Prepositions after "dry"

"dry in", "dry with" or "dry for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases dry in is used

Rinse and dry in a salad spinner.

Gasoline supplies run dry in hours.

The weather is drier in the west.

His closing remarks gave five tips for market researchers to keep dry in the data deluge.

Keep your dog warm and dry in the cooler months with stylish blankets in several designs.

Especially because the way they cook it here ensures that the rice is drier in texture.

Although Paramo seems to attract some negative comments, they kept me 100% dry in heavy driving rain over several days.

Julia and Raymond Blanc don't bother with bechamel at all, and their sandwiches seem rather dull and dry in comparison.

If you think of high elevation western USA sites with lots of snow, maybe so (though these can be quite dry in summer).

You noble 100 that keep your powder dry in eternal watch of the EU might just watch the war lost without firing a shot.

In 14% of cases dry with is used

Pat your face dry with a towel.

Pat dry with a soft cloth later.

Dry with a towel before cooking.

My spine went cold and my mouth got dry with the dust of fear of losing my best friend.

After being cleaned with the spray, the lenses can then be wiped dry with a lens cloth.

Early showers in Northern Ireland will die out to leave it mostly dry with sunny spells.

The fish was obviously equally pure at heart, as it snaffled my dry with the enthusiasm usually reserved for Cicadas.

The next day wipe the entire floor with a damp sponge to lift off the excess dust and wipe dry with old clean towels.

So SMEs, dependent on the non-functioning banks for funding, are left high and dry with no benefit from lower yields.

Monday will be mainly dry with some sunny spells, while on Tuesday there is a chance of another weather front coming.

In 14% of cases dry for is used

Keep the wound dry for 48 hours.

Let it dry for a full 60 seconds.

Normally it's cut and dry for me.

And the formula was a bit too dry for my liking (after keeping it for a while, that is).

It was a very fun night out - and cheap too! I was drinking Jameson and Dry for only $4.

Rainfall Most of the dry season was significantly dry for most of the Northern Territory.

It stayed dry for Moto3, MotoGP and Moto2, more or less, but there is more to going fast than just having a dry track.

Then the leaves are sheltered from wind and sun in a ventilation barn where the leaves air dry for six to eight weeks.

A drought occurs when a region stays abnormally dry for a long enough period to cause an imbalance in the water cycle.

I discovered this when I injured the extensor tendon of a finger and had to keep my splinted hand dry for eight weeks.

In 9% of cases dry on is used

They are bone dry on the economy.

Drain and pat dry on paper towels.

This dry on insist on a full 19 years.

There's no getting around the stage either, leaving Wii U owners high and dry on the game.

Never allow textured hair to simply dry on its own without any products or shaping support.

He was caught up, the ink barely dry on his new DG's contract, by two Newsnight programmes.

Freedom from search and seizure has been retracting in favor of police ever since the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights.

Let the cleaning solution dry on the carpet then vacuum thoroughly so no residue of the cleaner to be left on the carpet.

The center area of the country is arid which means that it is hot and dry on daytime, but is often cold during the night.

It is advised to take your orthotics out to let them dry on occasion especially if used on a regular basis or for sports.

In 6% of cases dry at is used

It's dry at the side of the road.

Always tumble dry at normal cycle.

Now the cellar is dry at all times.

These bridges are built across some narrow streams that were completely dry at that time.

Except it was so dry at the time that there was no water to be found on any of the falls.

If you live just west of the Rockies the air you get is already dry at the best of times.

Steel roofing and walling products being transported or stored on site prior to installation must be kept dry at all times.

Goodluck though i remember earlier this year some middle man seller left people high and dry at one of the gps Interesting.

Although a bit dry at points, it is well worth the effort if you want a better understanding of why we think the way we do.

Not my face feels uncomfortably greasy yet dry at the same time and I think I got some in my eyes cause they're dry now too.

In 5% of cases dry by is used

Been eating it dry by the spoonfuls.

The unionist case is dry by comparison.

The quota is expected to run dry by Dec.

Most children achieve day and night dryness by 5 years of age, usually being dry by day first.

The people who supported Chester City were left high and dry by an owner they have no control.

Virginia was just about bled dry by the demands of the two armies since the first battle in 1861.

At the same time we're concerned that employers have been left somewhat high and dry by the Government over these schemes.

This happened to be Ngo-Din-Diem, whose tragic end - that of an orange squeezed dry by imperialism -- is well known by all.

