Prepositions after "disturbing"

disturbing to, for, about, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases disturbing to is used

This was very disturbing to me.

And I do mean disturbing to me.

May be disturbing to some viewers.

In the light of this reflection, the library seemed all the more disturbing to me.

What is most disturbing to me, however, is the silence of the Greens on this matter.

It is highly disturbing to them as they struggle to find fewer and fewer fish to eat.

The reason for this is mainly that the experience may be disturbing to patients especially to teenagers or kids.

Thus, it may be possible to ' talk ' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.

If these thoughts persist or become disturbing to you, don't hesitate to go and talk to a healthcare professional.

Seeing such deep divisions, normally sequestered beneath the surface of public discourse, is disturbing to voters.

In 18% of cases disturbing for is used

It was too disturbing for that.

I find this disturbing for many reasons.

It is understandably disturbing for them.

That contrast is very disturbing for me and I think it adds a power to the thing.

In the faith narrative this is as wholly disturbing for Christians as for Muslims.

Pete Lara Most disturbing for me has to be either Happiness or Requiem for a Dream.

I don't mind the fun of such an article, but it can be very disturbing for those who suffer from this disorder.

A local school bus came upon the scene of the accident which could have been quite disturbing for the children.

I feel compelled to warn readers about certain issues that may make it as disturbing for them as it was for me.

Recent events and disclosures regarding the Penn State football program are most disturbing for several reasons.

In 15% of cases disturbing about is used

There's nothing disturbing about it.

There's something disturbing about it.

That is what is disturbing about this issue.

What people find most disturbing about the Borg is their loss of individuality.

There is something deeply shocking and disturbing about doctors being terrorists.

There is something so emotionally disturbing about it that defies any rationality.

Even more disturbing about our system is the excessive contribution that socioeconomic status has on acheivement.

What is most disturbing about the Manning case is that he's been in prison for two years before even going to court.

What I find disturbing about this case is the fact that the patient was ' in poor mental health ', whatever that means.

Nora: Practice Makes Purr-fect 18 There's something profoundly disturbing about this one, more so with the laugh track.

In 13% of cases disturbing in is used

It's disturbing in several places.

Something that is disturbing in itself.

Fascinating and disturbing in equal measure.

So I found this **25;961;TOOLONG phenomenon fresh and disturbing in equal measure.

It's not disturbing in the conventional way that you can say that's disgusting or scary.

This case is quite disturbing in terms of how easily this has been made to pass into law.

Equally disturbing in the links provided is the huge increase in the number of hate crimes against the disabled.

It is disturbing in the way DeLillo's Libra is or Shakespeare's Hamlet might well have been to its contemporaries.

This becomes a bit more disturbing in Superman IV, where he comes pretty close to using this power as a date rape drug.

And yes, the novel is a mystery-crime, a little gruesome and disturbing in some way, but it was very well written naman.

In 6% of cases disturbing of is used

Most disturbing of all is how the U.

Most disturbing of all is the problem of legitimacy.

A third scenario is perhaps the most disturbing of all.

Most disturbing of all, however, were the implications for the cherished uniqueness of man.

And most disturbing of all, the sole purpose of the Skull and Bones Order is to perpetuate power.

But this practise would facilitate the disturbing of the count and the falsification of the result.

The latest and most disturbing of such mayhem is the one in Jos -- a recurring horror of outrageous proportions.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is that Obama has remained silent in the face of repression by the coup government.

Even the media buys it now because it is the least disturbing of all the other real world options we see before us.

By this point other symptoms has developed -- skin tears and bruising after intercourse being the most disturbing of which.

In 4% of cases disturbing at is used

Truly pathetic and disturbing at the same time.

Two things are quite disturbing at this point in time.

It was very powerful and yet disturbing at the same time.

They helped me to forget things that were really disturbing at that point of time.

The trend that Martin identifies is particularly disturbing at the present moment.

That is a seventeen game streak that is utterly shocking and disturbing at the same time.

