Prepositions after "difficult"

difficult for, to, in, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases difficult for is used

Difficult for herself, as well.

It was not a difficult forecast.

It was difficult for the President.

As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for the priest to just be a priest.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand why God did this or didn't do that.

Anything more than that is simply being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

However, the 2002 Immigration Act still made it more difficult for the mining companies to hire foreign workers.

That could make it much more difficult for the plaintiffs to convince a foreign court to seize Chevron's assets.

He won't take bags full of wickets, but on the right wicket he could be difficult for the ROW side to negotiate.

This makes it very difficult for the children to concentrate and lessons have to be cancelled whenever it rains.

In 6% of cases difficult in is used

Enforcement is difficult in the US.

A bit more difficult in the bad days.

Shopping was difficult in the 19th century.

This is difficult in the moving slapshot because it's hard to move on ice sideways.

However, these attempts are more difficult in terms of artillery and fortifications.

The weak thesis allows that this is possible though extremely difficult in practice.

Duration: This asana is difficult in the beginning especially for women with heavy hips and men with big bellies.

However, seeing if there is contact or not can be difficult in the heat of the moment especially for the referee.

Stiff and cold, yet in rhythm The first mile gave me the impression things would be difficult in the wet and cold.

In 6% of cases difficult to is used

These are difficult to overcome.

Not only are diets difficult to s.

Shore Excursions Difficult to rate.

It would be quite difficult to for a woman to satisfy multiple men given this fact.

Penney's transformation will be difficult to the thesis that it will fail outright.

Originally the consumers on the disadvantaged, not evidence more difficult to claim.

Why is it so difficult to understand!!! It is not necessary for councils to become the developer of first resort.

The risk of running an instantly wide-ranging program, is that if you make mistakes, its difficult to back-track.

It is difficult to a debtor nation, a military superpower, to accept that Brazil has made great economic strides.

Establishment of prayers appears difficult to you, although even ordinary Muslims perform these prayers regularly.

In 2% of cases difficult at is used

It was very difficult at that time.

It is exceedingly difficult at times.

It was so difficult at the beginning.

Being a Pakistani, I realise that life in Pakistan may be difficult at this moment.

But for me to try transfer to other uni's seems really difficult at this point too.

Going through something so difficult at the same time, we became very good friends.

If they are an opponent then they may make it difficult at the very least for the elected government to govern 1.

Things were looking quiet difficult at a time and bloody Ricky Ponting had some verbal crossing with Suresh Raina.

This may appear difficult at the onset, but given time, the routine and repertoire will gradually fall into place.

I know that works for your high school history assignments, but it gets a wee bit more difficult at the PhD level.

In 2% of cases difficult of is used

It was the most difficult of times.

One of the most difficult of my life.

The most difficult of the Grandmasters.

Oolong Tea Oolong teas are the most difficult of the four types of teas to process.

Often he would perform emergency operations under the most difficult of conditions.

During the World Cup, it was the most difficult of all the Indian pitches to bat on.

It seems were back to that most difficult of methods of obtaining vitamins: fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals and.

I know how difficult of a time this is, I've been through it with loved ones before as I'd sure many others have.

With bed bug removal being the most difficult of all and should be left to professionals we will discuss the rest.

Brandon Dubinsky was always deemed to be the most difficult of the three to come to terms on a long-term contract.

In 2% of cases difficult with is used

What is so difficult with this.

But this is difficult with a?????

This, I find difficult with work piling up.

The track was difficult with many jumps and bumps, even dangerous in some places.

Not all that difficult with a good lens in natural light and with some experience.

THE STORY Finding an original angle can be difficult with other journalists around.

On the other hand if you are finding it difficult with the payment we can reduce your monthly payments further.

Last time everyone wanted to go to Alton Towers -- something that would have been difficult with a baby in tow.

It's quite difficult with the tyres, there's a lot of sliding around because you have low downforce on the car.

Education costs are rising at a clip that will inevitably make affording college difficult without massive debt.

In 1% of cases difficult as is used

It isn't as difficult as Alba, however.

None of them was so difficult as the first.

Batting in Motera is not difficult as the ball is bouncing.

When both are found side by side, the problem is increasingly difficult as to each.

Time is of the essence, unmasking will become increasingly difficult as the dds age.

Locating the well at present is very difficult as the field is in long grass/meadow.

Diagnosis of the yeast infection is very difficult as the symptoms shown are similar to other disease conditions.

With ongoing time this will become more and more difficult as the speed with which the blocks fall will increase.

Your day gentle modifications during the day making 2 primary gentle results: difficult as well as gentle gentle.

Osmea also said that Casiguran is severely affected by typhoons which would make it difficult as a port for ships.

In 1% of cases difficult because is used

Walking at night is difficult because of.

Things are difficult because of that sister.

So we are finding it difficult because of that.

The date was ok but conversation was a little difficult because of his shyness.

This type of work can be very difficult because of the materials that are used.

Our breakfast conversation was difficult because of the din in the nearby trees.

This had proved difficult because of the Irish-American geographic split and the problems of communications.

Surgery and radiation therapy are difficult because of the nearby spinal cord and nerves that may be involved.

The Russian market which was very difficult because of the strong Euro, right now it is a lot more accessible.

This usually dries the house out quite a bit, but the bathroom is a little difficult because of it's location.

In 1% of cases difficult by is used

Made difficult by falling rocks, enemies, etc.

Going to the gym gets more difficult by the day.

Made even more difficult by the fact that I do n't.

The Greek situation is made more difficult by the politics of remaining in the Euro.

But for many, it's made even more difficult by an unwelcome breakout of spotty skin.

It was made more difficult by the layer of tiny petrified shells covering everything.

All this is rendered more difficult by the fact that the selective objector intends to remain within the military.

Your last statement about alternative funding sources has also been proven difficult by the Red Line's experience.

Essentially football is a very simple game made difficult by particular individuals to make it seem more important.

The task is made difficult by the fact that while one thing may appear to be going on something else is happening, e.

In 1% of cases difficult due is used

That becomes difficult due to the low number of transactions.

This is difficult due to the children and my work commitments.

Sponsorship deals proved difficult due to existing relationships with FFA partners.

Moving my business would have been extremely difficult due to it's personal nature.

Ice would make it more difficult due to the amount of water in the grass on the ledge.

Additionally, counting street children can be difficult due to their elusiveness and lack of permanent location.

Refined carbs beget more refined carbs and would make fasting very difficult due to insulin spikes and sugar lows.

At conversion, cholecystectomy was technically difficult due to extensive adhesions and enlarged periportal nodes.

In 1% of cases difficult on is used

It's difficult on the Gold Coast.

He was also difficult on occasion.

Difficult on a constant war footing,.

The Hurricanes made things very difficult on themselves by losing late to Virginia.

But the rule of small and medium-sized enterprise but very difficult on the project.

Selecting a particular word or passage is difficult on all of them, impossible on some.

You might be forced to pay more money as part of the installments every month making it difficult on your pocket.

It was a miserable weekend for travellers with flooded tracks and roads making travel difficult on rail and road.

Top retailers have big budgets and can blast emails at consumers and that makes it difficult on small businesses.

This may be difficult on some projects where many organisations have Society members involved for various parties.

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