Prepositions after "disrespectful"

"disrespectful to" or "disrespectful of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases disrespectful to is used

That is just disrespectful to me.

This is disrespectful to the animal.

It would be disrespectful to my club.

This was seen as disrespectful to the religious customs and culturally unaware.

It's disrespectful to the PRs and designers who planned the layout of their show.

Lewis ' Narnia, it was extremely disrespectful to the readers and the characters.

They have claimed the incident was blatantly partisan, and disrespectful to the civic nature of the ceremony.

Also, please don't do as some of the others have suggested here and start being disrespectful to your in-laws.

The fact that we all are trying to maintain a normal routine is not disrespectful to the dead and the wounded.

Like the large shop attached to my house, it's a sight for sore eyes and disrespectful to the town of Aberdeen.

In 16% of cases disrespectful of is used

R G Nurse How disrespectful of you.

It's entirely disrespectful of you.

This is disrespectful of all concerned.

If he was openly disrespectful of McConnell then I wholeheartedly agree with that.

Many Muslims said the article was disrespectful of their religion and local customs.

Matthew Passion and yet be dismissive and disrespectful of the faith underpinning it.

Bayart's thesis is provocative, deliberately shorn of moralism and disrespectful of any political correctness.

To treat a child the way the original newspaper piece treated her is disrespectful of the child's intelligence.

It is arrogant and it's disrespectful of any specific religious belief to state that it is the one true belief.

This is not to say that we should be disrespectful of our heritages -- only that we should not be slaves to them.

In 7% of cases disrespectful towards is used

Or for being disrespectful towards me.

Jindal said, disrespectful towards voters.

Some find her to be disrespectful towards them.

But I could not understand some of the Arsenal players being disrespectful towards me.

Rather was completely disrespectful towards several US Presidents, Nixon in particular.

Quote: Originally Posted by Arcane TBH it's pretty disrespectful towards their customers.

They are also NOT disrespectful towards women, and wouldnt make girls do anything they wouldnt want them to do.

If guests are disrespectful towards us or our home, or decide they don't want to work, they will be asked to leave.

Although Iggy was not disrespectful towards Eve, she basically gave that ' I don't give a f-ck what the haters say.

Muslims should not follow those Imams and scholars who are disrespectful towards the consensus of scholars of Islam.

In 4% of cases disrespectful in is used

This was disrespectful in the least.

Don't be rude and disrespectful in any way.

Hateful in manner and disrespectful in tone.

To say that Mr Pagenberg is not an expert is pretty disrespectful in my opinion.

Making an anonymous comment about such things is totally disrespectful in my opinion.

I will allow it, but Mr Finn was disrespectful in pushing the envelope in the way he did.

Students here address professors by their first names, something that would be called disrespectful in Kenya.

I don't think there is anything undignified or disrespectful in showing the body an aborted baby on a placard.

So, if he blames his ex-girlfriend or wife for their separation, it means that he is disrespectful in relation to women.

I can't help but think you threw this reference in purely for sensationalism, which is even more disrespectful in my opinion.

In 3% of cases disrespectful for is used

And that's why I think it's disrespectful for women.

It may also be considered disrespectful for spouses to wear PTs.

Recognize: Believe that have a very good disrespectful for many years.

PRetending they did is disrespectful for folks working on actual social justice.

Jay Z thought it was disrespectful for Beyonce to not attend just because of Kim.

Not to mention, you'll be accuse as being disrespectful for saying that about HM.

That I feel is too much and also very disrespectful for those with other ' beliefs ' regarding the Universe.

Yes it is normal to be annoyed and since you're married it is 100% disrespectful for him to do it front of you.

I think it's incredibly rude and disrespectful for you to be judging her size of her belly just because she is small.

In 1% of cases disrespectful about is used

There's nothing disrespectful about it.

If you disagree with him, fine, but being disrespectful about it is not OK.

By the way I would be VERY suspicious of your boyfriend's motives if he is disrespectful about your parents concerns.

Being disrespectful about other people's feeling is not right just because the person supports the same ideas that you do.

I do not believe that this young man was disrespectful about his school, the Public School System in general, or his teachers.

