Prepositions after "distressing"

"distressing for" or "distressing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases distressing for is used

Very distressing for both of them.

The situation was distressing for her.

It is obviously very distressing for them.

This can be really distressing for the bird and in extreme cases, can cause death.

It is however, irritating and could be distressing for both the child and parents.

You certainly impression on shopping for a type which you can look distressing for.

I can imagine that was very annoying and distressing for you, believe me when I say I would feel the same way.

In fact, they often push their parents away or try to run from them, which is very distressing for the parent.

Some of the procedures on the ICU can be unpleasant and sedating patients for these is less distressing for them.

In 32% of cases distressing to is used

It is in fact distressing to me.

Your suffering is distressing to him.

This is distressing to the male mind.

It must be most distressing to him, but he needs to know that he isn't the mahdi.

But it is most distressing to me to feel that she is sacrificing her sight for me.

It is very comprehensive and although very distressing to me personally it helped to fill the most of the form.

This will be distressing to Liberal campaign planners, who have built their most recent attempt to relaunch Mr.

Believe me, I know! The thought of killing yourself is so distressing to you that it is causing anxiety symptoms.

Secondarily, it would have been so distressing to anyone who might know them, and highly inflammatory to viewers.

In 5% of cases distressing in is used

There are some moments that are pretty distressing in Prometheus.

They are fulfilling in all sorts of ways and distressing in all sorts of ways.

They can make people feel more cheerful and are not always distressing in themselves.

While the water situation in many cities is dire, it is even more distressing in rural areas.

She has none of those nervous habits that are so noticeable and so distressing in blind children.

These are distressing in themselves, but the emotional after-effects of a traumatic birth can last for some time.

Most distressing in this Greek tragedy is how much time has been lost while relatively little has been accomplished.

The issue of racial purity proves as equally distressing in the series as that of the treatment of non and demi-humans.

For the early Church more distressing in many ways than persecution from outside must have been betrayal and shortcomings on the inside.

The plot of Silent Hill 2 is complex and distressing in equal parts, and one of the few survival horror games with genuinely adult themes.

In 2% of cases distressing as is used

And THAT ' S distressing as a development decision.

It's so less distressing as a topic at table than how the country itself is accelerating into oblivion.

I went with my mother to see my father's body, which was very distressing as the torture he'd been subjected to was clearly visible.

This can be particularly distressing as the woman may not have experienced any symptoms and may not realise anything is wrong until she goes for a routine scan.

In 2% of cases distressing at is used

It's a worthwhile reality check, albeit distressing at times.

The whole timetable business is distressing at so many levels.

It's four years ago now so I'd over it, but it was quite distressing at the time.

It is expected that trainees will experience their training as distressing at times.

It becomes very distressing at times when you do not have much time to detangle your hair.

New symptoms can be shocking or distressing at any time, but not every symptom will be a sign that a relapse is beginning.

Just the complete change in rules and seeming removal of responsibility from us as parents was really distressing at the time.

Any death is distressing at the hands of the invader; however in this case it is doubly so as Mr Brown was one of the few, a nationalist striving to save his country.

The resultant share shows up like this in the newsfeed for everyone to see Other variations of similar scams include: DISTRESSING At 16, she did THIS in public high school, EVERY day! How foolish!

In 2% of cases distressing of is used

For me, that realization is the most distressing of all.

Palliative Care Australia acknowledges that pain is not always relievable and it is in fact not the most distressing of symptoms that many sick and dying patients are forced to endure.

Post-WWII, would Korea have been reduction distressing of their former colonizer, if it weren't an Asian country? If Japan didn't someone else would have colonized the Korean peninsula.

In 2% of cases distressing on is used

It can be very distressing on the family.

That was distressing on a whole different scale.

What was most distressing on this call, though, was the utter lack of urgency.

I find it slightly distressing on many levels, but it is QUITE WRONG to ban it.

In 1% of cases distressing about is used

There is nothing particularly surprising or distressing about this.

Banco Santander wouldn't be some sort of bank I ' deb be distressing about.

Talking with a counsellor can help you to prepare for what might be distressing about the process.

What was most distressing about the costume buying adventure was just the absolute ubiquity of the sexy costumes.

That's what's distressing about this, I think - that the name Hitler and a swastika at that angle might for them not be meaningful.

In 1% of cases distressing because is used

That said, it is certainly true that there are many people here who find these displays genuinely distressing because of the cultural connotations.

In 1% of cases distressing from is used

This is very distressing from a climate change perspective.

In 1% of cases distressing with is used

Your tag is beautiful, I have not used that birdcage die for ages, don't know why, because it is fab, love the distressing with the new metallics too.

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