How do you do that? Easiest thing is to keep the camera dry by sliding it into your jacket or using a raincoat of some sort.

But the court kept its powder dry by refusing Naek? s request to withdraw the show-cause notice issued to the prime minister.

In 4% of cases dry before is used

Rinse the board and pat dry before use.

Ensure fluid is dry before applying colour.

Let dry before using the bathtub or shower.

Sit aside your canvas for 2-3 hours to completely dry before going on to the next step.

Make sure the contacts are absolutely dry before putting the batter back in the laptop.

Just ensure they are fully washed out and dry before popping them in your recycling bin.

Simply make certain locks are dry before eliminating them to make sure that your foam hair curler s are frizz-free.

Allow to sit at room temperature for an hour or so until lettuce is completely dry before transferring to the fridge.

Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry before shaking the excess glitter off.

The final hour-long practice session on Saturday took place in the dry before rain arrived just as it drew to a close.

In 4% of cases dry of is used

Drained dry of scoff and chortle.

The gahment has not run dry of ideas.

But the well has run pretty dry of late.

He looked back one last time, but his eyes were dry of hope and he had nothing left in him.

She cheated on every one of her boyfriends and when they ran dry of money, she dropped them.

They sucked the land dry of it, creating polders where they settle and farm and build cities.

The Irish bank guarantee and the subsequent bail out were a result of Ireland's banks running completely dry of liquidity.

Resene Hot Weather Additive Resene Hot Weather Additive is specially formulated to retard the dry of Resene waterborne paints.

Paddy and I walked in the rain, so he was quick to do what he had to do and was then ready to head back to the dry of the boat.

Having drunk the bar dry of the bottled Guinness that Liquor King had got in especially for the show we decided to continue in town.

In 3% of cases dry as is used

In a quandry as not sure what to do.

The place is naturally dry as a bone.

The porridge was always dry as a bone.

Outside the building, the sky was blue and cloudless, and I was standing there, dry as a bone.

Credit: Staecker Orphaned ship left high and dry as the Aral Sea receded near Aral, Kazakhstan.

The rivers of justice ran dry as the former President soaked up the sun for more than two decades.

Would that it had been; the next morning my dormmate leant over, prodded the sheets, sniffed, then said, ' Dry as a bone.

I have Setting the People Free - the Story of Democracy by John Dunn which is dry as a nuns **** but I've got t ' get it finished.

An ephemeral river channel may have lots of water flowing though it during the rainy season but be dry as a bone in the late summer.

Line 33 furlough Leave Line 37 languished in a District desolate and dry as a form of unofficial punishment, he was transferred to a.

In 3% of cases dry after is used

Step 3 Pat dry after the shower.

Let paint dry after each application.

Blot it dry after each time you wet it.

Make sure your sprouts have some time to air dry after the last rinsing, before storage.

Your voice seems to grow dry after the eleventh pierce, almost as if you are dehydrated.

I don't know if it's normal but I went to blow-dry it so that it could look dry after that.

They took sand bath to keep them dry after getting wet and after exercise, or to keep off flies and insects from them.

We condemned Bush for leaving Afghan women high and dry after bombing Kabul, where the Taliban is now having a resurgence.

If you have naturally dry skin like me, just take a short shower before the treatment then a quick rinse and pat dry after.

It doesn't taste too bad, but I was hoping for more salted egg yolk though as the prawns are abit dry after the deep frying.

In 3% of cases dry to is used

You have dry to normal skin type.

However, it was a bit dry to my liking.

After washed, make sure it's dry to touch.

Some go very well with food, but all of them, from dry to sweet, are perfect on their own.

Having said that, I spoke to the curator and he said that wicket was too dry to his liking.

It's a good reference, don't get me wrong, but I feel like they've sucked it dry to the bone.

Some parts of the savanna zone become extremely dry to the point that wild fires start naturally when lightening occurs.

Your work will be dry to the touch within half an hour and you will be able to proceed with a second coat an hour later.

We can go from sort of air dry to ready for making cabinets, etc in 14 days or less, not counting a week to let it rest.

We had two recently and the chicken one was dry to the point of being tough and overcooked and the other was fairly bland.

In 2% of cases dry during is used

Your mouth can become dry during the day, too.

The air tends to get dry during the winter months.

It is sunny and warm in winter; hot but dry during summer.

