Prepositions after "dirty"

"dirty with", "dirty on" or "dirty in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases dirty with is used

You get down and dirty with us.

He was dirty with drywall dust.

Let the house be dirty with roaches.

Wash it from time to time, or just try to keep one hand dirty with jam, not both hands.

When it seemed their efforts were futile, the next option was to roll dirty with Plan-B.

So lets start off with get-ting down and dirty with the name -- ' teh-C peng ' by dis-sect-ing its three-part name.

But due to its popularity and crowd, the tables and chairs tends to get dirty with leftover food still lying on them.

Then imagine the state of the water, filthy, dirty with flies buzzing around and animals drinking at the same source.

How was the experience of getting dirty with tomatoes? Oh, the Tomatina festival is exactly like what Holi is for us.

In 16% of cases dirty in is used

Fight dirty in the pit when com.

Our people are dirty in mind and body.

And everyone gets dirty in a dirty war.

Even more coincidentally those three fights were the ones he fought dirtiest in too.

What are the disadvantages of living there? It's very crowded and quite dirty in Venice.

Everyone expects this campaign to be the ugliest and dirtiest in our nation's history.

It was something superficial and even dirty in his mind, a pale reflection of what it potentially could be, I suppose.

Just because the baby is a girl doesn't mean she won't want to get down and dirty in the football field or visa versa.

It can be used like that but usually it gets dirty in storage and has a distinctive taste, which most people don't want.

Now we have Africans and Romanians living in our street and they just happen to be the dirtiest in the street at that.

In 11% of cases dirty on is used

He's done the dirty on many people.

Jamaica is dirty on so many levels.

Later we can do a dirty on Dr Mahathir.

Hope one day your mates do the dirty on you with your trust account ever heard of Karma.

Like I said, they are scary, as is their readiness to get down and dirty on methodology.

However Kristen isn't the first famous lady to go astray and do the dirty on their partner.

They will find out anyway and do the dirty on you but at least you have a better chance if the introduction isn't made.

We have seen the lies from Gillard and her cowardly assasins almost daily since they did the dirty on their own leader.

Romney losing to Obama will be unforgivable so get dirty on Romney and demand the media challenge his record in office.

Got an ulcer the size of my fist, swear to God? I? d feel better if they played a little more dirty on that end of things.

In 8% of cases dirty to is used

I don't want to talk dirty to him.

Also, the place looked dirty to me.

Such politics are dirty to the bone.

He says he feels like he is doing some thing dirty to the woman that gave him children.

On a note I want to add: At the beginning my gf was shocked when I talked dirty to her.

I partied in the Chicago scene, so a lot of stuff I heard in the beginning was dirty to me.

Anyone that would put a football player before a young female victim of rape is as valuable a person as a dirty toe rag.

Most have been dirty to the point we have to re paint and have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced when they leave.

A lot of modern humor feels like that to me, and that kind of humor feels a little dirty to me when I notice that about it.

Guys are the one who starts the sex in the bedroom and if his woman talks dirty to him then this is the cherished thing for him.

In 6% of cases dirty of is used

Fracking is the dirtiest of all.

He's dirty in the dirtiest of all sports.

Rudest people, racists and dirtiest of all.

Linear is not as dirty of a word as most ' video game journalists ' would have you think.

Air Margaritaville, Cancun Look, I obviously didn't find the place either dirty of dingy.

She sleeps in the cold, just outside Konyokonyo market, one of the oldest markets in Juba and the dirtiest of all.

In effect, he was responsible for this dirtiest of tricks! If not by prima facie, he was by command responsibility.

Remember, the purest of waters become dirty when collected and the dirtiest of waters become pure when made to flow.

We recognise that coal is the dirtiest of the fossil fuels and that its ongoing use will lead to catastrophic climate change.

In 6% of cases dirty for is used

I feel dirty for doubting your personality.

I felt wrong and dirty for travelling abroad.

Friedman, your country grew dirty for 150 years.

So you sell 10 books, and you feel dirty for having given the hard sell to your mates.

Once again they would rebuff me and make me feel small and dirty for the way I had let my teeth deteriorate.

It's not perfect, but I have my doubts that the air is disproportionately dirty for a city of Portland's size.

They give her dubious pocket money, assure her that politics is too important or too dirty for women, and she listens.

If Miss Perry feels dirty for being an american, she can volunteer to work the food line down at the nearest homeless shelter.

It includes the screening, all food &; beverage etc and we'll be encouraging guests to dress up or down and dirty for the night.

The patient toilets are often dirty for long periods of time as cleaners aren't called if the nurses or patients don't report the mess.

In 5% of cases dirty from is used

The Colosseum is dirty from its history.

The windows still dirty from the rain of the storm.

Don't let your mind get dirty from anything in this world.

While the hit was helmet to helmet, it's hard to say there was anything dirty from Williams.

The walls of the Manila Central Post Office look dirty from the combination of grime and vandalism.

