Prepositions after "dubious"

"dubious about" or "dubious of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases dubious about is used

Many remain dubious about the 7.

I'd more than dubious about this.

Indeed, she is dubious about them.

I'd dubious about the claims of generation from barrage schemes and lagoon schemes.

Of the above I suspect ENSO has a chaotic component but I am dubious about the rest.

But I'd actually pretty dubious about arguments from parsimony in contexts like these.

The Tories still haven't sealed the deal; better have the election while voters are still dubious about Cameron.

But I was sort of nervous on my own account- afraid of being caught, and rather dubious about the morning affair.

Like Rowan Neilson, he's dubious about commentators such as Steve Biddulph and their egg timers on good fathering.

Whether or not I have time to comment, I like it the way it is and I am dubious about many of the proposed changes.

In 17% of cases dubious of is used

I'd also dubious of the environmental benefits.

I was kid of dubious of the gummy vitamin concept.

They're a little dubious of nuclear, but they want more power, starting with renewables.

Indeed, a few entrepreneurs are dubious of how much Endeavor can really do at first blush.

First, it's partly my experience in the PSC that makes me extremely dubious of what you say.

Quite naturally, people were dubious of a product that blocked the natural cooling and excretion process of sweating.

I think generally people are dubious of critics anyway and are slightly encouraged when something gets a negative review.

If multiculturalism works, which I have always been rather dubious of, surely it must be multicultural and not monocultural.

After witnessing an accident in a German reactor caused by a minor human error, he became dubious of nuclear power's safety.

In 8% of cases dubious in is used

I find that dubious in the extreme.

The Harem of Virgins who, ahem, are dubious in chaste.

Quality of shots was dubious in places but you have to work with what you've got.

However the claim to this distinction looks dubious in the face of the lack of drainage.

Such an inference is dubious in biology, where its most ardent proponents are the ID crowd.

And several that I know of personally were really dubious in terms of why the person was deported.

It is very dubious in my view because the process you describe doesn't happen in terms of aggregates, it happens microeconomically.

This is dubious in itself, but perhaps more perplexing is that even in the face of great danger, men can carry on without deep thought.

However, what are we to make of this unintentional racism? In fact, the concept is extremely unhelpful and dubious in it's construction.

Adler on September 05, 2012 12:23 PM: The basic philosophical divide that Nick proposes is compelling, but I find it dubious in practice.

In 6% of cases dubious as is used

This made it dubious as a theory of mind at all -- in the ordinary sense.

At first, Lau was dubious as to whether the center's tactics actually worked.

Something that had never been done and I was dubious as to whether it would work.

I was a bit dubious as to whether it would still be a dress and hadn't disintegrated.

Without having worked at it at all yet, I am dubious as to the authenticity of this epistle.

We were dubious as to how Zoe would go being bounced around on the back of a horse for that long.

The primer itself looks like foundation and being pale I was dubious as to whether this would suit my pale complexion.

I am, however, dubious as to whether it was necessary to accede to wheelie bins in order to keep the weekly collections.

Additionally, using the order in which associations are reported is dubious as an indicator of their centrality in memory.

I was dubious as to this game achieving anything like the Forza series handling and atmosphere but they've done it and they've done it well.

In 4% of cases dubious to is used

Frankly, this seems dubious to me.

The methods used are dubious to some people.

As for Arsenal struggling to meet FFP, that seems very dubious to me.

Several other parts of the site look dubious to me and I wouldn't put any credence in it.

I'd dubious to the legality of that suggestion BUT there is a risk that they could be plunged into negative.

Early in the second half it looked as if we were heading for a grandstand finish as Canterbury won a penalty that looked a bit dubious to me.

Justifying changing a result from a correct to an incorrect basis on the grounds that all the other results were given on that basis seems very dubious to me.

At most, what Quran says is that the ' matter was made dubious to them ' (Quran 4:157 ), clearly implying that no one was able to figure out for sure what happened.

I noticed this article did nt mention education at all, which is the primary issue; the lack of a single mention makes me dubious to your understanding of the issues.

In 3% of cases dubious for is used

This contention is dubious for several reasons.

It still seems dubious for a prospective PM to do so.

I am a little dubious for the same reasons you have pointed out.

For the genuine investigative journalists Bruguire's work has been dubious for years.

Some disclosures therein were, at the time, held dubious for both learned and natural reasons.

I also think it's very, very dubious for the administration to simply say yes, they'll release these papers.

It was so loud my hearing was dubious for the rest of the night - a form of enthusiastic-self-damage which is arguably evil.

However, the fact that we live in societies that are created by human beings, for human beings makes this approach highly dubious for a number of reasons.

It seems particularly dubious for the ex-British Prime Minister to address the subject of religion, as he has done so much to enrage the Muslim world and thus set back religious tolerance by decades.

In 2% of cases dubious at is used

Philip looked rather dubious at this sentence.

I have been dubious at points along the way too.

Such state-sponsored trade promotion is dubious at the best of times.

I don't doubt their existence, but I do find some claims of them dubious at times.

I was understandably dubious at this as I would have heard something in the tech-news or blogosphere.

Also, some early users have criticised the public transport directions as being rather dubious at times.

Having always been bustier with boobs that enjoy gravity a leeeetle too much I was of course dubious at it's claims.

One outstanding problem is that some browsers claiming XML conformance are also broken, and some browsers ' support for CSS styling is dubious at the best.

That professed focus might have been dubious at times, but I didn't have a problem with his extracurriculars, because over the next three years he was an absolute beast.

In 2% of cases dubious on is used

You can find absolutely anything credible or dubious on Google.

Imo some pretty sharp practise, so I'd a little dubious on what the catch is.

He was highly dubious on weather the 47 per cent thing would work for Obama, it certainly seemed like it did.

But to say that metaphor is the only means through which subject like God can be dealt with is too dubious on religious language.

I'd more dubious on the idea of steadily raising the retirement age, because it is not possible for many people over the age of 50 to find ANY employment in these difficult times.

In 1% of cases dubious by is used

Initially I was daunted and dubious by this short-cut suggestion that Shane offered, but it ended up going without any hassles.

In 1% of cases dubious from is used

He was a bit dubious from the beginning but we thought we had persuaded him.

That's dubious from an ethical standpoint -- but at least they own the servers.

We try and block certain sites we know to be dubious from appearing on this site, but due to the dynamic nature of Google Adsense, we can not keep completely on top of this.

In 1% of cases dubious over is used

However I continue to remain a little dubious over the ' First ' element of it.

However, I'd still dubious over this supposed 300% growth in the ebook wholesale sector.

With many people still dubious over how exactly their card details are kept safe as they fly across cyberspace, payment by card is actually generally very safe.

In 1% of cases dubious with is used

The principle is unclear if not entirely dubious with regard to reservations.

A religious person may not be honest and his/her outlook maybe dubious with ulterior motives! +16.

Success can also be in your character, a poor man of integrity can be seen as being a success compared to a man that is dubious with cash.

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