Prepositions after "disappointing"

"disappointing for", "disappointing in" or "disappointing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases disappointing for is used

This was disappointing for him.

It is pretty disappointing for Dan.

Ridiculous and disappointing for me.

No doubt the outcome of the case was disappointing for the employer concerned.

Apparently we lost elsewhere though, which is disappointing for all concerned.

It's disappointing for Marc because he's desperate to get on the field of play.

Although it's disappointing for some, especially after comparisons to Edwards, it simply had to be expected.

I agree with what all of you have said, she is not cheap or disappointing for shopping at high street brands.

This, she admitted, was disappointing for everybody, including the PTI which was hoping to take her on board.

Any scratches likely won't hinder installation but it is disappointing for new merchandise to arrive cracked.

In 15% of cases disappointing in is used

Disappointing in performance or progress.

And I find that disappointing in the extreme.

Sheikh Hasina is disappointing in other ways.

The PS Move and WiiMotion Plus have been just as disappointing in this respect.

His story is disappointing in an entirely different way than that of Russ Adams.

Fleur De Lune mapped to get a cosy trail after being disappointing in the Makfi.

The original was quite disappointing in terms of length and Pokemon, but it excelled in story and landscapes.

Attendance was very disappointing in Guildford and in Uxbridge as well -- dreadful in fact and that was a pity.

The prospect of something bitterly disappointing in terms of news flows was quite remote at that point in time.

However, the scoreline was perhaps still somewhat disappointing in the wake of yet another dominant performance.

In 15% of cases disappointing to is used

Disappointing to many, no doubt.

This is a bit disappointing to me.

This show was so disappointing to me.

As a frequent Amazon buyer, I have to say that this is very disappointing to me.

It's disappointing to me to see people get treated badly because they are homeless.

It was as disappointing to his opponents as it was pleasing to his page 176 friends.

It is disappointing to converts when they find that Islam is not the unified religion it first appears to be.

A glimpse into the Hollywood television industry was not surprising yet, I suppose, a bit disappointing to me.

So the truth, though this may be disappointing to some, is that the Hatfields and McCoys get along great today.

In 4% of cases disappointing about is used

What's most disappointing about the Raptors ' start is the defense.

And that is what is so disappointing about what is happening at Chelsea.

It will be really disappointing about this focus on wife's and children.

Disappointing about the chap from Maelstrom, it's totally jack what he's done.

What's disappointing about this launch is not the weak index currently in place.

Regardless, this is the first disappointing about Skrillex is he maintains this trend.

This is nonsense, but it tells us something oddly disappointing about how the media handles tech scare scores.

She had been aware that there was something disappointing about the entire experience but had put it from her mind.

I think one of the things I found most disappointing about the game is how abruptly it ended after the ' Moonraker ' mission.

But there was something also profoundly disappointing about this latest loss, a third in a row for the first time since the 1970s.

In 4% of cases disappointing from is used

Really disappointing from Activision.

Very disappointing from a man who is.

It was slightly disappointing from the word Go.

Disappointing from such a great player, but we already saw similar against Spain.

Very disappointing from my point of view when there are people like Hughes, Poley.

I went on up to the minor game, which was very disappointing from a Kerry point of view.

It?? pretty disappointing from that perspective because I was pretty keen to play really well and win the games.

The performances were mostly disappointing from my sitting position, with 70% of the local acts doing LIVE music.

Not major, but disappointing from a senior leader and no doubt favorite assistant, Tony Alford, during the Michigan game.

It really feels like the game suffers from trying to please both licenses and in the end feel disappointing from most angles.

In 3% of cases disappointing as is used

That's disappointing as the high-line 3.

I seriously hope it's not as majorly disappointing as the Thor vs.

It was a bit disappointing as the siumai was the most basic of dim sum dishes.

This can be quite shocking and disappointing as well as exciting and satisfying.

However in Ireland's matches, he was largely disappointing as a batsman, averaging only 14.

Indeed, sometimes a place is the victim of its own popularity -- and is disappointing as a result.

It's disappointing as the results weren't quite what we wanted this weekend but at least we scored some points.

That is why Michael Gove's backward looking approach to the curriculum is so disappointing as well as dangerous.

The last was a bit disappointing as the Europeans couldn't run the scheme without rorts, corruption, forgeries etc.

Battery power is a bit disappointing as the battery drains within 3 hours of gaming and browsing time is 6 hours approx.

In 3% of cases disappointing at is used

We were so disappointing at that time.

Both were exciting and disappointing at the same time.

Weekly export inspections were deemed disappointing at 12.

Dealing with negative reviews can somehow be stressful and disappointing at times.

It may be disappointing at the time, but the decision will be worthwhile in the long run.

You'll lose you job and your relationship will be disappointing at time just like anything.

It's a bit of a ' herbal tea ' situation - you know, good for you yet utterly disappointing at the same time.

It was frustrating and disappointing at the start but ended up being one of my most treasured cricket memories.

Comments: I am dreaming to meet a man who can be a support for me and the person I will never be disappointing at.

I am sorry that the wrap was not successful-those frog pond trips can be a bit traumatic and disappointing at times.

