Prepositions after "disastrous"

"disastrous for" or "disastrous to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases disastrous for is used

Disastrous for Labour of course.

It's disastrous for the whole economy.

The year 2009 was disastrous for the BJP with the party winning no State election.

This cruel counter-insurgency technique proved disastrous for the Filipino masses.

Such a course of action will be disastrous for the economy and for social welfare.

Its only good fortune that they did not appoint Hoddle or Sven as that would have been disastrous for you club.

Mass immigration has been utterly disastrous for the West: economically, socially, culturally, and politically.

While such steps would do wonders for securing the future, they would be disastrous for a growth-based economy.

Such an option would be far from straight forward for the ruling class (and needless to say disastrous for us).

In 17% of cases disastrous to is used

This is disastrous to their health.

This proved disastrous to the cause.

In Yong's case, it is disastrous to the project.

Nay, such an admission could well be disastrous to any remaining ability or sanity.

It was then that the Labor's position deteriorated from disastrous to catastrophic.

In fact it would have been disastrous to many others had you gotten what you wanted.

No rain water was so caught from the roof of a dwelling hut, for to drink such water would be disastrous to man.

Arrogance, by itself or coupled with any other flaw, can potentially be disastrous to effective human relations.

But if your website link back to that place (link exchange program ), this can be disastrous to your SEO efforts.

This laid the foundation for implementing policies that proved disastrous to long-term socio-economic development.

In 9% of cases disastrous in is used

It was disastrous in the first half, yes.

Nice in theory but disastrous in practice.

That has proven to be disastrous in history.

But it would be pretty disastrous in a lot of the less developed parts of the world.

Assymilations where disastrous in our history, remember just the Inquisition and Hitler.

If we set the bar too low now then the results could be morally disastrous in the future.

Car accidents are invariably disastrous in terms both the injuries as well as the financial losses they accompany.

Being home to more than 125 million people, even a low rate of infection of AIDS can be disastrous in this country.

The result of this upon the hosts of ignorant and untrained people who use the version is disastrous in the extreme.

Ron Paul's pure states ' rights theories were expressly rejected by the Federalists, and are disastrous in practice.

In 1% of cases disastrous as is used

The market for strawberries can prove just as unpredictable and disastrous as the weather.

Anything else is inhumane and potentially disastrous as the European lesson of 1848 would show.

This could be particularly disastrous as the iPhone 5 is set to launch, and now Apple's hands are tied.

Even if the assumption is granted, it is arguable that such an outcome would have proven as disastrous as the monopoly theorists believe.

Recent attempts at left alliances such as Respect and TUSC have been politically disastrous as well as garnering little support from workers.

Over the long term this can really be disastrous as a high level of fat intake can drive high blood pressure as well as heart and artery related problems.

The decision to borrow cryogenic technology, instead of developing it on its own, turned out to be disastrous as the indigenous version of the Russian cryogenic technology is yet to take off.

In 1% of cases disastrous at is used

To say it was disastrous at the beginning of 2012 would be an understatement.

One of those airports that can be impressive and disastrous at the same time.

If you do not travel by your own transport, then the journey can be a disastrous at any time.

The stimulus way out of the recession failed in 2010 and austerity is proving disastrous at the moment.

While a glaring error at the Hawthorns may not cost United, a similar error would be disastrous at Eastlands.

In most cases, an integrated design, procurement and construction approach will yield the tightest coordination, and eliminate miscommunications that can prove disastrous at the zero hour.

In 1% of cases disastrous from is used

This is disastrous from a strategic standpoint.

These can be disastrous from a legal point of view.

This two-night stopover in Manila proved disastrous from arrival to departure.

The loss against the Vikings was disastrous from a playoff perspective, but the Lions played poorly as they failed in a critical time in the 2012 season.

The set piece was disastrous from the home side, providing the visitors their ninth injury time goal of the season, the sixth of which coming as a match-winner.

In 1% of cases disastrous of is used

Anyways, the Gunners got to the most disastrous of starts.

This was the most disastrous of all the restrictions on Irish trade.

We wait until something disastrous of this kind happens and then we start looking for who to blame.

Militant Islam has turned out to be the most popular, the most deluded, and the most disastrous of these ideologies.

In fact, unless there is some miracle during the games, the London Olympics may be remembered as one of the most disastrous of recent years.

Humanism is, I believe, the most deadly and disastrous of all the philosophical stenches that's crepted up through the grating over the pit of Hell.

The latter epidemic, which commenced among the natives in the north, was one of the most disastrous of the pestilences which have at different times decimated the Maori tribes.

The trio of Bettany, Spacey and Irons is excellent as they bring to life three powerful, but very different men, forced to react to the most professionally disastrous of situations.

In 1% of cases disastrous on is used

In fact it is disastrous on both counts.

I find the parental role in Marriage severely disastrous on this whole issue.

In fact, the moves made sense on paper and were hardly disastrous on the pitch.

The monitors have different sizes and what is great on a computer can be disastrous on other computer.

But their naive optimism and lack of experience could prove disastrous on an ambitious building project.

The long-anticipated Facebook offering proved disastrous on many fronts as greed and technical glitches sent the would-be Wall Street darling into a tailspin.

Posted by: jschmidt January 10, 2009, 11:33 pm 11:33 pm The next four plus years are going to be DISASTROUS ON SO MANY FRONTS, economically, militarily, morally and you name it.

If you consider the countless chances that Marouane Chamakh had even though he was truly disastrous on the field, you would wonder why the manager did signed the player in the first place.

In 1% of cases disastrous with is used

Republicans are disastrous with the economy.

Diverse systems do not suffer ' crop failures ' (which can of course be disastrous with single crops, leading to mass famine at times).

Dredd is a hell of a tricky role to get right, and it could have been disastrous with the wrong actor playing the part, especially someone as old as Nolte.

The reality, as we can see from the charts above, is disastrous with more than 30 percent youth unemployment, sky-high bond yields, and a worsening fiscal position.

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