Prepositions after "divine"

divine in, within, by, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases divine in is used

Jesus Is Divine In Substance A.

Keep the Divine in your hearts.

They were NOT divine in any way.

In Buddhism, the Buddha is not regarded as divine in the sense of the original godhead.

He therefore who hungers for the awakening of the divine in him must fall back on prayer.

Bowing the head and closing the eyes helps the mind surrender to the Divine in the heart.

People over the centuries have continued to experience the divine in all kinds of different situations and contexts.

I learn the noble art of giving and the noble art of receiving; I learn how to serve The Divine in each body I meet.

If reason is divine, then, in comparison with man, the life according to it is divine in comparison with human life.

Ondaatje's early-twentieth century explorers in the desert also acknowledge the presence of the Divine in their midst.

In 8% of cases divine within is used

You must seek the Divine within you.

It is an echo of the divine within us.

You are on your way the Divine within you.

And on a spiritual level, our cycles connect us directly to the divine within ourselves.

The heart is not only a life record; it is the seat of the divine within the human body.

The last three chakras are concerned with the unfolding of the Divine within human form.

These quotes guide to, point to the Divine within (in connecting to **29;990;TOOLONG) and Stillness in Meditation.

From a psychological point of view the root chakra is where the Self and everything that is Divine within us is asleep.

Born in Udutadi, this young Veerashaiva saint achieved Aikya or Oneness with the Divine within a short twenty years of age.

In 6% of cases divine by is used

Instead, he is held to be Divine by them.

They taught that He was fully divine by virtue.

L'Homme Infini is also a return to Divine by M.

Christ may have been ranked with these inferior images of the divine by the Colossian teachers.

In this system, the aim of life is believed to be comprehension of the divine by the individual.

Constantly, he wrote, the individual is pulled back from the divine by the demands of daily life.

Regarded as divine by locals, White lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride's book The White Lions of Timbavati.

He taught that the final goal of man is to become divine by realizing the Divine and that human beings are the children of ' Immortal Bliss '.

In history, artists have often expressed the sublimity of the divine by representing nature; in painting, for example, Caspar David Freidrich, and in literature, Ruskin.

The tiny chili bits also left a nice lingering heat in the mouth as we waited for the main course cooking in the kitchen, which smelled divine by the way from where we were seated.

In 5% of cases divine with is used

They were divine with corned beef or ham!!!! Thankyou for the memory.

One Hundred Nine You can not see or touch the Divine with your gross senses.

At some level in our subconscious, we attach the divine with the great leader.

The movement must replace the Divine with a deity that becomes a ruler, god, dictator, king.

John the Divine with an angel in the heavens blowing the trumpet that calls the dead back to life.

Dessert was divine with the most exceptional rose and raspberry sorbet imaginable topping the lavish chocolate mousse.

This plate of pasta is divine with an equally memorable glass of Lambrusco, cold and sweet with just a sliver of an edge.

The result was an amazing mango pickle that would taste divine with pronthas (shallow fried chapattis) and hot masala chai.

The bed was divine with crisp sheets, fluffy comforters, soft pillows; the bathroom had luxurious products and plush towels.

In 5% of cases divine for is used

The service was divine for the entire night.

These sounds of the birds are divine for him.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of our good deeds.

Same thing with coffee: four cups a day could be divine for me but dangerous for you.

I swear they smelled divine for a CAKE and if your into food smelling body washes then do give these a try.

I Release any unwanted expectations I have of them and surrender them to the Divine for proper transmutation.

In today's section, let us take a look at two of their pieces, which are absolutely divine for this monsoon season.

Some of the more princessy styles which look silly on older brides are absolutely divine for a bride in her early 20s.

He argued his case from the theology of Christian redemption, that Christ had to be divine for our own salvation and redemption.

When it regards aggression as evil and fiendish for others, it can not consider it to be sacred and divine for its own followers.

In 5% of cases divine to is used

He wanted to reduce the divine to the human.