The bakkie is so dirty from the backroads that the security want to send us to the construction entrance.

We were tired and sweaty and dirty from the dust on the roads, not to mention our bums hurt like nobody's business.

If a vase you have is dirty from the inside or has a bad odor you can fill it with couple spoons on vinegar and warm water.

My suggestion is that, it will be on too wise for us to remove the dirty from our eyes before telling another man to move his own.

If one of the 5 happens to be shirtless, it may just mean that his tank-top got dirty from last night's party and it's being washed.

In 4% of cases dirty at is used

Feel dirty at the very thought.

The work is smelly, noisy and dirty at times.

The chick seemed dirty at how much petrol we had used.

He has very good timing in his hits and likes to agitate and play a bit dirty at times.

Playing dirty at times, with my age mates was one of the interesting fun I can remember.

Though she could be dirty at times, she was always classy, graceful and elegant, and she made.

Its time we stop the macho posturing and face the fact that the human body can not stay healthy and dirty at the same time.

This pass determines and constructs a dirty page table (DPT) consisting of pages that might be dirty at the time SQL Server stopped.

Plus all the other stuff that they do - various other things I guess I just want to stress I don't feel too dirty at players doing this.

The train is very dirty at the moment and needs a good wash with surf &; phenol!! The Mangalore -Madgao fast passenger train is in a pathetic condition.

In 4% of cases dirty by is used

He did the dirty by going inta no go security land and got pinched.

So much dirt and oil and grime you almost feel dirty by the end of it.

If they want to help Romney, THEY can take it down and dirty by proxy.

It's still very dirty by our standards, but it is much cleaner compared to when I was here last.

Draggle -- to make wet or dirty by trailing on the ground; bedraggle; to follow slowly, lag behind, straggle.

I followed her to a different room which did not have any equipment in it and was rather dirty by comparison.

Perhaps the dirty cops targeted Seybold because he owned a bar with Crews, whom they planned to make dirty by association.

Amanda and Ben bump into Rita and Rita plays dirty by spiking her drink but only for Amanda to one up her with her acting skills.

Storage Glass closet are the best storage places for the collectible dolls as they will not get dirty by the dust or other unwanted particles.

But one weird aspect of it very much adhered to, that I find it very hard to grasp is the regarding of the left hand as being dirty by the Ghanaian society.

In 3% of cases dirty about is used

Nothing dirty about wanting to.

There's nothing dirty about it.

I'll feel dirty about it though.

We left sweaty and dirty about 11am and headed to Sabang Wharf where the underground river boats leave from.

So, if you want to get down and dirty about it, if President Obama were a Muslim, it shouldn't matter one iota.

Rafa Benitez is our manager, and that will take some getting used to before I stop feeling dirty about that fact.

Nothing dirty about wanting to work more efficiently; -) Austen But I thought CSS already had automation built in.

According to him, the whole idea of being pure is unnecessary, since there is nothing dirty about sex but pleasure.

But what's dirty about fulfilling basic democratic needs? Occupy Wall Street is just the beginning of the protesting.

Still, there's something dirty about a man who has served time for abusing dogs being able to get a new dog, right? WOW.

In 2% of cases dirty after is used

If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it.

Texting dirty after dark is called booty call texting.

My hands do not feel dirty after touching the keyboard.

Moreover, the water might be much dirtier after the rainwater has washed down from the mountains.

Regardless though I'd having a blast, even if I feel a little guilty and dirty after every play session.

Don't you feel a bit dirty after time in the echo chamber of hate? Four weeks off will do you a world of good mate.

In these cases, victims have told me that they felt dirty after saying something that wasn't true in order to smooth things over.

You may enjoy these moments on some level, be it artistic or animalistic, but you can't help feeling a little dirty after watching them.

A separate entryway into a laundry or utility area can be useful for people who are wet and dirty after work, sport or any outdoor activity.

In 2% of cases dirty like is used

Leave one thing dirty like the stove.

It was rough and dirty like classic metal.

I hated being all sticky and dirty like that so I was careful at eating.

Her hands are dirty like Obama 's, just a different dirt Constance Rush had it right.

Fair is fair, and if a company wants to play dirty like that, I have no problem drawing attention to it.

One of them got out ' Thanks, lads, ' but you could see they thought there was something dirty like coming.

They call timed events businessman's events because with those you're not out there getting dirty like the ruffies.

It gets a little dirty like the guts of a hack and you'll never get it back, -> virginity you'll never get the damn thing back.

This kind of leader will not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty like what we saw in JJ Rawlings and captain Thomas Sankara.

The Island pool we use in Upper Blackville is almost always fishable, no matter how high the water gets, as long as the water is not too dirty like it is right now.

In 1% of cases dirty during is used

Wearing lenses at night can lead to infection if the lenses have become dirty during the day.

If we got really dirty during the week from playing outside, which we did as much as we could, we could only take a sponge bath.