Smoking cravings are uncomfortable and can be quite disturbing at times to those people who watch others suffer them.

Which is fine as the odd hoot is nothing like so disturbing at night as the roar of lions and trumpeting of elephants.

It's all sorts of disturbing at first glance, especially because there have be a few horrific cases involving children and ovens.

I have seen the many paths that Peter Parker could take, but there is one that is both enlightening and disturbing at the same time.

In 3% of cases disturbing on is used

Terrence, that is disturbing on so many levels.

Apparently, it was acceptable to be gaudy and disturbing on your wedding day.

As someone who is also in the ministry, this is situation is disturbing on so many levels.

Indeed, I saw many things that I found disheartening and even disturbing on a basic, human level.

Colin, it's so highly disturbing on so many levels that my words could not begin to express how I feel.

This story is disturbing on so many levels we could discuss it ad infinitum, but my job is not to judge.

When you find yourself this really is essential disturbing on the subject of purchases, worry will no longer.

What is disturbing on this matter is how many Christians are proud to bear false witness and lie about what Ms.

I'd not defending his taste, or what he's done to the car at all, in fact, its quite disturbing on so many levels.

A rather disturbing on, deeming so much questions if Ghana will be able to achieve its target of 100% by the year 2020.

In 2% of cases disturbing as is used

Its really disturbing as a small blog owner.

This is particularly disturbing as the two detectors are located nearby.

It is also disturbing as to how pointless it all was from the historical perspective.

But the logo as a whole is too chunky, conflicting, and disturbing as a collection of forms.

D'Onofrio is disturbing as the remorseless murderer, speaking with conviction and menace that knows no mercy.

The situation is disturbing as well as infuriating -- but the way to fight it is to make your voice heard, not to be silent.

NASAH Kayani and Pasha are making a mountain out of a mole hill -- and that is really disturbing as to why they are doing it.

HOORAY! As dark and disturbing as the tunes can get, there is also a shameless, exaggerated air to the music and the band itself.

This is particularly disturbing as the intended goal of this change - cheaper Set Top Boxes - will not eventuate, not now, not ever.

This particular ' beef ' is disturbing as both parties involved are West African nations and considered brothers in the film making gaming.

In 1% of cases disturbing by is used

This is made all the more disturbing by the lack of diegetic sound.

Truly, it is an unsettling piece which is quite disturbing by times.

It's made even more disturbing by the almost cheerful hatred with which he tells it.

The images shown in this web page exposing the atrocities of Tiger Terrorists may be found disturbing by some people.

Maybe the father has a lot to answer for? This is a mesmerising film from Ramsay and a wonderful ' horror ' throwback made all the more disturbing by what it doesn't show.

It's one of the most intense and memorable scenes to emerge out of 80s horror movies (made all the more disturbing by the family's pre-teen member who excitedly participates in the attacks/feedings).

In 1% of cases disturbing from is used

More disturbing from the point of attacking Iran with impunity is that the stealth drone was observed.

The second article is also interesting and useful, though somewhat disturbing from a PBMR fan's point of view.

So you will see a lot of pieces done by Yoshimoto himself, some a bit disturbing from the place mats if you visit.

This is why the Star Ferry's proposed HK$20 charge for cyclists on the Wan Chai-Tsim Sha Tsui route is so disturbing from a public-health angle.

But sometimes the conclusions it reaches have consequences and implications that some folks, yourself perhaps, see as troublesome or disturbing from a political perspective.

In 1% of cases disturbing with is used

If spotting increases and becomes disturbing with pain and discomfort, consult a doctor for a proper check-up.

The imagery on the group's page was apparently very disturbing with one image showing a man choking a woman lying face down.

Nicolas: on Mon 26 Nov 2012 02:58:58 PM PST Women start to locate procedures who're less invase and disturbing with the body.

The situation is no less disturbing with regard to the integration of allophone schoolchildren into the French-speaking majority, especially in Montral.

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