My 4 Year old daughter has been completely dry during the day now for just over a year.

The harmattan winds become very dry during the dry season with a lot of dusty conditions.

The first issue was a drain which did nt go dry during the two wet years of 2008 and 2009.

However, the interior is generally warm and dry during the day and slightly chilly in the evenings and early mornings.

Add a little more stock if the soup looks too dry during cooking, bearing in mind that more liquid will be added later.

When it gets dry during the winter here in Arlington, humidity controls can also increase the comfort level in your home.

You know how your skin gets dry during autumn and winter, and it's annoying having to do this and that to care for my skin.

In 2% of cases dry from is used

Jamaica is driest from December to March.

His voice was raspy and dry from dehydration.

The climate is mainly dry from January to May.

It kept us dry from the awful Welsh weather anyway and was pretty clean when we arrived.

I wanted to stop at a deli to get a drink because my mouth was dry from medications I took.

Airflow assists in keeping insulation dry from condensation and working properly year round.

Ten years now elapsed without any more floods, and it was so dry from 1826 to 1829 that water at last became worth 4d.

Its mother is also lying not very far from the kitten, alongside the narrow pavement, trying to keep dry from the rain.

I clearly remember having moisturiser for my hands in the locker though, as your skin becomes dry from all the rinsing.

It helps in saving hard earned cash and also the information which will usually get pumped dry from the junction of the.

In 1% of cases dry without is used

A little bit dry without any dressing.

The ground was dry without the autumn rains.

The pump itself can even run dry without fear of damage.

That way you reduce the risk of being left high and dry without access to any money.

The water supply would go dry without electricity to pump water from rivers and wells.

I can understand that sometimes you feel very dry without having any genuine topics to write upon.

The chick-pea and tomato salad had a nice mix of fresh ingredients, however I found it too dry without a dressing.

From Friday night to Monday morning, the Irish and their Croatian friends drank the Stare Miasto dry without coming up for air.

The summer sun was very hot and rivers, ponds and wells situated in that area became dry without even a drop of water to drink.

Clean the treatment area with lukewarm water or alcohol pad then make sure the skin is dry without any oil, cosmetics and lotion.

In 1% of cases dry up is used

It'll help dry up the blisters.

We ' dry up ' when you're a jerk.

Blow dry upside down to create more volume.

As an alternative dry up hard copy, attempt employing moist tissue paper or flowing water.

Doctors recommended antibiotics but all it did was dry up my skin and I felt dehydrated all the time.

Like a man who comes with a burning grass torch saying, I will heat, scorch, and dry up river Ganges.

Firstly, the alcohol in the solution will help dry up greasy skin, making it easier for the acne-causing bugs to thrive.

In fact the mere suggestion of the idea may help dry up the foreign currencies in these accounts here before they are closed.

Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can ease muscle aches, and cold medications may help dry up a runny nose.

For that boots or shoes the main plus is usually gore Tex filling which often helps you have heat, at ease dry up, may also stroll popular.

In 1% of cases dry under is used

It kept me dry under hairy rains for couple hours long.

We went on a stormy day and stayed pretty dry under the canopy and.

You may hang out all the sliced apples and then sun dry under the hot sun till done.

Bed sheets and towels must be washed using laundry soap and tumble dry under hot setting.

Two black soldiers stand in the rain, talking to a man who ’ s keeping dry under an overhang.

Heavy rain was falling, but it was dry under Christine's umbrella as they strode back to the office.

These fresh droppings are approximately 75% water and will air dry under favourable conditions to approximately 30% water.

A father and son were seen trying to stay dry under a torn piece of polythene sheet amid the rubble the bulldozers left behind.

Did you catch any of last week's decent weather? We had a litle burst of warmth and it's been mainly dry under grey skies today.

He handed the pre-printed certificate to the miner who then needed to keep this valuable piece of paper safe, clean and dry under all conditions.

In 1% of cases dry throughout is used

The district is hot and dry throughout most of the year.

It is almost totally dry throughout the rest of the year.

If you are completely dry throughout the cycle your fertility may be impaired.

March to mid-April is generally dry throughout the country, followed by a short pre-monsoon period.

The rest of the United Kingdom will be fine and dry throughout the day with good spells of sunshine.

Connacht tomorrow: It will be mostly dry throughout the day with spells of sunshine and patchy cloud.

The conditions were soft underfoot after the recent heavy rain but thankfully it remained dry throughout the game.