So is it little surprise to find ourselves here? Racking up more family anecdotes and enjoying -- enjoying very much -- the dirty during.

When it's time to get dirty during an election I guess someone will go at every length to do what they have to do to get what they want done.

Tempoyak is an excellent aphrodisiac, especially if you are into french kissing Tip No 6: Talk Dirty Some men and some women like their partners to talk dirty during sex.

In 1% of cases dirty due is used

His front tooth was dirty due to having tobacco and some other intoxicating materials.

Smoke detectors get dirty due to a build up of dirt, dust of insects &; they become more sensitive.

However, to pray near the graves is only forbidden when the soil becomes dirty due to impurity of the deceased.

The beach was dirty due to the tropical storm but was cleaned up very quickly by our gardening and maintenance staff.

Platinum usually shows the least oxidization or tarnish because of its purity and composition but still gets dirty due to similar factors above.

Q: (Kate Walker - Girl Racer) Sebastian, you're going to be starting on the dirty side of the grid tomorrow and at this track, it's particularly dirty due to the lack of use.

The fact that he was blind meant that he could not see that most of his merchandise was already old and dirty due to the months of handling for he rarely made any substantial sales.

All about the Hands Always use your right hand when accepting, receiving, or passing anything because the left hand is considered to be dirty due to its assumed use in the washroom.

In 1% of cases dirty before is used

I'd be afraid to get them dirty before getting.

It's probably best not to wait until all your clothes are dirty before doing the laundry.

Clean your leather bags often Do not wait until they look dirty before cleaning your leather bags.

They're selling the top so because we didn't wan na get dirty before wearing it -- it was the first thing we did.

In 1% of cases dirty because is used

Afterwards I feel guilty &; dirty because of my Christian beliefs.

Swimming pools are not maintained will look dirty because of growing moss and other aquatic plants.

A situation like this makes you feel dirty because it is dirty -- but it's dirty because of his actions, not of yours.

If the kitchen looks dirty because of old appliances, spend some money for a brand new kitchen in order to sell your home faster and at a higher price.

Always wrap your shoes in a bag of some sort (mine are in that fancy yellow shoe bag, above ), to stop your clothes from getting dirty because of them.

It Is Time To Stop Our Dependence On Dirty Energy Dirty energy isn't just dirty because of the carbon dioxide pollution it releases into our atmosphere.

There is always a fear that it may get dirty because of vested interests, petty politics, and ego clashes (after all we'r dealing with multi-billion dollar automobile market of india).

In 1% of cases dirty over is used

Transmission fluid breaks down and gets dirty over time.

A sampler of the dainty and the dirty over the next year.

He wants a ringside seat as venerable dons get down and dirty over footnote 1.

He was said to have fought some colleagues of his dirty over movie roles and some money.

You may consider having your air ducts cleaned simply because it seems logical that air ducts will get dirty over time and should occasionally be cleaned.

So he came down to the house, and we put a crew together with Academy president Hawk Koch and Neil and Craig, and we put it together real fast and loose, down and dirty over the past few days.

In 1% of cases dirty as is used

Children will get dirtier as the day goes on.

The fight gets as low and dirty as the lowest and dirtiest participant.

The ducts do not get dirtier as the ducts are positively pressurized.

There's nothing as problematic, and dirty as an overflowing eavestrough.

I felt violated and dirty as the agent groped me in front of all the guy agents and the line.

Jain monks stay naked and cover their mouths with a cloth which continues to get dirty as the day passes.

Also, when it's busy, it can get a bit dirty as the staff are overhwhelmed by the huge number of visitors.

It seems fun for the school kids to get all dirty as the trails were pretty muddy due to the rainy season.

What obj did was to push forward two men whose backgronds were relatively less dirty as the PDP flag bearers.

Most African women wash their hair when they feel it is dirty as opposed to a specific number of times a week.

In 1% of cases dirty against is used

Is Romney actually capable of fighting hard and dirty against the Left? If so, he's never shown the skill.

How would he be able to maintain his cover all this time unless he was working dirty against Romney as well.

And if you look at Obama's campaigning, it is extremely dirty against everybody that has ever run against him.

This mantra of ours that we would rather lose than get down and dirty against our enemies -- and they are our enemies -- is a guaranteed formula to lose.

In 1% of cases dirty without is used

These lines read very dirty without the context.

He's Rove with a lot better people skills and the ability to fight dirty without getting any dirt on him.

This will make you more comfortable with talking dirty without the fear of rejection or sounding ridiculous.

Here are some tips for being able to speak dirty without having to be sleazy: 1) You have to know the actual threshold is for a woman before you decide to talk dirty to her.

Methods to Talk Dirty Without Being Sleazy Speaking dirty to a female without being sleazy means that you should type of toe the line and sometimes that line is certainly not that obvious.

Keep in mind that they say items that leave too much to the creativity, so again, this is an example of having the ability to talk dirty without having to choose sounding sleazy whatsoever.

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