Prepositions after "dismissive"

dismissive of, about, in, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases dismissive of is used

Zerbib was dismissive of this accuser.

Romney has long been dismissive of Mr.

He was not dismissive of their concerns.

It's dismissive of the very real effects of depression and other mental disorders.

She does get the routines learned but she's so dismissive of the other participants.

Both sides are talking past each other and being dismissive of the other's concerns.

Synaesthetes often choose not to discuss their synaesthesia with their family in case they are dismissive of it.

After having been so dismissive of the spent fuel location, I see that you never bothered to correct your error.

In many ways, Labours response is in line with Nationals in terms of being largely dismissive of the blogosphere.

Perhaps that is because it is necessary to be dismissive of this particular point, rather than be truly skeptical.

In 6% of cases dismissive about is used

I think people can be quite dismissive about pop music.

You seem very casual and dismissive about the whole thing.

This government is becoming very dismissive about criticism.

He was so casual and dismissive about it and after that never indulged me again.

On the other hand, it's way cooler to remain cynical and dismissive about the whole idea.

The finance minister is simply dismissive about extending the service tax to cover all services.

She also sounded dismissive about the candidature of former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangma floated by BJD and AIADMK.

Afterwards, he is dismissive about the concept of volunteering, but seems fired up by how easy it was to make money.

As a career coach, I have great clients with a wealth of skills but they are often dismissive about what they're good at.

Perhaps this is also something you both need to discuss before it happens, even though he seems quite dismissive about it.

In 2% of cases dismissive in is used

It seems they complained that we were rude and dismissive in replies.

Mr Brown, almost dismissive in his confidence, assured him they would.

Upon thinking about this a but further, I think maybe I was a bit dismissive in my previous comment.

She makes a fair effort to explain the concerns of the former, but is often dismissive in describing the later.

I must also add that I find it dismissive in the extreme to dismiss people's views on this matter as projecting.

However, I would definitely treat the whole thing with more respect now -- be less snarky and dismissive in my text.

From the interview, Hersch did not sound worried about Taliban or anyone else getting Pakistan's nukes -- almost dismissive in fact.

Rather, the only response has been dismissive in nature and accompanied not by informed reason or evidence, but a deafening lack thereof.

But he does not dwell upon this much and seems a bit too optimistically dismissive in his faith in the country and its farmer's resilience.

In 2% of cases dismissive to is used

Also, I wouldn't be so dismissive to the Aquinos ' explanations.

These comments range from the dismissive to the downright threatening.

I found him to be extremely arrogant and dismissive to Tyler's feelings.

Yes, indeed, they could be that destructive to the brand, that dismissive to their fans.

Toklas was at once very affectionate and very dismissive to her Indochinese cooks as men, as humans.

She is a public school girl but is rude and dismissive to the paramedics -- in an upper-class drawl.

But this is just one way of processing art, and it might seem dismissive to folks who are highly logical or verbal all the time.

Thenot is in the middle of applying the moral of his tale when Cuddie interrupts, and leaves in a huff -- petulant and dismissive to the last.

Yet it's not just trivializing and dismissive to you, but to boys and children in general, while also assuming adults are way more secure and essential than they are.

In 1% of cases dismissive on is used

I don't mean to sound dismissive on this particular issue.

These two strands reflect an ambivalence about India's emergence - dismissive on the one hand, a wary, watchful and occasionally respectful posture on the other.

In 1% of cases dismissive towards is used

McCain was dismissive towards Obama.

If JiAn continues to be dismissive towards TK, then TK should realize that other people (NaRi) like him.

The siblings are very different, and Jonathan is protective of and dismissive towards his sister in turn.

Practically, to distance themselves from their mothers, boys in their early teenage years can appear as sullen, menacing, disdainful or dismissive towards them and they need fathers who can mediate.

In 1% of cases dismissive with is used

But by all means be trivial and dismissive with the laziest generalizations you can muster.

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