Prepositions after "distinguishable"

distinguishable from, by, in, on or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases distinguishable from is used

It is hardly distinguishable from space.

Some women become indistinguishable from men.

Some women become more distinguishable from women.

Findings of fact are distinguishable from subjective judgments or opinions.

It would be observationally distinguishable from the cosmological constant.

As a natural form of expression, work is not too distinguishable from play.

An asterisk (*) indicates that a book's sales are barely distinguishable from those of the book above it.

Further, information processing is today not distinguishable from information generation and transmission.

Development of mild abdominal pain makes the parasitic infection distinguishable from the other two forms.

At points, they devolve into something just barely distinguishable from conspiracy theory (evidently the U.

In 11% of cases distinguishable by is used

All of these different strains are distinguishable by their DNA.

It is easily distinguishable by its reddish stripe down its black back.

Bobcat tracks are distinguishable by the circular shape of the fore-pad.

Italian wines are often distinguishable by their hallmark bitterness on the finish.

Catamarans are distinguishable by their two hulls, where most yachts have only one.

This corresponds to a bright green light, which is easily distinguishable by the man.

More than fifty ethnic groups, distinguishable by their colorful costumes, live in the north of the country.

Odi as shaman often appears in his works, usually distinguishable by a distressed mental state and physical isolation.

The silver-haired and sharp-nosed Shirley was easily distinguishable by the red rosebud he wore regularly in his buttonhole.

In 5% of cases distinguishable in is used

They were distinguishable in a special way.

The decision is clearly distinguishable in its application to the present case.

The three stages are in my opinion distinguishable in the process of the islamization in Egypt.

As early as you be dressed in this jacket, many sometimes distinguishable in the remainder of the crowd.

Everyone was half-singing, half-droning, terrified of actually being distinguishable in the congregation.

I am talking about really who and what we are and what makes us distinguishable in the case of intra species comparisons and twins.

Distinguishable in a crowd by his glorious dreadlocks, he makes subdued ditties that draw their influence from all the right places.

Tess instinctively thought it might be Marian, and when she came near enough to be distinguishable in the gloom, surely enough it was she.

These two generations are clearly distinguishable in their morphological as well as cytological characters and are formed from one another i.

And to make things, even more clearly distinguishable in Santhosh ' s treat that night, we went to the same ol ' Palmshore Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.

In 2% of cases distinguishable as is used

And the order against which the insurgency is aimed is thereby only distinguishable as a hateful dictatorship.

Although less distinguishable as a updated feature, the distance scales were finally colored in yellow for feet.

If you'd like to make yourself distinguishable as a beginning snowboarder, try wearing your butt-pad outside your snow-pants.

I love the surprise of the new sound they continue to come up with, yet it still remains easily distinguishable as the In Flames sound.

There was a Scotch ingredient of colonial population from the earliest times, and also Scotch-Irish, although not usually distinguishable as such.

Built by Tickford, only 500 were eventually produced and it is highly distinguishable as a special edition, with wider tracking and beefed up arches.

Though heavily remodelled in the 1950s, it is still distinguishable as the projection on the row of buildings facing the front gate, and it is still called Stoyte House.

In 2% of cases distinguishable on is used

Stephen Wassira case is distinguishable on the facts.

Siew Yik Hau 2002 3 CLJ 275 are distinguishable on this ground.

The present case was distinguishable on its facts from that of Leila Khalid (para 85).

Further, cases such as Debot are distinguishable on the basis that they deal with untested tip informants.

You may think you can justify not referring to a binding decision because it is distinguishable on its facts.

Features that were distinguishable on a note by color variant lost their individuality when reproduced photographically.

However, he noted, persuasively, in this Kat's view, that those decisions were generally distinguishable on their facts.

In some cases people didn't vote because the PCC candidates said nothing new or distinguishable on why they should be elected.

Within a species, different chromosomes are visually distinguishable on the basis of their size and the form of their components.

Dalby was distinguishable on its facts as a case where the victim was not injured as a direct and immediate result of the defendant's act.

In 1% of cases distinguishable at is used

These groups are only distinguishable at flowering stage.

Otherwise they would not be distinguishable at first glance.

Incidently journalists are distinguishable at SDLP Conferences.

Brilliant design and great performing are features which make the vase distinguishable at.

In 1% of cases distinguishable for is used

The observing principle, which is yourself, always stands outside the two things, which are distinguishable for some purpose.

They were under the impression that they were not to remain on their new lamds, and consequently their houses are easily distinguishable for many years by their simplicity.

In 1% of cases distinguishable into is used

What consists of parts is distinguishable into them, and what is distinguishable is separable.

In 1% of cases distinguishable through is used

Osama bin Laden was nothing more than a figure head, a face on a screen barely distinguishable through the static.

And though the commandos sound great and become immediately distinguishable through their speech, they have disappointingly few speaking lines.

In 1% of cases distinguishable to is used

He was a young officer, and like them all, easily distinguishable to the German machine-gunners.

Ultimately, for affiliate advertising to be effective, the banner ads need to be visible and distinguishable to visitors.

This is why colours are barely, if at all, distinguishable to us in low light, as the cones are not sensitive enough in these conditions.

But to answer your question about how they are distinguishable to a layman who doesn't want to learn the maths -- the answer is that physics works, and occultism doesn't.

Just to the left of Vega, which is in the top-right of the triangle, binoculars show a double star called Epsilon Lyrae, with two stars just about distinguishable to the naked eye.

In 1% of cases distinguishable with is used

It was nice to watch how our works and workflows become distinguishable with the personal ways and styles.

Classy yet distinguishable with its unique embellishments and details, Mils is perfect for a society where the men are not ready for the odder spectrum of Margiela's designs just yet.

Scrolling down the page was really nice, seeing all those rustic, classic designs slowly evolve over time, a lovely snapshot of art almost immediately distinguishable with their respective decades.

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