Prepositions after "ease"

"ease into", "ease by" or "ease in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases ease into is used

Rahane would ease into the openers slot.

Next time get the power, or ease into it gently.

It is designed for people to ease into the postures.

He still has lots to learn and must be eased into the first team set up.

Roaming around the inn's varied gardens is a very good way to ease into the day.

They figured becoming acolytes was the best way to ease into the whole universe-saving thing.

Later the tuxedo jackets came off and the gathering eased into an evening of dancing and music to the Reasons.

This will allow you to become comfortable in the new setting and allow you the chance to ease into your networking event.

All the songs were sung a cappella which was a little distracting at the beginning, but you soon eased into the subsequent songs.

To them, there is something to be said for easing into a respectable series of steps - the older generation often respects process and form as much as substance.

In 15% of cases ease in is used

Price pressures have eased in Latin America's biggest economy recently but 12-month inflation was last recorded at 6.

If not known properly and if done wrongly, unrest may increase in time and this may lead to the collapse of the family.

The threat posed by the increase in the illegal traffic in small arms is particularly troubling to nations of the Caribbean.

A/53/1) records a disturbing increase in regional conflicts and other events which undermine international peace and security.

Mia had a personal representative that joined us from the first doctor to provide translation and ease in finding our next stop.

Find time this month to do something caring for yourself which in turn will give you a greater feeling of relaxation and ease in dealing with family.

Credit easing in 2008 caused a series of follow-up effects, including high level of credits, the real estate bubble and rising non-performing loans.

In 12% of cases ease by is used

The RBA has already eased by 150 basis points in the past year but Australian.

What's this Great Disorder? Grice is talking about monetary easing by the world's central banks.

Any hopes that the impact of support for the banks might be eased by an upturn in the economy look premature.

The pressure on governments to take tough, longer-term decisions is being eased by the actions of central banks.

My fortnight of enforced rest from handwork ends today, and I have a prodigious itch in my fingers that can be eased by only one thing.

The path to the destination was certainly eased by the company of two MCC stewards who provided an inside track of the venue akin to a guided tour.

This tropical region makes for an excellent escape from winter in the mountains, but the heat is always eased by a constant, refreshing sea breeze.

In 8% of cases ease to is used

The underlying inflation rate eased to 3.

It is a bag that guarantees you comfort and ease to its user.

The company will say that the rate of company collapses eased to 0.

An outfit of daily use for all seasons these scarves present comfort and ease to wearer.

In Melbourne, rain is forecast to ease to isolated showers this afternoon, but with possible hail.

Detail GDP According to the preliminary figure on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) released today by the Census and Statistics Department, GDP fell sharply by 7.

The Government released today (May 15) the First Quarter Economic Report 2009, together with the preliminary figures on Gross Domestic Product for the first quarter of 2009.

To bring peace and ease to living beings I manifest within the world And for the sake of the assembly speak The sweet dew of pure Dharma The Dharma of a single flavor, That of liberation and Nirvana.

In 6% of cases ease past is used

David was given a good test by 17 year old Whitlock whilst world number two Jenny Duncalf eased past Huber.

The plate quarter-finals were much more one-sided in contrast, with Ireland and Sri Lanka easing past Namibia and Nepal.

Welsh seventh seed Tesni Evans was the only other seed to make it through in straight games, easing past England junior Brogan Lane.

In 6% of cases ease of is used

Food is taken by such lay people as a medicine which is necessary to cure the disease of hunger.

Peachtree Complete Accounting Review When it comes to ease of use, this accounting software is not really the easiest to understand and configure.

CECAs would cover preferential relaxation of FDI rules vis--vis the partner country, tax holidays on investment and income, easing of visa restrictions etc.

For about ten to fifty years, at most, the benefits to the economy from a successful bauxite operation may include foreign exchange earnings, easing of unemployment, and stimulation of local economy.

In 4% of cases ease off is used

The selectable 0db, -3db and -6db will most likely be a tweeter attenuation feature built in to allow you to ease off the intensity of the signal being sent to the tweeter.

In 3% of cases ease with is used

Of The NHIS: Why Is The NPP So Dishonest? He ease with which the NPP resorts to dishonesty in a bid to win political power is quite shocking.

In 3% of cases ease through is used

However Bolt, who false-started in the 2011 World Championship final won by Blake, seemed to ease through the final 40 metres.

In 3% of cases ease on is used

Re: What part of my post suggested I did not understand the effect of the qualitative easing on the value of the dollar? Now now now.

In 3% of cases ease for is used

With Quantative Easing for which read the printing of Monopoly paper, zero interest rates and rising inflation your amounts mentioned won't be worth much in a short space of time.

In 3% of cases ease as is used

Hi, exactly where did you get this info can you please assist this with some proof or you may well say some excellent reference as I and other people will really appreciate.

In 2% of cases ease from is used

According to Statistics South Africa, the growth in retail sales volumes eased from a robust 7.

In 2% of cases ease out is used

The news coincides with an announcement from the Bank of England that the UK eased out of recession in the second three months of the fiscal year.

In 2% of cases ease over is used

However, this problem is set to ease over the coming years and decades.

In 2% of cases ease at is used

Also, the Prophet's coming was told through his mothers dream, the experience of her pregnancy and ease at the time of labour.

Meanwhile, Kashmiris have paid the price for Pakistan's policies -- while those Pakistanis who oversaw the campaign of jihad enjoy a life of comfort and ease at home.

In 2% of cases ease after is used

Spring prices should ease after Easter until Memorial Day.

Shares in Asia eased after rallying to the highest level since January earlier in the week.

In 1% of cases ease following is used

The sharp appreciation of the yen and accompanying monetary easing following the Plaza Accord of 1985 gave rise to a tremendous amount of excess liquidity in Japan.

In 1% of cases ease toward is used

Yet, the market still implies further easing toward 2.

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