incredible how they can go from ecstatic to despondent in a mere instant.

It provided additional information by including a range of overseas reviews, ranging from ecstatic to vitriolic.

In 1% of cases ecstatic as is used

The work is both melancholic and ecstatic as to the presence of matter in time and the extraordinariness of ordinary things.

Though initially a bit taciturn, the kids became more ecstatic as the ice breakers session progressed and were bubbling with happiness towards the end.

I am absolutely ecstatic as a member to be able to finally ask these questions, on areas that I have so much more clarity on now, that NEED to be answered and a consumer has a right to ask.

In 1% of cases ecstatic by is used

I was ecstatic by the time they walked off stage.

The perceiver becomes indescribably enthralled, ecstatic by the mesmerising sights.

Feeling ecstatic by this experience, Devagiriamma eagerly awaited the return of her husband in the morning to relate to him the whole story.

I felt ecstatic by getting out of that class, but really never learned much French, and Bob Collier never forgave himself for not doing the same.

W hen I watched the recorded ceremony on TV I was ecstatic by what we presented to the world and I was proud to be part of London Olympics as a Sri Lankan.

In 1% of cases ecstatic of is used

Lavinia is ecstatic of the moral laxity and throws herself into orgiastic pagan rituals of the islanders.

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