They might be divine to the palate but deadly to the body.

A Prophet is like a branch arching out from the Divine to the human realm.

So each and everyone of us as creates of God manifest something of the divine to each other.

For Christians, incarnation is a one-time, long distance ski jump from the divine to the human.

Diet The mainstay of Rastafarian diet has a lot to do with laws that are innately divine to man's nature.

Animals as sources of revelation Animals have also been direct sources of revelation-messengers of the divine to human beings.

The old always say education is an ornament in prosperity; a refuge in adversity hence any effort to support a child? s future is the greatest gift therefore divine to humanity.

Neither Judaism nor Islam share the Christian conception of heresy, which raises human ideas about the divine to an unacceptably high level and almost makes them a form of idolatry.

We refuse to accept it as the surrender of the divine to the animal; to us it is the means by which the animal may be made the Winged Sphinx which shall bear man aloft to the House of the Gods.

In 4% of cases divine as is used

He was divine as well as human.

It smells divine as well as very fresh and clean.

He says, No blemish attaches to the Divine as a result of the descent.

We dictate our will to the divine as to how our life should be designed in the way we want it.

Beautiful nature reveals the divine as the maternal ground, the source and sustenance and resting place of life.

He says: You must take a path by which you can see deep in My heart, and experience the various Divine aspects of Mine.

I can not say I feel divine as the tidal force of chaos rushes in against my legs and my children's loud banter crashes against me.

By claiming it is right to trust in himself as well as in God, Jesus continues to act and speak as one who is divine as well as human.

The argument against DCT, and of treating the divine as a viable option in epistemology at all, can be found in my previous four posts.

I said that I was a diva back in the day, and I think there should be a different definition now where it's seen as more divine as opposed to being evil.

In 4% of cases divine from is used

All I have to do is divine from what I know of you.

Outwardly, there is usually no way to tell divine from devilish works.

The computer code is jolly often divine from a rattling untiring person).

Gnosticism does not separate the divine from the individual, rather locates it within.

Back in 2005 I had the opportunity to try this, unknown to me, line called Divine from Paris.

Your heart begins to open to the connection to the Divine from which all true healing is accessed.

Cromwell is religious in the sense that he compartmentalises what may be divine from what may be politically useful.

Men regard its nature and cause as divine from ignorance and wonder, because it is not at all like to other diseases.

He Himself in the sun is a Human, He is our Lord Jesus Christ both as the Divine from which are all things, and as to the Divine Human (AR 961).

He provides a survey of Goddesses across religions and makes summative comparative comments in The Goddess's Mirror: Visions of the Divine from East and West.

In 4% of cases divine on is used

They seek union with the Divine on the lines of the Nirguna Bhaktas.

We must therefore worship the State as the manifestation of the Divine on earth.

It had to be huge, It had to be huge, I just saw Divine On Channel Nine Fixing her rouge.

According to their scheme now revealed, she needs to live divine on $250 a month if she has no other income.

When fully Divinized, the individual human becomes an instrument of the Divine on Earth, carrying out the Divine purpose.

Peer reviews of scientific reports make no assessment of what the authors of those reports may believe about the nature of the divine on their own time.

While it is divine on toast, I hardly think my family are going to get through 8 big bottles in a year! I still have more oranges which I am going to convert to gold tomorrow.

The fish is pounded on a mortar until it releases the oil- the final result is creamy- so creamy you won't believe there's no cream or mayo on it- and divine on polenta slices or grilled bread.

In 3% of cases divine through is used

Many Unitarians feel a sense of the divine through nature.

For thousands of years, Hindus have depicted the divine through paintings and sculptures.

More like this: such inner wisdom seems to come from the divine through you, chairwrecker.

Saul brings his students the gift of connection with the divine through chanting, movement and breath.

Anything done by the divine through higher state of consciousness by its very nature shall be permanent transcending time.

Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals.

Pythagorean's also believed that the human soul could rise towards the divine through philosophical thought as a manner of purification and so they practised a strict code of living.

