Prepositions used with "menu"

"down menu" or "of menu"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases menu down is used

For further information see the drop down menus above.

I don't like the new drop down menu being dropped down already.

Adding steps to get rid of the badly designed unsightly large black drop down menu.

Sales; Accounts; Production; etc Enter the name you wish the end user to see in their drop down menu.

Anyone know what's going on? And yes, I am making sure to designate the proper location from the top left drop down menu.

To withdraw from a course, use myUFV (Student **33;436;TOOLONG from Classes-choose withdrawal option from drop down menu).

To try them out, hover the mouse over inbox link on the left, click on the drop down menu, and select the inbox of your convenience.

In Gmail, for example, to create a filter, click on the drop-down menu to the right of the mail, and click on ' Filter messages like this ', and select from the many options.

Don't forget to upload a nice profile image of yourself too How to edit your profile: Click on your profile image on the top right of the SAYS website to access the drop down menu.

In 23% of cases menu of is used

Press menu to display the list of menu.

Meals were all very well done; with a nice range of menus.

Under this kind of menu, you can actually switch off the battery percentage display.

There would be one set of menu for the first and third weeks of a month and another set for the second and fourth week.

They contain what the user is most likely to see and displayed in the form of menus, dialog boxes, error messages, cursor shapes, bitmaps, etc.

Access to all printer's functions is provided from its front panel: power-up, operation of menu, and also fitting a roller with material and inked ribbon.

In 14% of cases menu on is used

I love salads which include fruit and rarely find them on menus.

Satay: BBQ Sticks - This famous meat-on-a-stick appears on menus from New York to Amsterdam.

But studies in CA have shown that calorie counts on menus reduce intake by about 100 calories on average.

Although none of them have gone as far as producing a square shield, various very dubious versions have appeared on menus at College Feasts etc.

I do love the garlic sauce at GBK and this wasn't on menu at Byron: (I will defo be going to another Byron and would love one to open nearer my home location! The staff, were brilliant.

In 8% of cases menu in is used

Optimize for Mobile View option is located in Menu --> Settings --> Desktop or Mobile View.

Use keywords in menu links, it will give additional seo significance to the pages to which the links refer.

With the establishment of high-class drinking places and the opening of bars and restaurants, the pulutan has been elevated somewhat to an appetizer status in menus.

And secondly, because most of Word's functionality is buried in menus that you have to use: Only the most common functionality has those handy little buttons in toolbars at the top.

Some examples would be the text that appears on some of the most common bitmaps, the splash screens, or the text strings that are displayed in menus and dialog boxes / error message boxes.

In 8% of cases menu with is used

Breakfast is buffet style but with menu too.

They are constantly coming up with menu ideas, which our students, teachers and staff appreciate.

Beyond this, Huawei's camera app provides a good interface and doesn't clog the screen up with menus, with many of them tucked away in a panel which slides out from the side of the display.

In 6% of cases menu to is used

Just go to Menu > Settings and select the ' Open a specific page or set of pages ' radio button.

On the one hand, as so much money pours into confined areas in a short period of time, prices rise quickly for everything from housing and basic services to menu items at the corner diner.

In 5% of cases menu through is used

It also has a touch screen display to navigate through menus and a built-in flash for taking photos or video recording in the dark.

Just strikes me that having to go through menus to change how much mids are getting through, and my reverb depths, and all that jazz.

In 3% of cases menu for is used

No pauses, no waiting for menus, no pointless services, no bloatware.

For example, the events template has options for maps and an event schedule, while the restaurants template offers pages for menus and specials.

In 3% of cases menu from is used

Back to its former glory! We bought the meal deal from Menu Pages.

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