In 3% of cases disappointing on is used

Very disappointing on many levels.

Disappointing on a whole lot of levels.

Hugely disappointing on so many levels.

Welbeck also disappointing on the night.

Podolski was also disappointing on the left flank.

Best's performance was more disappointing on saturday.

Wow! That was somewhat disappointing on so many levels.

Daniela Marjanovic: A little bit disappointing on my part.

It's the engine that is somewhat disappointing on this one.

Bicilli, in a well-known essay, is also disappointing on this subject.

In 3% of cases disappointing with is used

Very disappointing with the food.

It's still very disappointing with the result.

The liner notes are disappointing with one exception.

It should be noted though how the One X keeps disappointing with the blue hue.

This is why the new iPad mini is disappointing with its 1,024 x 768 pixels screen.

And they both end abysmally disappointing with dysfunction winning over true love.

Sea trout for September were quite disappointing with only 94 for the month bringing the season total to 445.

Overall, both the textures and the audio are pretty disappointing with the only saving grace being the engaging gameplay.

As it turned out, the stability of it was very disappointing with a couple of items in particular very much still there in 3.

However, the numbers are incredibly disappointing with less than 400 being the largest single movement - of people leaving NSW and ACT.

In 2% of cases disappointing after is used

It was a bit disappointing after all the hype.

It is very disappointing after all our trouble.

The consumption is disappointing after my 156 1.

That was pretty disappointing after what was a reasonably good batting performance.

But nothing could be more disappointing after having got the real deal two days earlier.

But I also found the Opera House to be quite silly and disappointing after all the buildup it got.

You might look at the 6800rpm redline and think it disappointing after the 9000rpm Ferrari, but this is a different kind of visceral.

We enjoyed the Tranz-Alpine train back to Christchurch, but with no snow on the mountains at that time, the scenery was a bit disappointing after all we'd seen earlier.

Antoine Greizmann -- Manchester City: Hugely disappointing after the champions paid Real Sociedad 21m for his services, he only started in 5 games while appearing in a total of 25.

That lacklustre showing was all the more disappointing after Luke had been a convincing points winner just a few weeks prior when beating Carl Wild for the British Masters light-heavyweight belt.

In 2% of cases disappointing considering is used

Disappointing considering how well he did last week.

Disappointing considering how nice Benefit's other products smell.

Still kinda disappointing considering the hype and talent involved.

Very disappointing considering how much I love their other foundations.

It still ended up tasty, but a little disappointing considering my expectations.

It does peel off pretty easily though which is disappointing considering the RRP.

It's a bummer that the browser experience is disappointing considering the large display of the device.

If that's accurate then that will be very disappointing considering the promise of delivery on the 26th.

This is especially disappointing considering Khloe and Lamar are constantly above the other Kardashians ' pettiness.

It's all the more disappointing considering her okay performance opposite the industy's Khan, Salman, in Ek Tha Tiger?????????

In 2% of cases disappointing of is used

I agree, Pilks ' performances have been disappointing of late.

Most disappointing of all was what happened after the 1980 Final.

Most disappointing of all was the murky turquoise colour of the sea.

Most disappointing of all, I think, is that very little is made of the destruction of Traken.

Perhaps the most disappointing of the high profile players is David Silva of Manchester City.

Japan: Naoki Miyaji Miyaji is probably the most disappointing of our twelve players to watch.

A few senators have been betraying Nigerian people over time, in a manner so disappointing of the high esteem we hold them.

Most disappointing of all is that the people who allowed it to happen knew better and yet actively helped push through Malloy's plan.

However, it was the 7th that was possibly the most disappointing of all, perhaps because I have fond memories of a wonderful concert from Oramo and the CBSO.

If there was downside to Phoenix that I found the most disappointing of all, it would be the lack of vocal diversity, albeit how musically diverse the instrumentals have proven to be.

In 1% of cases disappointing because is used

This article is even more disappointing because of that fact.

Some days the results will be disappointing because of bad luck.

Patrick Vieira is disappointing because of the Abou Diaby Injury and he believes that Diaby is better than him.

Story three is the most disappointing because of the subject matter and the fact that is wasn't very interesting.

The numbers were very disappointing because of the city light's but I managed to capture Jupiter up high near the zenith.

However, I found the article rather disappointing because of its selective use and dubious interpretation of historical facts.

We did have one touchdown but we ended up with two field goals was somewhat disappointing because of where the ball was located.

It's disappointing because three years of waiting didn't result in an improvement jump similar to that of the first two games in the series.

It's disappointing because we had two intermediary sequels in Brotherhood and Revelations, and a three year wait, yet this game has so many faults.

In 1% of cases disappointing by is used

What looked like an awesome feature is looking more disappointing by the day.

Either way the economy ahead will remain difficult and disappointing by almost any measure.

That gives Farrell a managing record of 154 -- 170, highly disappointing by any calculation.

It's neither great nor disappointing by any standards and plays safe to the situational needs in the flick.

In light of these serious environmental challenges, the final agreement at Rio (UNCSD, 2012) was considered disappointing by several commentators.

Interest rate cuts act to improve housing affordability and lift buyer and seller confidence, so this week's announcement will be viewed as disappointing by many.

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