Prepositions after "economical"

"economical with" or "economical in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases economical with is used

He was economical with the truth.

And we could be economical with it.

MAHAMA is being economical with the truth.

We now know that he was being perhaps just a little economical with the actualit.

What I implied was that I think you were and are being economical with the truth.

Excuse me sir Pa Akande permit me to say that you are being economical with truth.

Whoever comes to tell you that the customs is corrupt is either being mischievous or economical with the truth.

Call it being economical with the truth but it amounts to them not saying what has actually happened regardless.

Or rather, if Monsieur Hollande has not been guilty of lies, he has certainly been economical with the actualit.

Some might say McGuinty's governments have been economical with the truth and have strained Ontarians ' credulity.

In 18% of cases economical in is used

Hansen is economical in his feedback.

Animations are economical in bandwidth, too.

And it is very economical in the bigger picture.

Neem applications were economical in fertile soils with moderate pest infestation.

The cost may seem more at this stage, but it would be economical in the long term.

Latex examination gloves are generally affordable and economical in terms of pricing.

Therefore, despite the higher initial cost, it is more economical in the long term when compared to antibiotics.

At an exploitation cost of 1, 1 euro/GJ of energy, Kosovo's coal is definitely the most economical in the region.

A technology that is designed to save space, but is only economical in a place with almost endless space(deserts).

You can purchase mouthwash in a variety of sizes with the larger ones being the most economical in terms of price.

In 15% of cases economical for is used

It simply isn't economical for the insurer or the midwife.

This is not a plan that is economical for a lower end user.

It ’ s also pretty economical for such a big vehicle.

It's a lot friendlier to our environment and a lot economical for our family too.

It would be a little economical for them to stick up with their existing network.

It sometimes becomes necessary to ride a bike that is economical for your budget.

Directly coupled DC water pumps with solar panels have been very successful and economical for irrigation purpose.

Is it economical for farmers to go to India every time for animal purchase? What should be the solution for this? 4.

It's simply not economical for companies to outlay half a million dollars to provide fibre to 5 houses at $100 each.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are more economical for the consumer than other online medical coverage coverage.

In 4% of cases economical on is used

With this, it will be more economical on your part.

Certainly it's economical on the fuel bills, but it 's.

Microwaves are safe and economical on electricity with savings up to 50%.

Irrigation was economical on Caberfeidh only because it did not have to be pumped.

The venue came as a package from the church and also was economical on our budget.

The car is uncomfortable, there are no features, and they are not economical on fuel.

The optocouplers are not as robust (that's why I call them ' poptocouplers '!!!) but are more economical on current drain.

They are more economical on fuel than cars and generally cheaper to park, so this might explain the increase in popularity.

The technology for some of them is still not to the point where they are economical on their own, they need to be subsidized.

Most industrial steam is produced in large boilers-solar steam's efficiency could allow it to become economical on a much smaller scale.

In 4% of cases economical to is used

A good designer can work with any budget from economical to grand.

They range from the intellectual to the economical to the practical.

He would then see how wide the seam was and if it was economical to mine.

It has become more economical to Tweet, BBM, WhatsApp or Facebook someone than to call.

Alex Nino Gheciu takes a look at some waterfront casino examples -- from economical to exorbitant.

Economical to Run Even if we have all 5 fans up and running at full speed we are using very little power.

Tax breaks have made it more economical to film in South Africa, so a version of Soho will be built to house the shoot.

Bikeshare sounds pretty economical to me for the people who will use it most! have to agree with some other commenters.

Online education is significantly cheaper as compared to traditional learning, and is therefore economical to more persons.

A well serviced fleet of vans will be more economical to a business in the long run rather than breaking down at the side of the road? A.

In 3% of cases economical as is used

Thus Speedcoding is economical as well as convenient to use.

The reasons for this evolution are economical as well as technological.

Using natural gas would be more economical as an automotive fuel source.

Prices are also economical as compare to other big brands available in market.

In all age categories, all disputes are required achievements economical as a guarantee.

This is both economical as well as good means of physical activity especially for students living in hostel premises.

This can be economical as no batteries have to be purchased or replaced, but it does limit where the frame can be displayed.

This proved significantly economical as the same ultra-compact drive unit could then be used in both with only minor modifications.

Car accidents usually are inescapable; wreck lawyers help in claiming the actual damage taken place just like physical, economical as well as mental.

But I still think that there is nothing so safe and economical as the rubber-tyred hansom cab, and Christchurch was always well catered for in the matter of hansoms.

In 3% of cases economical of is used

I am careful, I am economical of my time and labor.

On the other hand, he was, by temperament, economical of the truth.

Every work is realized with the most economical of means and consideration in craft.

Aman Momand was the most economical of the Swedish bowlers with two for 24 from his four overs.

It can be constructed for far larger outputs than any reciprocating engine, and it is moreover much more economical of steam.

The ubiquity of the Flash player enables Macromedia to deliver high quality media streams while being economical of bandwidth.

His lines were expected to rhyme, but he was prudently economical of them, generally using only one line, repeated twice, for each verse.

He is the most accurate and economical of Australia's pace attack and he gets through his overs quickly, relieving the pressure on the other fast bowlers to rush.

Never mind that under-floor heating was the most economical of all types of heating and protected the health of all in the prisons -- inmates, staff and visitors.

About this resource ' Phileas Fogg was one of those mathematically exact people, who, never hurried and always ready, are economical of their steps and their motions.

In 2% of cases economical at is used

Using such a metal allows cars to be lighter, meaning they are faster and more economical at the same time.

Same in Ohio, but for oil not one producing well, although some have produced measurable amounts of gas, but maybe not economical at todays prices.

OVER 71: ENG 177/8 Prior 47* Broad 21* Ashwin, who was so economical at the start of the day's play, is now getting a bit of a spanking by Prior and Broad.

In 1% of cases economical about is used

The Sufi is very economical about his energy.

He prattles on about late mergers just being economical about the road -- using as much as there is instead of choking up another lane by merging early.

In 1% of cases economical because is used

In general, the choice of a bird on the ground, Brown is not economical because of the weight on the ground that the weight to the ground by the weight applied to the beams and columns.

In 1% of cases economical from is used

It was seen that this action was the most economical from an **30;427;TOOLONG perspective.

That has been entirely satisfactory and, in fact, is more economical from the point of view of the firm itself.

They may be less economical from a strict dollar per man-hour rate, but their proficiency is exponentially better.

In 1% of cases economical without is used

Economical Without the use of plastic bottles, the Clover D14A saves you hundreds per year.

It has been recognized for upwards of fifteen years now that space travel can not be large-scale economical without utilizing off-Earth resources.

Instead of being for inter-city connections, the highly engineered roads become a necessity for cities that are now too spread out to be economical without subsidies.

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