Prepositions after "down"

down to, on, for, about or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases down to is used

Fell back down to 3% on Feb 21st.

Very down to earth and beautiful.

It is a very down to earth method.

She is a very down to earth author who knows just how to relate to women's inner selves.

A massive population self-culling from 6+ billion down to 50 Million is highly unlikely.

I love to visit new places, I am very down to earth, caring, warm and loving individual.

Thanking someone for something you didn't enjoy is a time honoured tradition that the English have down to a fine art.

People had choices, and it boiled down to how quickly you wanted to get there, and how much you were willing to spend.

Mum's garden has high walls all around so he had to have dragged it up trees and then down to get it to the back door.

On the 25th March this year we went down to West Bromwich to play a game on a Super Sunday in front of the Sky cameras.

In 11% of cases down on is used

She sits down on the edge, looking away.

Alvy reaches over, pulls Robin down onto the bed.

At that time (1999!) I was pretty down on author sites.

He was the most down on style of any remains I ever struck.

I get so down on myself that it makes it hard to do anything.

By 2016, funding is expected to be 400 million down on 2011 levels.

The crowd was down on last year, but that was to be expected with the weather.

Pretty soon when I lie down on his couch, I won't have to wear the lobster bib.

Alvy, sitting down on the bed, moves over to Annie and takes the weed from her.

In 6% of cases down for is used

But I still am down for a few hours.

DeLa Mayweather was a downer for me.

He should have an under down for the cold.

Only downer for me is the rear passenger space.

Sorry it's such a downer for a few other people here.

Still, the news was kind of a downer for the many people.

If the cross is too much of a downer for people, you shall take it out, lest it offend.

I've been fighting in that kill zone* that drags so many down for a while now and so the last fortnight's been a bit of a slog.

This was sort of a downer for me because Hainanese chicken was one of my favorite versions of chicken that was not deep fried.

These acts are such a downer for my beautiful city and makes an otherwise fiercely proud Assamese like me hang my head in shame.

In 4% of cases down about is used

Regards, Al I'd very down about this one.

There was a time mid-summer when I was very down about the whole thing.

Despite all the fun and extra beers I was pretty down about how my knee felt.

Sorry about the rant, have been feeling very down about it for the past few days.

This left the Wright brothers feeling very down about the prospects of manned flight.

Savings what are they? Feeling very down about the whole situation and can not see a way out of it.

But if someone feels very down about things and decides to kill themselves, then they've made the choice about what they want to do.

Stardust I know you must feel very down about this right now but remember that the neuro has not dismissed you and is referring to an MS specialist.

Saturday, January 14, 2012 Not long after my last REAL post in October? Maybe? I was still feeling very down about my weight and dieting and eating healthy.

I was chatting with a woman recently, who was pretty down about the havoc we are wreaking on the environment (we'd both just seen a play about the Deepwater Horizon).

In 4% of cases down from is used

It OTT some of the stuff that comes down from the FA repect.

Mukesh Ambani has the net worth of $27 billion down from $29.

I think there's an interesting post from Lorraine (a few down from here) where she comments ' we play the English way '.

Sitting in a lawn chair a few down from Marsh, perched on a hill with an unobstructed view of the whole wire, Dandy said people had offered him $20 per chair -- he had five -- to give up his spot.

In 4% of cases down in is used

He's been pretty down in the dumps.

JP has made a mess of this, like Omar has down in NYC.

It depends on how much you slow the action down in the video.

The PM's job, deep down in everyone's heart, has moved on from the late 19th century image.

Even travelling in Ukraine the twitter feed and blog posts have been pretty down in the dumps.

Common sense tells even the stupidest people that they purchase a car knowing that it will go down in value.

But none of the nh based rugby fans and players will admit it, because that means admitting the game is softer than down in the SH.

I've been very down in the dumps, tearful, feelings of helplessness meaning that i'd really struggling to have a positive whatever outlook.

Make sure to list down information about pricing and availability, as these are two things people always look for if a product interests them.

In 4% of cases down with is used

I'd more down with The Hard Facts.

Maybe I can drag a few down with me.

Because any woman would feel very down with herself if she doesn't look the way she wanted to.

Even though its not easy during that moment of panic cz a drowning person can take u down with him.

Holy hell, another article on gay rights? Look, I'd as down with the gays as anybody insert joke here.

Noosphere is too mystical, and while I'd pretty down with mysticism it's not helpful here, and it scares people.

Any crazy thing like: * Greece or Spain or Portugal or Italy leaves the euro, crashing Europe's economy and dragging ours down with it.

The Misuse of drugs schedule is not a good fit for drug drive legoislation -- its upside down with the biggest concern placed in class c.

Maybe it was being burned on the whole Galileo thing, but on the whole popes have been pretty down with scientific advancement over the recent centuries.

After a time, the woman threw hers down with a sigh and an affectionate argument ensued about what was or wasn't an acceptable way for a writer to conclude a novel.

In 2% of cases down at is used

A lot cheaper than down at the beach.

This is seriously stupid and the fact two separate task forces came to this conclusion makes me wonder what kind of self-reinforcing lunacy we have down at National.

He has been mocked and criticized for the precious little he has down at 6 and 7, but a batsman of his talent must be thrown into the frying pan- much like Kohli was thrown in at Perth.

In 1% of cases down after is used

I felt very down after the Hague game and was struggling to shake it.

Julio Cesar the Brazilian Keeper looked very down after the goals and i think it's all over here for Brazil.

In 1% of cases down during is used

You may be depressed if you have been feeling very down during the past month and things you used to enjoy no longer give you pleasure.

Isolde spend a lot of the first minutes knocking them over, and then systematically knocks the last few down during her big scene with Tristan.

In 1% of cases down over is used

I haven't churned out as many big four-day scores as I'd have liked to have down over the last year or so but am confident in my ability and that I will make the breakthrough.

And as ship values drop and earnings dry up, owners are often forced to accelerate downpayments, put up more collateral or simply give up (like many have down over the last quarters).

In 1% of cases down through is used

These meditations have lifted the hearts of many down through the years.

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