In County Westmeath, Sisters Ann and Kathleen have now focussed on developing their understanding of the divine through nature: the light, air, water and verdure that are the Irish countryside.

In 2% of cases divine about is used

There is nothing divine about the Bible.

But there is nothing divine about such views.

There is indeed something divine about forgiveness.

There is nothing divine about morality, it is a purely human affair.

I have read this book many times, and feel divine about thinking about Albert Eintein.

There is truly something divine about you; something infinitely precious and glorious.

As there is nothing divine about the Shariah so is there no truth in the mullah's assertion that they are the naib-i-rasool or lieutenants of the Prophet of Islam.

This summer, all over the country, wedding couples will be told that they can't have a Shakespeare sonnet or Elizabeth Browning's How Do I Love Thee because it has some whiff of the divine about it.

In 2% of cases divine of is used

All the very best for this most central and divine of human relationships/endeavours.

Hadhrat Maulvi Sayyed Muhamad Sarwar Shah, raziallah anho: He was a learned divine of the Community.

The mind can be concentrated on that object which we adore as the most divine of things: Vita-raga-vishayam va chittam.

Hadhrat Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajekee, raziallah anho: One of the spiritual personage, top-notch speaker, and divine of the Movement.

Listen to today Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yi lift, that sallow and emaciated eye greatly has no while just discovering that the o bamboo of xi? is to buy divine of shape.

This is definitely a step towards Islam, although their concept of Jesus as divine of a lower order is still unacceptable, a fact they have been taught to conceal from their Muslim contacts.

In 1% of cases divine without is used

In the words of Enns: When it comes to Scripture, there is no divine without the human, and there is no human without the divine.

In 1% of cases divine rather is used

We must learn to think in divine rather than human terms, if we hope ever to understand the deeper things of God.

In 1% of cases divine like is used

In order to believe in something divine like a God, we have to place a lot of faith in the religion that it is right.

So I hope you realize the importance of this beautiful quality, the divine like quality of Mudita, sympathetic joy, in relation to ourselves and to others.

And man's goal in this life is to go through an evolutionary cycle in order to become transformed into a Divine like Insan; namely, to create a gigantic leap in man.

In 1% of cases divine into is used

This could be described as the descent of the divine into matter.

But many scientists do not factor the Divine into their equations.

The heart is a shrine, the location in which individuals enshrine the divine into their life.

The monotheistic tradition of faith seems to focus and amplify the mental faculty of faith, concentrating the idea of the divine into a single, exclusive deity.

The Sikh's goal in life is to fan the ember essence of the Divine into the inextinguishable flame of Enlightenment through ongoing identification -- conscious and subconscious -- with the Creator.

In 1% of cases divine beyond is used

The Bible is not God, but is an anchor to something divine beyond my subjectivity.

To others it is the one Divine beyond all Divinities, an ineffable Person of whom all these three supreme things are the attributes.

The inner awareness which supports meditation and is enhanced by it naturally amplifies our sense of connectedness with something divine beyond oneself.

In 1% of cases divine because is used

Christ was divine because of who he was NOT his gender.

We consider them divine because there can be no other explanation for human life and its knowledge.

A khalifah is a leader selected who implements shariah and is divine because of his quality to implement Allah's Law the shariat.

This tells us that Jesus is both one of us because descended from a human being and also divine because of his rising from death to life.

In 1% of cases divine at is used

Four were declared divine at death by the Roman Senate.

It is something that provokes an awareness of the divine at work in creation.

Everything here is so delicate, so soft, so human and divine at the same time.

Make a wish with the divine At Olympia, Poseidon and Apollo are two of the most generous gods.

Dressed in shining garments and dazzling jewels, she looked terrible and divine at the same time.

I may not be ' Christian ' but if I want the language of the divine at my civil partnership I am damn well going to read it.

These experiences will be unique for you and given to you by the Divine at the right time and in the right intensity to most effectively support your journey of awakening.

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