As a former active duty Marine and Afghanistan veteran, I find absolutely nothing disrespectful about the representation of combat in this game.

If he's a lousy tipper, disrespectful about waitresses behind their backs and to their faces, and a cranky demanding customer, he will be selfish in bed.

In 1% of cases disrespectful at is used

But she says, the 13-year-old was disrespectful at times.

An offensive t-shirt may be marginally amusing in a lecture, but downright disrespectful at a graduation ceremony.

Skateboarders can come off as disrespectful at times, but it is only because of the constant disputes that we have to put up with.

Reporting of all this was much muted by the press as it was considered disrespectful at the time in light of the momentousness of the occasion.

Hence, we are prohibited from being disrespectful at the graveside and also from granting excessive respect, thereby transgressing the bounds of the Shariah.

Can I just say, for the record, if I am ever killed in such a display of violence I would not consider it disrespectful at all to have a dialogue about why that happened.

In 1% of cases disrespectful by is used

We don't want to be disrespectful by wandering around as callous tourists.

The youth, it seems, are being disrespectful by talking in the back of the masjid.

Ronan Mullen was insensitive and disrespectful by suggesting that they had a ' bigger agenda '.

The angels showed disrespect to the Divine command by their objection, and the devil was disrespectful by his refusal.

Some Republicans accused him of being disrespectful by using this term to describe events that had claimed the lives of Stevens and the other Americans.

To want to find a solution you are comfortable with may be a more difficult route and it doesn't mean you are being disrespectful by not following sound advice.

I am perpetually surrounded by inconsiderate people who for some reason feel it necessary to make themselves look moronic and disrespectful by persistently chewing gum.

Ferguson claimed Pogba was being disrespectful by leaving United in the dark over a new contract before he quit Old Trafford in favour of a 20,000-a-week four-year deal with Juventus.

Contrary to what posters may tell you today, there is nothing wrong with wanting an adults-only reception, and your relatives are being somewhat disrespectful by having their child in attendance.

In 1% of cases disrespectful on is used

Driver's are disrespectful on the roads.

My parents don't consider this disrespectful on my part.

He was disrespectful on behalf of the wrong kind of people.

ALL ZAMBIANS NOTE: I don't know why Zambians are disrespectful on this site.

I now only find it almost disrespectful on a professional level, but as a tax payer it's criminal.

How was mos disrespectful on ms fat booty? If you look at common's career and material through out he is one the most respectful.

It's probably being a little disrespectful on my behalf to even say that because no one knows personal situations and where they are.

Because us British don't speak like that!!!!!! Spazzticaunt Yup, and you just clumped every American up with the hoodlums that are being disrespectful on this forum.

Cudos to the Portland fans who for two years in a row have had to commute 6 hours each way for a Sunday game in Vancouver - totally disrespectful on the league's part.

For you to say that he disrespected the memory of that day by not talking about it is infinitely more disrespectful on your part than him not writing a sports column about 9/11.

In 1% of cases disrespectful toward is used

Some are defiant and disrespectful toward their parents.

This is disrespectful toward citizens who feel honest alarm.

I think it's awful, deceptive, and disrespectful toward readers.

I also think Hamilton talking about a ' fresh start ' isn't disrespectful toward McLaren.

His comments were extremely disrespectful toward both Black women, and the Black community as a whole.

If He exists and we reject it, it shows that we are disrespectful toward Him and we will be in trouble.

Detractors say Slimane's move is disrespectful toward the fashion house's founder and the beloved YSL insignia.

And she hasn't been disrespectful to me in any way -- I haven't heard her be disrespectful toward anybody else but Kim.

We've almost become American when it comes to this day, any who don't blindly follow are somehow unpatriotic or disrespectful toward the dead.

For all he knew, it was a higher-up and being perceived as disrespectful toward him could've had negative consequences for his girlfriend at work.

In 1% of cases disrespectful with is used

Equally disrespectful with those who there lived.

Women who are downright mean, malicious and disrespectful with each other.

To me, the Rockets seem to have been really disrespectful with Royce White and the other rookies they drafted.

I believe that the person who painted these grafittis has been disrespectful with the country that admitted it as visitor.

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