Climate The climate in Egypt is hot and dry throughout most of the year, but also varies greatly depending on the region where you are.

But put fears of getting wet out of the window because I, along with my bags on the rear seat, stayed completely dry throughout the drive.

Where will it come from? Rainwater is not sufficient for current agriculture and the aquifers they rely on are running dry throughout the Earth.

In 1% of cases dry through is used

Your eye becomes dry through the lack of blinking.

They felt as is they were being bled dry through the reparations.

They are robbing the Country dry through threats and intimidation.

I am just tired how they continue to milk this country dry through the NNPC and the refineries.

Water Plants should be thoroughly watered and not watered again until nearly dry through the pot.

We know that Mitt Romney will bleed the economy dry through deregulation and tax breaks for cronies.

Like a vindictive spouse, we should not try to soak the departing partner dry through alimony payments that can't be met.

On top of that, they have plundered our treasury dry through all manner of hanky-panky, subterfuge and even outright theft.

For Election day tomorrow, we will stay dry through the late afternoon, with highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s across Central Indiana.

The two big cash cow economies of America and Europe have been bled dry through poor governance and simply, efficient production/engineering.

In 1% of cases dry over is used

Weather was dry over rest of the region.

I have cried myself dry over this damage.

Weather remained mainly dry over rest of the country.

Over the next month she started staying dry overnight.

Then we let dry over night and wipe clean in the morning.

However, January, April and May 1912 were dry over large areas.

Plus, you can wash things in the sink and let them dry over night.

It must mean she is dehydrated because her nappy was dry over night.

October, December and February were particularly dry over large areas.

July was particularly dry over southwest WA, with an area average of 38.

In 1% of cases dry like is used

Burns and dry like hell but it WORKS.

THe chicken and basil is meant to be dry like a stir fry.

They were damp, more like little boys, than dry like men.

I made the mistake of making a Jenny-O turkey this year, and it was dry like the Mojave.

The salmon was dry like if it was served on that plate the night before and covered with plastic wrap.

GDP and Washing Department A Dry Processes These processes are totally handled with dry like sand, sand paper etc.

On top of that my skin was incredibly soft and didn't feel dry like it usually does after I try any herbal face masks.

November is a variable month: It can be hot and dry like the weather in October; it can also see the season's first downpours.

Why couldn't they just ship it dry like a regular sponge? Wouldn't it be easier? Its puzzling but I noticed all brands ship theirs hydrated.

I feel bad that the industry collapsed before you got a chance to make a living in it - it is unfortunate to be left high and dry like that.

In 1% of cases dry due is used

The mouth may become dry due to high fever, vomiting or lack of fluid intake.

A high percentage are dry due to poor management and reproductive performance.

We develop age spots, wrinkles and the skin becomes drier due to the aging process.

Re: Severe Itching all over the body hi, Hope ur skin just got scaly or dry due to winter.

If you used a convection oven, then yes, maybe it'll turn dry due to the fan, but conventional baking.

Gujarati, specially kathiwari food is notably dry due to geographical location, and lack of water resources.

I moisturise daily to avoid the body becoming very dry due to my swimming, and always use oil first then cream.

I guess it makes sense, what with the marshes here in the Upper Midwest dramatically dry due to the summer drought.

At Eppalock the club hosted many successful events in the glory days until the lake was dry due to drought for over ten years until recently.

The net result is that some of the moisture in the centre makes it's way toward the outside and the meat seems less dry due to the more even distribution.

In 1% of cases dry between is used

Let the soil become completely dry between watering.

Her foot needs to stay dry between twice-daily antiseptic soaks.

The weather, though, is arid extra dry between the months of December and March.

Rinse the eggplant thoroughly in cold water and press dry between a clean cloth.

Apply up to six coats of Polyurethane making sure to completely dry between coats.

For watering your pachira money tree plant, you should let the soil dry between waterings.

These orchids need an open medium in which to grow and the roots should be allowed to become moderately dry between waterings.

However, with nearly 6ac of tented stalls and displays, those attending were able to keep dry between the occasional heavy downpours.

It; s looking mostly dry between those times - but low chance of a lingering shower or two, especially across the northern half of Auckland - but still 80% chance of being dry.

If it has not been possible to remove this corrosion, as outlined in the previous chapter, or if its extent is unknown, it is essential to keep the bore dry between playing sessions.

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